Paranormal Alert Response Team

This is the San Angelo’s team created to deal with situations involving supers. They have special training and some of the most effective weapons. They sometimes get to field test equipment from the different manufacturers of weapons, ammo, body armor and other gear.

Led by Lt. Jerry House.

They do not have friendly relations with ANY super.

PART has 5 9-person teams on a rotation. There are always 2 teams on-call at any time. In general, the 2 on-call teams split the city for coverage between South San Angelo, including Brenton, and the northern area of the city proper. Each team travels in 2 black armored vans, one for personnel and the other for equipment. There is one team leader for each team. Lt. House is the team lead for ‘Bulldog 1’, but he has been known to ride along with other teams when his team is off rotation.

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