Time Line

The history of San Angelo Earth is close to our timeline until 1900. After 1900, several major differences begin to occur. Most of this knowledge is either generally known or easily found. Some items entered just as reference points.

For the timeline from the San Angelo book, events up to 1985 are noted here if they happened at a different time, or not at all. Events on the San Angelo timeline after 1985 are assumed not to have happened if they are not moved to a new date within this timeline. These differences are identified by purple text.

1900 –
Nikola Tesla sets up a workshop in Colorado Springs to continue work advancing his successes in wireless energy transmissions and to work on other theories, including robotics, x-rays, cosmic rays, radiation and radio transmission. Yeah, Tesla’s the MAN!

May 23rd, 1900 – Work on the Mississippi Canal is begun. It is designed to make a set of canal locks along the Mississippi to make navigation by ocean-going vessels possible up the river. The Illinois River would be expanded to allow the ships access to Lake Michigan. This would allow connections all the way into Canada and to the Atlantic Ocean. A vibrant port begins to thrive at the delta where the canal will outlet to the Gulf.

1905 –
Working in his Colorado Springs laboratory, Nikola Tesla reports receiving transmissions from Mars. Given the signals came over experimental radio waves technology, no one believes him.

1908 –
June 30th, 1908 – Tugunska Event in Russia.

July 19th, 1908 – Czar Nicholas of Russia visits Great Britain. When he returns to Russia, he institutes new provisions for a constitutional monarchy and ‘duly chosen representatives of the people’. The style of government has an elected parliament and monarchy. It is similar to Great Britain, but the Czar remains very involved and has true power. The new government does not sit well with the rest of the aristocracy.

November 5, 1908 – At his youngest daughters urging, Czar Nicholas expels Rasputin from his household.

1912 –
February 1912 – Final lock in the Mississippi canal completed in Louisiana. The formal opening of the Canal occurs March 30th. Chicago will grow in size and importance as a port of trade, connecting rail and waterways.

1909-1914 –
The new Russian government institutes many economic reforms to resolve popular unrest. The cost of the economic reforms leaves the military under-manned and under-equipped. The aristocracy is very unhappy. The concessions will prevent the October Revolution of our world and communist Russia does not develop. Vladimir Lenin is part of the Duma as head of the Labor party, but cannot gain more power.

June 28, 1914 – Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated. The Great War begins

January-March 1916 – Central Government (Germans) offense against Russia is very effective. The Russians finally stop the advances. The Central Government is able to force an armistice between itself and Russia.

April-May 1916 – Members of the Russian Aristocracy attempt to overthrow the Czar and parliament to return to power. They are advised by Rasputin and equipped with arms from the Central Powers. Nicholas sees things are going badly and asks for help from the US. President Woodrow Wilson initially refuses in another attempt to remain out of the Great War. He can see the Central powers involvement in the struggle and feels involving the US would draw then into the greater conflict. He feels this will help him with the upcoming elections.

May 17th, 1916 – British operatives in the Far East intercept a telegram between the Kaiser and the Japanese Emperor. With the German navy poised to stop US involvement in the Russian revolution from the Atlantic side, the Kaiser suggests Japan stop the US from interfering from the Pacific side, and to get help with this from Mexico. The telegram is turned over to the US. Wilson attempts to bury the telegram.

June 2nd, 1916 – The Czar hides his family in the Swiss Embassy during the siege of St. Petersburg.

June 8th, 1916 – Theodore Roosevelt gets a copy of the Kaiser’s telegram, makes it public and makes a case to go to war. The public follows him and push him to run for president. The Revolutionaries assault the Czar’s stronghold and the Swiss embassy.

June 10th, 1916 – The American Ambassador to Russia, Curtis Guild and former Rough Rider, sends Marines to help the Swiss Embassy. Czar Nicholas’ family is kept safe.

June 30th, 1916 – US declares war on the Central Powers using the telegram as their reason. The US enters the war and also sends additional troops to Russia to help put down the revolution. Japan and Mexico announce they had no intentions of interfering with the war in Europe or the Russian conflict.

Nov 4th, 1916 – Theodore Roosevelt defeats Woodrow Wilson for the presidency.

August 1917 – Nikola Tesla, doing research on primitive radar and long range-radio transmissions and reception at his Wardenclyffe tower in Colorado, reports receiving signals through the tower. The signals are a series of clicks and whistles. He claims they may be extraterrestrial in origin. As he made similar claims during an experiment in 1905, he is largely ignored. The US government confiscates and scraps the tower citing war powers act. Tesla moves to Long Island.

March 1918 – The outbreak of the Influenza Epidemic begins. The epidemic lasts until summer of 1920 and kills an estimated 300 million people. Another 200 million are infected but survive.

September-November 1918 – the Central Powers begin to surrender one at a time. The final treaty of Versailles is not signed until June 28, 1919. President Roosevelt dislikes the idea of a ‘League of Nations’ that would have any authority over the US. He refuses to have it included in the treaty and refuses to join. Roosevelt does agree to the reparations portions of the treaty, which sets up WWII. Roosevelt dies of poor health October 19th, 1919.

The League of Nations is formed, but largely ineffectual in resolving any crisis.

1920 –
The Chinese Communist Party joins with the Nationalist Party to form a new government. Without the Communist Russia of our world to back the Nationalist Party, the Chinese Communist party holds more power in the new government.

February 28th, 1921 – Raymond Eddington is born in Wichita, Kansas.

1923 –
Tesla returns to Colorado Springs and rebuilds his workshop. His return was spurred on by being evicted from his home and lab in Long island for an experiment that caused damage to the building.

1925 –
Nikola Tesla completes work on a smaller version of his Wardenclyffe tower so as not to draw attention to it. It is designed to test both wireless energy transmission and production of ‘gravometric’ energy; energy created by the earth’s own gravity. He succeeds with a small amount of gravometric energy. He calls his invention the gravometric capacitor.

1927 –
Chinese Civil War begins between the Nationalist and Communist parties.

1929 –
Stock Market crashes and world plunges into depression.

October 1930 – A 2-headed, 4-armed girl is reportedly born in Kenya. Further investigation cannot find either the girl or her mother.

Raymond Eddington graduates high school

Antonio “Hacksaw” Torcelli moves to San Angelo and sets up a branch of the New York Torcelli family. He attempts to control the illegal liquor trade. He comes into frequent conflict with the Whisper.

1933 –
Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany on a nationalistic platform with anti-capitalism, anti-Semitic and anti-communist platforms.

1933-1939 –
Hitler takes control of Germany, starts concentration camps for Jews, re-builds military and purges military and government of opponents. Jews attempt to flee to US, England, Israel and Russia.

1934 –
Tesla publishes a paper on the theories of a ‘particle’ gun, a directed-energy weapon.

1935 –
Raymond Eddington graduates Yale. His papers and theories about energy and power sources attract attention from other inventors and business who attempt to hire him. He goes to work with Nikola Tesla.

July, 1936 – Anastasia Romonov, youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, goes to school in Switzerland.

September 2nd, 1936 – In Germany, Dr. Erich Von Esterhaus has a breakthrough and develops a new method to produce steel by mixing in a few other compounds, but it is lighter in weight of normal steel by more than half. A staunch nationalist and budding Nazi, he dubs it Reichmetall (See Light Steel). It quickly goes into production in the war buildup.

Flux experiment did not occur.

1937 –
Raymond Eddington completes work on an amplification cell for storing and using gravometric energy. The cell is composed of several local minerals and can be portable. A patent is filed, but without an apparent immediate use for it, top industries ignore the invention. Tesla and Eddington attempt to work on an ‘fuel cell’ engine as well as a way to incorporate the wireless energy successes of Tesla into keeping the fuel cell continuously charged. See Fuel Cells

Sino-Japanese war begins between China and Japan. The Chinese Communist party and the Nationalist party halt their conflict to battle the Japanese.

No Minuteman.
No Liberty Corp.
No Silver Samurai
No Atomic Kid
No Piper.
No Dr. Oblivion.
No Beast Girl

January 10th 1938 – The accepted start date of the experiments done by Dr. Josef Mengele and Dr. Gerta Von Esterhaus on prisoners in concentration camps researching human eugenics in attempts to build a better Aryan.

May 12th, 1938 – The White Rose society attempts to assassinate Hitler by sabotaging his plane. Hitler survives.

No lost valley of prehistoric creatures. Tyler North disappears on an expedition to the Congo.

1939 –
August 8th – Germany signs a non-aggression pact with Russia.

All-American comics issue #88 introduces a new character, Mr. Amazing; a man with super strength, bullet-proof skin and a drive to stop criminals. He wears colorful costume, but no mask. All-American Comics will introduce new super-powered heroes and villains over the following years.

September 1939 – Germany invades Poland. World War II begins.

June 1940 – Germany conquers France and completes control of Western Europe.

July 1940 – Battle of Britain begins. The German planes made of Reichmetall are lighter and faster than their British counterparts. This makes a huge difference as the RAF is overpowered in the sky. In addition, Herman Goering resists Hitler’s attempts to re-focus the Luftwaffe on civilian bombing raids. By staying focused on eliminating the RAF, the British are soon shot out of the skies or otherwise grounded.

Germany spends the next year making advances in Africa and expanding its ground forces, making use of the Reichmetall.

September 1940 – Italy invades Egypt.

1941 –
Tesla and Eddington work with a small car company, Willys, to create a fuel cell engine. Willys is the only car manufacturer willing to work with the inventors.

May 5th, 1941 – Germany implements ‘Operation Sea lion’ and invades England.

December 7th, 1941 – Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. U.S. declares war. Japan also attacks US and British territories throughout the Pacific. England declares war on Japan. German and Italy declare war on US in response.

1942 –
German advances in England stall out, but control half the country. The British government moves to Scotland.

Italian forces stopped in Egypt.

US begins to rebuild navy and recruit army. DOD needs a new light vehicle. The Willys jeep wins the bid. They provide both a conventional gas engine and the fuel cell version. Eddington moves to Virginia to be on hand for technical support during the testing process. The experimental engine and ‘fuel cell’ are an early success on the Jeep. DoD wants a contract for it, but unfortunately, Eddington does not have a mass production process in place for the fuel cell. After long talks, Eddington grants the Government a non-exclusive license to find other means of producing the fuel cell according to his specifications. He provides all of the technical data.

Two companies, Wildcat Mines of San Angelo, California and Vaughn Foundries of Allentown, Pennsylvania create a joint venture called Reliant Energy and work together to get the contract to build the Eddington fuel cell. Wildcat has access to the raw materials, or has partners with access to it, and Vaughn can do the refining and smelting needed for the cell components. To shorten production time, Vaughn sets up a plant in San Angelo. In short order, first Eddington fuel cell is ready to roll out. Willys is ready with the new engine as well, but hedges its bets and keeps producing normal gas powered versions as well. .

1942 –
August 8th, 1942 – an explosion at the home of Nikola Tesla in Colorado Springs completely destroys the house. Tesla’s remains are found. Countering speculation about the explosion, Dr. Eddington refutes any idea that one of their experiments caused the explosion.

1943 –
U.S. sends troops to England. Counter-attacks against German forces begin.

A drawback to the Eddington fuel cell occurs when the Jeeps cannot get re-charged in the field due to no access to a steady electrical supply. An oversight by the testing committee during the trial runs never considered the availability of recharging. The Eddington Jeeps are considered useless. All are recalled form the field and are used only on bases, and on the home front.

1944 –
Germany has to pull remaining troops from England, but maintain advantage in the air.

November 22nd, 1944 – White Rose Society makes another assassination attempt on Hitler and his high command at Berchtesgard. Only Herman Goering is killed.

January 1st, 1945 – German air raid on London includes gas and incendiary bombs. The normal Londoners response to an air raid is to take shelter in the underground subway. The gas in the bombs seeks the low lying areas and tunnels of the underground. Thousands die.

Hitler also directs his V-1 and V-2 rockets to be loaded with gas as well and launches them at Jewish refugee camps inside Russia.

Russia declares war on Germany citing the ‘New Year’s Day Massacre’ and the rocket attacks.

Production on the Eddington Fuel Cell by Reliant Energy comes to a halt.

Allied Forces attack Africa and push Germany and Italy back.

Russia begins to have success on the Eastern Front.

U.S. begins to have success in the South Pacific against Japan. There will be 2 years of island hopping warfare and naval battles.

October 9th, 1945 – Dr. Oppenheimer and his team successfully test an atomic bomb at the Los Alamos testing range. FDR approves the order to produce an actual weapon.

October 13th, 1945 – The Los Alamos base is completely destroyed in series of explosions. The area is contaminated with radiation. Due to the radiation, only a handful of investigators are allowed to look for information about the explosions. They cannot find any obvious answers.

November 3rd, 1945 – The DoD puts together another set of scientist to work on the atom bomb. Dr. Eddington is invited but refuses. He says that atomic energy is too dangerous.

January – March 1946 – Allies push German and Italian forces out of Africa.

September 1946 – US forces invade Italy.

December 12th, 1946 – Italy surrenders.

April 2nd, 1947 – D-day, Allied assault on Western Europe begins.

June – December 1947 – German forces retreat back to Germany from both Eastern and Western Fronts. They do not have the forces to fight 2 fronts, having lost too many troops in both England and Africa.

July 9th, 1947 – A UFO allegedly crashes near Roswell, New Mexico. The military claims it was a weather balloon.

August 30th, 1947 – U.S. takes Iwo Jima. Corporal Harold Harrison receives the Medal of Honor for his actions on Iwo Jima. He had already received several other awards throughout the Pacific campaign for acts of heroism.

Plans for how to assault the Japanese mainland are started. An initial request for surrender talks is refused by the Japanese Emperor.

September 15th 1947 – An atomic bomb destroys Kyoto, Japan. China claims the bomb came from them and that they have more. On September 18th, while what’s left of the Japanese High Command and political rulers try to figure things out, another atomic bomb is detonated in the Sea of Japan, destroying what’s left of the Japanese navy. China demands unconditional surrender.

September 19th, 1947 – Japan surrenders to China

September-December 1947 – China takes over mainland territories held by Japan, including Korea. The Free French Government claims Vietnam as its colony still. China does not take over Vietnam, but lends support to the Viet Mihn liberation movement.

October 7th, 1947 – US forces begin to come across the concentration camps. Information regarding these activities identifies Drs Mengele and Von Esterhaus as the chief scientists involved in inhuman experiments. .

February 1948 – Allied forces enter Berlin. Russian, American and English forces mount a combined assault on the final positions. What’s left of the German High Command surrender to the Allies. Hitler, Himmler and Rommel are reportedly killed and bodies are produced. But they are burned beyond recognition.

WW II is over on February 27th, 1948.

Dr. Josef Mengele and Dr. Gerta Von Esterhaus are not found. Dr. Erich Von Esterhaus is killed at his labs.

Talks for a ‘United Nations’ based on the Atlantic Charter fall through. The League of Nations is abandoned as a failure. The Hauge remains in place as the one Court of International Justice. Most countries prefer to use mutual defense pacts and treaties instead of ‘turning over their own sovereignty’.

Interpol is set up in Saint-Cloud, France. There are 150 member countries contributing to the organization with funding, personnel and mostly information.

The DoD cancels it’s contract with Reliant Energy. The company folds as does Wildcat Mines. Vaughn Foundries abandons the San Angelo plant, but cannot find a buyer for it.

1948-1955 –
Some of the best minds for industry, commerce, technology and inventions are brought in to rebuild Japan and Great Britain and Germany.

1949 –
Mao Zedong and the Communist Party take over China. They use 5 super-powered individuals known as Wall, Wind, Dragon, Ghost and Sorcerer. The remaining leaders of the Nationalist Party relocate to Taiwan. They are soon joined by the old Korean government of pre-WW II.

November 3rd, 1949 – The second team for the US are able to produce an atomic weapon. They test it on the Bikini Atoll.

April 8th, 1950 – Responding to concerns from people, state police in Florida investigate a carnival said to have a ‘Lizard Man’. Patrons said the ‘Lizard Man’ was a large croc with unusually long legs. The State police find the container with the ‘Lizard Man’ in it. Animal control attempted to capture the animal, but it broke free of restraints and escaped into the Florida swamps. Accounts contradict each other on whether or not the Lizard Man ran on 2 legs or 4 and whether or not it was shot by police.

There are border conflicts between Russia and China.

Russia and other nations bordering China create the EurAsian Defense Alliance, for mutual defense against aggression by China. Russia provides much of the arms to the other nations, and begins to have influence on their governments.

Russia also voices its concern to the countries helping re-build Germany about the German history of invading Russia and that they won’t allow that to happen.

1951 –
Long simmering resentments lead to protests against the EADA and “Tsarist” Russia begin in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, particularly in the areas near China in both countries. Those regions have strong ties to China and the protests soon turn to armed revolts. Each government attempts to put down the revolts only to have China invade each country. The Chinese claim that the 2 countries are making attacks into China and that they are defending themselves, as well as supporting populations living under Russian occupation. Russia begins to send troops to the region. The world worries as the 2 nuclear powers appear to face off.

The 3rd Sino-Russian war 1951-1952 begins. While not an all out war, the 2 countries’ forces battle each other in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Neither side deploys nuclear weapons though threats of it are brought up. Both countries eventually agree to a cease-fire. Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are both split in half. Part of each country becomes a satellite state of China with a provisional government. Most of the world assumes these states are essentially a part of China. The other halves of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan keep their name and become heavily fortified states.

February 19th, 1952 – Dr. Aldus Morgan submits his ‘Battle Armor’ to the US army for consideration. It is an exoskeleton surrounded by Reichmettal, armed with conventional weapons and powered by several Eddington Fuel cells. The Army takes a pass. A thin-skinned and unstable Morgan vows that they will regret turning him down.

May 28th, 1952 – Dr. Morgan exits a delivery truck parked in Downtown Manhattan. He pilots his Battle Armor and begins to fire upon the crowd and buildings around him. Harold Harrison is nearby and hears the gunfire. He responds the same way as he did during the war, by running towards the danger. Harold has always been super strong and found out during the war that he is nearly bullet proof. He fights Morgan and eventually defeats him. A small child Harrison rescues says he’s like Mr. Amazing.

June 15th, 1952 – Harold Harrison’s son shows him a copy of his Mr. Amazing comic book and tells his dad that he should be a super-hero. Harrison has always been one to help others and stand up for the little guy. He starts to think about it.

July 7th, 1952 – Harold Harrison designs a ‘super-suit’, and calling himself ‘The Protector’, begins to stop criminals and help people. His outfit does not include any kind of mask. He quickly is identified and becomes a media sensation.

October 1952 – onward – Super-powered criminals begin to appear in New York, San Angelo and Chicago. They have their own costumes and most wear masks to hide their identities. Without ‘Superheroes’ in all of these cities, they prove difficult to handle, though the police do their best. Even if they capture one of them, if the super-criminal is strong enough or has a very damaging ability, they are able to break out of jail. Many police officers are injured and killed. There are also those that point to the occasional inexplicable jailbreaks from the recent past and argue that there are more super-powered criminals than just those in costumes.

October 3rd, 1952 – The Protector robs a bank and disappears. Police do not find anyone at his house and his co-workers have not seen him for a couple of days.

October 14th, 1952 – Harold Harrison turns himself and his family into the police. He claims to have been blackmailed to rob the bank. His family was kidnapped and he was forced to commit the crime to pay the ransom. He turned over the cash and got his family back. Harrison and his family disappear either into the witness protection program or move out of the country. They are not seen from again.

November 18th, 1952 – A low level Torcelli mob family member is rumored to have bragged that the city belongs to the mob now that the Protector has been taken care of.

November 28th – December 17th, 1952 – Torcelli mob members are found at various crime scenes frozen to the ground with globs of ice.

December 28th, 1952 – A new hero calling himself Blizzard passes word through a reporter that he is going after the Torcelli mob stating ‘Now is the winter of their discontent’. Sightings of Blizzard reveal he wears a full face mask. By January 1953, he has essentially dismantled the Torcelli family.

After February 1953, the number of super-powered heroes begins to increase. They almost all wear masks to hide their identities. They appear in cities with active super-powered criminals.

1953 -
March 18th-28th, 1953 – A super, Reggie “The Crusher” Gaines, attempts to rob a branch of the Prospector Bank in San Angelo, CA. He is stopped by the Wave Rider, an LA based super who just happened to be in the area. Knowing that the Crusher could break out of any handcuffs or jail due to his strength, Wave Rider convinces the doctors at the University Medical Center to keep him sedated until a solution could be found. Scientists at UC San Angelo resolve the issue by creating a collar that immobilizes the Crusher by disrupting his neural impulses to the body, but he can be conscious. Crusher is convicted and sent to prison, with the collar on. The device is now referred to as the Gaines collar.

June 8th, 1953 – A group of investors found Eclipse Industries in San Angelo. They set up in the old offices of Reliant Energy. One of the 1st things the new company does is hire one of the professors who created the Gaines collar, submit a patent for it and begin producing and selling it to police departments that deal with super-powered criminals. Eclipse will quickly become a very successful corporation on its way to being a multi-national conglomerate.

Using technological developments by Dr. Morgan and his war-machine, Caterpillar develops a similar humanoid vehicle for construction work. The design is a hit and sells quickly. Numerous design modifications follow for larger and smaller models and for different on-board tools. The design is also picked up by other companies. See ‘cat-man’

September 1st, 1953 – Given more latitude for development than he had in the US with the rebuilding of the UK, Dr. Eddington unveils the Gravometric Power Plant. A series of extremely large Gravometric capacitors linked together to power the town of Dover. Within months of coming on-line, Dover is getting enough power from the new power plant to be free of the local utilities. Despite the success, many see the experimental technology as too expensive and unreliable.

April 22nd, 1954 – Dr Aldus Morgan and 5 other prisoners in Riker’s Penitentiary escape by unknown means. They simply aren’t in their cells. 2 of the escapees are captured within a week, but refuse to tell how they escaped.

June 1954 – Russia opens first nuclear power plant

July 1954 – French forces leave Vietnam. The country is divided into 2 distinct countries, North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

September 1954 – UK announces it has the atomic bomb.

January 6th, 1955 – Leon Dubinsky is captured after attempting to steal a gold reserve from the Chicago Bank & Trust. Dubinsky was using a modified cat-man designed to lift the palettes of gold bars. Dubinsky did not have the knowledge or ability to make the modifications himself, no company making the cat-man suits have a model like it, or had thought about modifying it for the extreme weight lifted by this version. Most claim they did not think it possible for the cat-man to be reconfigured and rebuilt that way. They say probably only the inventor Dr. Aldus Morgan himself could have done that. No one gets to examine the suit as it self destructs after Dubinsky is apprehended.

April 20th, 1955 – Richard J Daley elected Chicago Mayor.

May 1955 – The 6 day war in which Israel defends itself against Arab countries. It takes control of key areas of land around itself. Rumors of the Israelis using super-soldiers abound, but nothing proven.

June 1955 – OPEC forms and immediately begins to fix prices at an artificially high level.

September 1955 – OPEC puts an oil embargo on the US for its continued support of Israel.

October 1955 – with prices climbing and supplies dwindling, US ponders options when Marine Colonel Jerry Lompley (ret) drives a Willys Jeep powered by an Eddington fuel cell up the steps of the Washington capitol. Acting unusually decisively, The US government fully backs a switchover to the ‘new’ technology. With generous loans from the government, Kaiser Motors, who bought Willys, begins to produce the engine. After some tough negotiations, Dr. Eddington allows Eclipse Industries to use his plans for the fuel cell. Eclipse updates the old Reliant Energy plant in San Angelo and begins to produce the fuel cell. Within 4 months, over half of all new cars coming out of Detroit have the new engine and fuel cell technology. Other car manufacturers begin research and development of new engine types of various power-level to make use of the fuel cell. Eclipse Industries, Kaiser motors and The Eddington Research Center will make gobs of money for years to come because of the deals. Kaiser motors will change its name in a merger with the American Motor Company to avoid any confusion with ‘The Kaiser’ from WW I.

Some cars will still be produced with gas engines and the oil companies will continue to produce gasoline as neither Mexico nor Canada international commerce use the new technology. Also, small engines for lawnmowers, boats and the like as well as larger engines for semis and large construction vehicles are slow to switch to the technology. Since large semis aren’t switched over right away, diesel gas is still needed.

Oil will still be needed for power plants.

1956 –
Russia upgrades most of its military strength and helps supply its EADA fellow members with even more weapons and training. Russia gains even more influence on the other members of the EADA.

Western European countries protest to the EADA for placing a large number of its new troops and armor on their borders, not just China’s. Russia responds for all EADA members with a statement that they will protect their borders from all threats, with all means necessary. Worries about the Russian nuclear stockpile begin to grow.

U.S. begins sending ‘advisors’ to help the democratic South Vietnamese government defend itself against North Vietnam incursions.

Several state supreme courts hear arguments about the Gaines Collar for cruel and inhuman punishment and other causes. All agree that while it would be better if the criminals could move freely, even in solitary confinement, that until such a time that facilities are created to hold them, the collar is a legal restraint.

1957 –
U.S. opens its first nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania.

Concerned about the influence Russia has over its EADA partners, and its increasing military presence, Western European countries form the European Union. They invite the US to have a more global power involved in the defense league, but President Eisenhower cites a good relationship with Russia ever since the aborted revolution of 1916, and the fact that the EADA opposes the Chinese expansion and export of communism and declines. Plus, there is opposition in the US to getting pulled into yet another European conflict.

1958 –
The trial of Paolo Torcelli vs the US Supreme court begins. A top Torcelli crime family member fights to overturn his conviction after being captured by Blizzard in 1953. The court finally decides that the actions of Blizzard were essentially (1)as an anonymous informant, (2)was acting under the ‘good-Samaritan’ statutes of New York by stopping Torcelli from endangering innocents, and (3) appropriately used citizen’s arrests to stop crimes in process. The conviction stands and becomes precedent for most masked superheroes to operate and stop criminals. Similar suits in several states are immediately thrown out.

1958-1959 –
Having already seen the issues coming and prepared for it, Eddington rolls out the ‘Quick Fill’ fuel Cell. It is the same concept as the original fuel cell, but instead of taking hours to recharge, the structure of this cell allows it to recharge in about 5 minutes. While its charge does not last as long, it makes re-charging easier. Also, in co-development with Texxon Oil, they roll out the re-charging stand for gas stations. It is a ‘fuel pump’ stand to replace the old gasoline pumps. It monitors the amount of watts used to recharge the fuel cell and calculates a fee. Texxon saves thousands of small gas stations from going out of business with the partnership and gains a huge share of that market. Eddington makes gobs of money again.

1960 –
Independent of each other, Dr’s Gregor Koraski in St. Petersburg and Dr. Howard Maiman at the Eddington Research Center of San Angelo develop functional lasers.

1962 –
January – China and Cuba sign a trade pact
February – US embargo of Cuba begins
October – Cuban Missile crisis – Chinese long range missiles seen in spy photographs over Cuba. President Kennedy blockades Cuba and eventually China removes its missiles.

Chinese scientists clone a carp.

Nov 22nd, 1963 – President John F. Kennedy assassinated in Dallas.

1964 –
China threatens to intervene in the Vietnam conflict, and says it will use its ’People’s Champions’ in its forces, referring to the 5 supers, if the US doesn’t pull out. The US contends that China has already been supplying weapons to the North, and sends more troops to the region.

Richard Nixon defeats Lyndon B Johnson and becomes president. His presidency is remembered for all but scrapping NASA in favor of military contracts, build-up of forces in Viet Nam, attempting to block civil rights activities, support for a ‘sanctioned’ federal super team, economic breaks for manufacturing and other corporate industries.

1965 –

January 28th, 1965 – Under Nixon’s directions, The US recruits a group of supers itself for use in the Viet Nam conflict, the Liberty Corp. The Crusader from New York; he renames himself Patriot. Liberty Belle from Philadelphia, Two-Gun Kid from Texas, Man-Mountain from Colorado and Wave Rider from Los Angeles.

China openly supports North Vietnam with supplies, arms and its 5 supers. The US sends more troops and the Liberty Corp. Both groups will be involved in the conflict against normal troops and each other. Liberty Belle is injured in a battle in the DaNang Valley. She loses part of her left leg and goes home.

Kevlar discovered and the US military begins to make use of the new material for personal body armor for its troops.

March 29th, 1965 – An Armored Super using an experimental hover-craft and laser-type weapon attempts to take over Crete. Calling himself Caesar Invictus, his laser carves off a small part of a cliff to demonstrate his power. He demands Crete surrender to him. Military forces from surrounding Mediterranean countries attack the super, shoot down his craft which explodes in a huge fireball. Invictus manages to elude the jet fighters due to being man-sized.

April 3rd, 1965 – Interpol leaders set aside all other work to find Caesar Invictus. Interpol is temporarily expanded from simply an information gathering center to a true investigating organization with agents on the ground actively seeking a fugitive.

November 8th, 1965 – Interpol finds Invictus hiding in Ethiopia. An assault on his compound is conducted with forces from several of the members of Interpol. They kill numerous soldiers and 2 other supers defending Invictus. They capture Invictus, with most of his armor destroyed. Invictus is tried in Crete and sentenced to life in prison. Without his armor, he is a frail man who is never identified, or reveals where he got the equipment for this attempted coup.

No time travelers. As far as everyone is concerned, Averell Pendleton is a normal person.

Israel contracts with Eddington Industries to build a Gravometric power plant at Haifa.

1967 –
Wall, Wind, Wave Rider and Man-mountain battle each other extensively across Viet Nam and into Cambodia where Wind and Man-Mountain disappear during the prolonged battle.

Dragon is killed by US forces without help from the Liberty Corp.

September 9th, 1967 – Horse mutilation reported in Colorado. Sporadically each year, cattle and hoses are mutilated throughout the Northwest, west and central US. No perpetrators are ever found, no solid evidence of what caused the mutilations is ever determined.

1968 –
The Tet offensive in Vietnam begins. Ghost infiltrates the US command compound and almost kills General Westmoreland. The Two-Gun Kid is able to drive off Ghost.

April 2nd, 1968 – Liberty Square in San Angelo is opened to the public. It contains individual statues of San Angelo heroes throughout its history – Sheriff Gabriel Price, A WWI pilot ‘Ace’ Braddock, WWII vet Manuel Cadera – as well a generic representations of other heroic professions – firefighters, police officers, a current GI soldier. There is a lot of controversy over the statues included in the square. The original design included a soldier from the American-Mexican war that caused Mexico to cede California to the US which offended the Hispanic population. The inclusion of the Viet Nam GI created protest by peace activists. Both the Asian and Black communities were offended by the lack of representation for their contributions. Yeah, no one was happy about it.

April 4th, 1968 – Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated in Memphis Tennessee.

June 5th, 1968 – Sirhan Sirhan attempts to assassinate Senator Robert Kennedy at the ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. The attempt fails and Kennedy survives. It soon comes out that Kennedy wears protective gear from a small company called ‘Steele Fashions’. They produce 2 kinds of discreet personal armor; one is called ‘Suit of Armor’ and the other is called ‘Under Armor’. The products are made from a modified Kevlar weave with a silk or cotton backing that leaves the material very comfortable to wear and lightweight. The ‘Suit of Armor’ is a fashionably cut men’s suit and the ‘Under Armor’ is similar to a long sleeved tee-shirt and leggings. Kennedy was wearing both products and was basically unhurt. Steele Fashions had been producing these outfits quietly and discreetly for high profile people for some time. After their exposure, Steele Fashions is bought by Eclipse Industries of San Angelo, CA. They keep the Steele Fashions name for the existing product, but developed several other lines with lighter-weight, heavier weight and even more colorful and patterned outfits.

November 5th, 1968 – Robert Kennedy becomes the 46th US President by defeating Richard M. Nixon. His presidency focuses on racial and economic justice, non-aggression in foreign policy, decentralization of power and social improvements. He has been a longtime supporter to equal rights, but begins to expand the term beyond color and creed to include those born with special abilities.

1969 –
Patriot and The Sorcerer have numerous one on one battles throughout the year. The Sorcerer wins more often than not, but for some reason never kills the Patriot. The other times the Sorcerer disappears into thin air before Patriot can finish him off. Patriot becomes obsessed with the Sorcerer.

Laser technology advances appear in Iran and the UK. The advances include more stable, sustainable beams and more powerful beams. Mobility is not improved.

President Kennedy begins plans to exit Vietnam.

1970 –
US forces pull out of South Vietnam. North Vietnam takes over south and the country is re-united. Wall and Ghost are seen returning to China. The Sorcerer cannot be tracked. Wave Rider returns to California and retires, tired of war and fighting. The Two-Gun Kid returns to Texas and forms a loose alliance of southern supers. The Patriot also disappears from the public eye.

Despite the unsightly ugliness of the big black gravometric power pant, Israel is very satisfied with the results of the Haifa plant and orders more to make the city as energy independent as possible.

1971 –
Crop circles appear sporadically in corn and wheat fields throughout the US and some other countries.

Damaging evidence or Robert Kennedy’s extra-marital affairs come to light. He does not resign, does not get impeached but is censured and divorced quickly. His political career is over.

November 26th, 1971 – The hero, Mind-Master, appears for the first time, foiling a robbery at a high-tech Arroyo Verde laboratory.

1972 –
A Russian cosmonaut called simply Cosmos, lands a craft on the moon. Due to his paranormal abilities (he doesn’t need to breath) he dismantles his landing craft and builds a sealed shelter. 2 weeks later a second Russian craft lands on the moon with additional equipment to create the 1st manned moon station. A 3rd flight delivers additional food stores to the station, while Cosmos continues to develop more of the structure.

Richard Nixon elected for a second time. He continues to loosen controls on corporate America.

October 29th, 1972 – The Ferret, a super-skilled freelance thief, steals a jewelry collection worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from the home of a wealthy San Angelino in his first appearance.

1973 –
The Three-mile Island Nuclear power plant has a partial core meltdown. While the reactor was eventually brought under control and shutdown, worker Simon Grondsky is exposed to high levels of radiation. He mutates into a huge 4-armed creature of immense strength. He escapes the area. After discovering his nickname from his wo-workers, the press dub him Grond. Grond appears, causes destruction and then disappears for the next several years.

A small force of supers led by an armored man calling himself Caesar Imperious takes over the island chain of Vanuatu. He keeps the country’s name, but renames the main island Ilsa Imperious. In 1973 and 1974, 2 French supers and military make attempts to unseat him, but are defeated. In 1974, an election is held in Vanuatu, and Caesar Imperious is elected President.

Downturn in the US economy affects most of the nation. Many layoffs and business closings happen across the US. The Steel industry is hurt terribly. The German manufacturing of light and normal steel is faster and cheaper than steel produced in the US. Detroit is also struggling due to Japan’s ability to produce cheaper vehicles. These are occurring since Germany and Japan have newer technology from being built brand new instead of the refurbished/re-tooled US plants, younger workforces and fewer regulations to hamper their costs.

December 3rd, 1974 – Woodward and Bernstein of the Washington Post break a story that Nixon and his top advisors had planted a telepath in the Whitehouse during Robert Kennedy’s term. The plan was designed during the last few weeks of Nixon’s 1st term. The unidentified telepath discovered the information about extra-marital affairs, passed it on to Nixon and his aides to be leaked to the press to destroy Kennedy. Their source is called Deep Throat and is not identified and neither is the telepath. An FBI investigation turns up recordings from Nixon’s first term that confirm the plan as well as recordings from his current term that detail his and his aides efforts to cover up the activity.

1975 –
April 15th, 1974 – Patty Hearst and her SLA ‘kidnappers’ are stopped during a bank robbery in San Angelo by Mind-Master

April 28th, 1975 – Richard Nixon resigns as president, 5 of his aides are put on trial; Gerald Ford moves from VP to president and pardons Nixon, but lets his aides go to jail. There are no laws that prohibit telepathy, but the aides are convicted on charges stemming from their actions trying to cover up the TP activity,

A movement against telepaths begins to develop in areas of the US.

March 12th, 1975 – Former Russian geneticist Vladimir Kaminov founds Helix Technologies with his son and daughter-in-law. The trio begins an intense effort to build hyper-advanced genetic engineering, cloning and rapid maturation equipment.

1976 –
Jimmy Carter elected president. Initiatives on several local and state ballots to force telepaths to register with the government are defeated.

February 5th, 1976 – The Horizon Institute, a think tank focusing on the supers phenomenon, is founded.

Unrest in the Mideast as Arab hardliners start to gain political power and take aggressive stances against Israel. The turmoil increases cost of oil for the rest of the world, creating more economic stress.

August 4th, 1977 – Cost-cutting on safety precautions causes a toxic spill at Allied Chemicals, an Eclipse Industries subsidiary.

December 12th. 1977 – Dr. Anton Megalo goes underground after authorities discover his cybernetic experiments on patients at San Angelo County General Hospital.

1978 –

January 13th, 1978 – Twister stops Shrapnel from destroying the San Angelo City Hall, but suffers crippling injuries.

January 21st, 1978 – Kidnappers take the infant son of wealthy San Angelo financier Alastair McDermott. Alloy, a super strong hero with a metallic body, rescues the boy.

April 16th, 1979 – Richard J ‘Mayor for life’ Daley elected Mayor of Chicago. He has not shown any changes in age since 1963. He has not lost an election, ever. His friends in the legislature and city council have always blocked any move to set term limits on the Mayor’s office.

July 1979 – Citing Russian ‘extortion’ of funds to supply their massive military build-ups, moon station and other programs, Yugoslavia attempts to break from the EADA and Russian control. A crackdown from Russia turns the small country into a puppet state. Russian forces move into the other EADA countries to help ‘stabilize’ the situation.

September 15th, 1979 – An explosion at a GenLabs facility kills noted scientist and child prodigy Frank Thompson. The explosion is declared an accident due to an experiment Thompson was performing.

November 4th, 1979 – Iranian students take over the US embassy in Tehran. The Embassy is empty of staff. The 3 Marine guards who had retreated into the embassy just prior to the raid are not found. The students trash the place and still make their statements condemning the U.S.’s prior involvement in the country’s political troubles and the acceptance of the exiled Shah into the US. They leave the raided building after 2 weeks.

November 5th – The Carter Administration holds a press conference to let everyone know that the staff and guards of the US Embassy in Tehran, Iran are safe and were evacuated before the Embassy was taken. Very reliable and accurate intelligence in the area allowed for a quiet evacuation of the majority of staff. The remaining Marines were evacuated through other avenues that the administration cannot talk about due to National Security.

November 18th, 1979 – US Embassy staff arrive back in the US. In all interviews, no one reveals how they were evacuated from the Embassy. They only state that they were taken to a staging area outside of Tehran and then made their by trucks to Turkey and then a long flight home.

Confidence in the Carter Administration begins to re-build despite continued economic troubles. Iranian hard-liners and the Ayatollah back the student led raid on the Embassy and still demand that the Shah be returned. Tensions are high, but not as high if there had been hostages.

December 24th, 1979 – China takes advantage of Russia being distracted by Yugoslavia and invades Afghanistan to support the pro-communist revolt occurring in the country. It will quickly take over the country. The US, along with Russia, will soon begin funding the Afghan rebels, the Mujahideen, to combat the new communist regime and Chinese occupiers.

February 7th, 1980 – Pittsburgh Steel, an armored super begins to fight crime in and around Pittsburgh. He is heavily armored, big and noisy. His actions and attitude as a ‘hero’ endear him to the city. Pittsburgh soon joins V8 from Detroit, Freight Train from Buffalo and Chi-Town from…well, Chicago, in forming the Rust Belt Brothers super team. They are all armored supers. V8 and Chi-Town create a flying platform called the ‘Wagon’ to move the extremely heavy team.

March 11th, 1980 – In a fairly even presidential race, the Reagan camp breaks open a lead in the polls. They leak information that the reason the Carter Administration was able to evacuate the hostages was that they used a telepath to discover the plot. President Carter’s camp denies the claim simply stating that they had solid intelligence on the matter, but could not reveal the source for national security reasons. Despite the fact that the Reagan camp cannot or will not identify the telepath, or their source of the information, the lingering fear of telepaths after the Nixon scandal, and rising concerns of Mind-Master causes public opinion shifts quickly away from Carter.

April 23rd, 1980 – Marking its 15th anniversary, and given its expanded routes and services, the San Angelo airport changes its name to the San Angelo International Airport.

July 26: Peregrine Aircraft hires Dynamo, a Georgia superhero who gained fame for being the first superhero to make commercial endorsements, as its new security consultant. Her actual duties primarily involve public relations work. Dynamo moves to San Angelo.

November 1980 – Ronald Reagan elected president. George Herbert Bush is his vice-president.

1981 –
January 1981 – The Reagan presidency begins based on lower taxes, reducing government regulation of the economy, control of the money supply to combat inflation and supply-side economics to spur economic growth. On the flip side, he also pushes for increased military spending to improve and expand the military to counter the communist expansion from China and Russia’s EADA actions. He is very interested in competing with the Russians in space

March 30th, 1981 – President Ronald Reagan is shot in the chest outside a Washington DC hotel by John Hinckley Jr. 2 police officers and Press Secretary James Brady are also injured. Hinckley uses 2 different weapons in the attack. In one hand, he holds a normal handgun and is the weapon that injures the police officers. In his other hand, he uses some kind of experimental energy weapon that tears through the protective clothing Reagan is wearing. Brady is not so lucky and is nearly killed. Reagan survives.

July 1st, 1981 – The San Angelo Police Department establishes the Paranormal Alert Response Team to handle incidents involving superhuman criminals.
The heavily armed, highly trained squad is the first such team to be formed by a local law enforcement agency in the United States.

September 19th, 1981 – the first Twister’s restaurant opens in the fashionable Wharves district. It holds some supers memorabilia and is owned by the retired super, Twister.

1982 –
April 18th, 1982 – Cloning expert Vladimir Kaminov dies in a boating accident on Lake Oro. Two days later, the Helix Technologies lab is destroyed in a fire.

May 27th, 1982 – no Flux experiment

September 22nd, 1982 – Alloy dies at University Medical Center of a rare blood disorder related to his living metal body. Thousands of people attend his funeral.

November 19th, 1982 – A gunman kills Harvey Chow, editor of the Chinatown Express newspaper, as the newsman eats his lunch at a Chinatown restaurant. The killer is never caught, though police link Chow’s slaying to his numerous exposes on the tongs. His daughter, Suzy Chow, takes over the Chinatown Express and continues to report on organized crime in Chinatown.

1983 –
March 8th, 1983 – The freighter American Dream flounders crossing Lake Superior in rough waters. A distress call is sent out. The Rust Belt Brothers load up the ‘wagon’ to assist the Coast Guard with the rescue operation. Nearing the freighter, the Brothers come under fire from surface to air missiles and heavy machine gun fire from several small craft below that had not shown up on radar. Freight Train has no distance weapons and tries to protect his friends from getting hit. Chi-Town takes flight to fire on the boats; Pittsburgh Steel fires from the railing of the ‘wagon’. V-8 frantically tries to fly the ungainly wagon defensively. The fight is intense, at the start, but an EMP pulse knocks out Chi-Town who falls into the lake and sinks. Several more missiles strike the wagon, knocking it from the sky. Pittsburgh Steel is able to leap from the wagon onto one of the boats below, but crashes through it. V-8 valiantly tries to keep the wagon airborne but it is too badly damaged and both he and Freight Train crash into the icy waters below. Only Pittsburgh Steel’s armor is built with the life supports and seals needed to survive the depth, the cold and the amount of time under the waters of Lake Superior. He is rescued from the lake 3 days later. The other 3 Brothers drown in their armor, at the bottom of the lake. The attackers are never identified, not enough evidence from the remains of the boats damaged by the Brothers gets investigators anywhere.

November 2nd, 1983 – A never-before-seen super, whom the press dubs Amok, goes on a destructive rampage through downtown San Angelo, causing extensive property damage. He disappears among the rubble while police and fire personnel are busy rescuing trapped victims.

1984 -

May 24th, 1984 – Robin Fleming makes his debut as Paragon, the Perfect Human, fighting crime in San Angelo with perfect precision according to a perfectly designed master strategy. The brilliant, handsome Paragon becomes a public figure, making television appearances and authoring articles for prominent magazines.

May 17th, 1984 – The Faraday Memorial Clinic, named for the late hero Kip
Faraday, or Alloy, opens in midtown. Funded by financier Alastair McDermott, the clinic treats injured supers and normals caught in the crossfire of super-battles.

September 12th, 1984 – Supervisor Rod Weber is killed when his Jeep overturns while he works on his Garret’s Landing farm. Weber, who was alone at the time, is found dead several hours later.

October 11th, 1984 – The Paragon Fan Club forms, encouraging young people to keep physically fit, stay in school, resist pressure to use drugs and keep out of gangs.

November 2: Erik Bates, a retired defensive end for the San Angelo Miners football team, wins election to the Board of Supervisors in a special election to replace the late Rod Weber.

November 8th, 1984 – Dr. Randall Williams opens an office near the Mission District and begins seeing patients. He also goes through a steady stream of office assistants.

January 1st, 1985

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