Minatonka, Maine

Minatonka, Maine is a small town along the northwest border of Aroostook county (northern Maine). The town was a small bustling village with a small lumber, agriculture and a well-known handmade furniture industries. Over time the town’s fortunes slowly faded until it was just a rustic hide-a-way of 300 souls, with 1 working mill, but still with well-regarded furniture makers. Until 1972 that is. At that time, a hiker took a photo of an owl species they didn’t recognize. Sending the photo in, it turned out the hiker had discover 1 of just 7 remaining Fuzzy Spotted Loomis Owls. Six were in captivity and they were thought to be basically extinct. The endangered species act kicked in and all logging was stopped within 10 miles of where the owl was seen. This circle completely surrounded Minatonka, and without anyway to cut trees to make the furniture, the mill quickly closed and soon most of the town had left. By 1974 only 100 people still hung onto the dead town, living off of those who came looking for that darn owl, or other natural wonders.

Then Eddington Industries came along. Dr Eddington offered to buy up all the abandoned and foreclosed buildings, farms, land and even those not abandoned. Basically, Eddington bought the whole town lock, stock and barrel. Raymond assured those still in town that they could remain. While logging and most construction was prohibited, he was going to build a facility in town, and few other things. He wanted the people to remain to not only work at the facility, but to be the ones who actually tested living with what he planned to create there.
Dr. Eddington built a small facility, basically for himself and a select few other scientists, and then somehow got the ok to build 3 of his city generators They were smaller than normal, but specially designed. He had built his wireless energy transmitters, and worked on refitting all of the existing electronics in town to accept and handle the transmitted energy. It took several years for all of it to come true, but by 1983, all of Minatonka was powered by wireless energy and there seemed to be no ill-effects on the towns people. Raymond Eddington’s dream was coming true, cheap, clean energy available to everyone. It would revolutionize the world.

All electronics need to be retrofitted to have a receiver for the energy, and a small amount of insulation o their circuits to keep them from acting up due to the free-flowing electricity.

No other issues have come up with Eddingtin Wireless Energy. well, except once in a while, there can be a lightning bolt streak across the sky without any clouds, or sometimes a “bright” area in the sky during the day, or seemingly a ball of light at night. The phenomenon appears in different areas, but no one from the facility seems worried..

Minatonka, Maine

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