Gravik and the Generator - continued

Gravik & The Generator

The scientists at Orion labs have given you a disk that has all the readouts and video of their test results from the experiments on what happens between you and an Eddington Generator. You can contact Eddington Industries several ways:
Go near a generator that is being watched and wait to see if someone shows up; call them (they have a local number); go to the nearest Eddington holding (they have an office in San Angelo, the nearest research facility is in Colorado).

The kind folks at the San Angelo office can get him to the Colorado facility.
Dr. Sanjay Rajesh is the San Angelo contact.

Dr. Boris Manninov will work with Gravik and the results that he has from Orion.
They want to keep him 2 days. After the 2 days, Director of Regional Operations Janice Gajewsky will sign off on his use of generators and will notify owners in San Angelo.

Gravik and the Generator - continued

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