Golden City Guardians

Golden City Guardians #9

Golden City Guardians #9

2 weeks after talking to the Division of Paranormal Affairs, Dr. Randall Williams is finally visited by the head of the division. Lt. Chet Dawes comes to his clinic to talk about Randall’s offer to work with the police.
Dawes talked with Chief O’Shea, Detective Duncan and waited for a background check to come back clean before coming to Williams willing to talk about working together. With Randall’s background in medicine and research, they would like him to work with Det. Duncan on the Anton Megalo case. Dawes gives him a preferred visitor pass, that allows him access to Headquarters and files Duncan has on the case. Randall accepts the offer, goes to SAPD Headquarters and begins getting up to speed on the case.
Randall draws some conclusions based on what he sees in the gruesome photos, police reports and autopsy notes. He continues to look for the place the last experiment took place. By luck, he sees a patient whose father is with him. The father smells like the odor Randall hasn’t been able to identify. The smell is a mix of spices used by a noodle shop in Old Chinatown. The man gives Randall directions to the shop. Once free from work, Randall goes to Chinatown and finds the noodle shop, and down one alleyway, he finds the alley he has been looking, as well as the door the victim escaped from. Turning invisible, he enters and searches the room inside. It has been chemically cleaned, but some left over items proves it was the operating room. Randall finds a piece of a chemical jar with part of a name on it – ‘Cartox’.
Randall turns over all of the evidence to SAPD and remembers the only chemical he knows of that starts that way is Cartoxamine. Quick research turns up that it is a very cheap anesthetic used by vets. Working with the SAPD, they find the only supplier of Cartoxamine. Duncan is very wary about doing anything that might tip Megalo off that they have this lead. He’s been able to escape too many times by somehow knowing when the police were closing in.
A Stakeout is set up on the supplier and it takes a while, but finally cartoxamine is sold and the delivery driver is followed to a warehouse in West San Angelo. Dawes contacts the Golden City Guardians and Randall to come to Headquarters. They all meet and introductions are made. Randall introduces himself by name and then code name Consano. Chief O’Shea and Duncan are there. The police ask the heroes to investigate the warehouse. Since it is in West San Angelo, the SAPD has no jurisdiction and would need to coordinate with the County Sheriff to go there, and get a search warrant for the location. Both actions take times and opens up the possibility of Megalo from escaping. The heroes agree.
Arriving at the warehouse, Master Juyo and Randall get on the roof at the back of the building, while Pittsburgh Steel and Gravik take the front. Steel opens the main loading dock door and enters. A few steps in, and between several stacks of boxes, Pittsburgh Steel is actually lifted in the air by tentacles coming from the shadows at the ceiling, and thrown down to the ground. Unhurt of course, just a little unused to being knocked over. A humanoid figure drops from the ceiling onto the crates above Pittsburgh Steel. It is heavily clothed and has several long black tentacles coming from it.
Randall teleports from the ceiling into the warehouse, trusting his power to protect him. He arrives on the far side of the warehouse floor. Gravik comes in through the main door as well. Master Juyo waits for someone to try to escape out the back. The fight starts between the tentacle thing and the heroes. While he doesn’t move that fast, his tentacles seem to continuously block attacks or help push him put of the way of danger. He yells for the doc to run. As the fight on the warehouse floor begins, Master Juyo here’s voices beneath him and waits for action. And finally gives up waiting and runs the length of the building, drops off the roof and prepares to enter the warehouse. Inside, a steel girder comes flying through the drywall separating the warehouse from offices. Gravik tries to use the beam in battle.
Master Juyo makes a run for it and jumps through the hole in the wall. On the othr side he sees 2 people; one is a balding man in a lab coat, the other is the steel woman known as Chrome. Chrome announces she has the power and jumps into a hole in the floor. She’s trying to escape through the sewers! Master Juyo follows her and gets a metal fist in the ribs for his effort as Chrome waited for him. He’s knocked back down the sewer tunnel. Dr Megalo follows Master Juyo, but not as gracefully and injures himself dropping into the sewer.
On the warehouse floor, Gravik covers the tentacle person with a gravity well. Pittsburgh Steel barrels through the drywall to get into the office just as everyone escapes down the hole, quickly followed by Consano. Steel tries to get through the hole but gets stuck instead. In the sewer, Master Juyo is swarmed by rats as Megalo asks for help from ‘Zootopia’. Chrome leaps off the other direction. Megalo tries to crawl away but Consano teleports in front of him. The rats drop off Juyo and form into a large alligator. Juyo hits it a few times and it breaks apart int thousands of cockroc which disappear into the sewers.
After the fight, the team helps 5 victims found strapped to gurneys and begin questioning Megalo. Consano is able to get a little info out of him by guessing that Megalo has been trying to find out what is he source of super powers and how to give himself those powers. He says Chrome has a piece, but can’t have the full secret.
The team also discovers a makehift lab that Consano can rummage and find info related to the source of supers. Laeibechev bodies in the blood. The team calls the cops, turns Megalo and Smidge, the tentacled man, over to the cops and the homeless victims to the hospital.
Back at GCG Headquarters, Consano sets up a quick lab to do some tests himself, Pittsburgh Steel visits Stonewall, the super formally called Silverfist, in prison. Stonewall is trying to remain model prisoner, but is getting moved to another prison soon. He doesn’t know where. Master Juyo changes into his Sebastian clothes and goe back the the homeless population to see if he can get any other info. Gravik goes home and finds out his good friend Dimitri is in County hospital. He visits his friend, who is dying of radiation poisoning. The Russian mobster admits he looked inside the box he and Yuri took and found a canister with a bunch of wires. The but it inside the base of a statue in university commons. Gravik also visit Paragon at his estate and finds the Perfect Human sick, mean and depressed. His butler Cedric asks for help.
Consano is sure that the Leibechev bodies are a source of super powers and turns his findings over to Faraday clinic. Gravik asks him to heal Dimitri. Which he does. They then get the rest of the Guardians to do an intervention on Paragon. After a heated exchange, Paragon admits he got his abilities from a serum he takes monthly. The doctor now in charge of the serum has withheld it for 2 months and he is getting sicker. Paragon has tried to bargain with the doctor, but no amount of money he’s offered has got the mess to him. They get the SAPD involved and try to find the doctor. Their call gets routed to an unknown person who says Paragon isn’t worth it.



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