Golden City Guardians

Golden City Guardians #3A

Crazy Like a Foxbat (cut scene)

Foxbat, the Master of Crime, poses against the setting sun from the roof of the Twilight Tower. He surveys the downtown area of San Angelo, and then looks to the surrounding suburbs. With knowledge of the weight of the moment, Foxbat draws in a breath, and speaks. “As I stand on the edge of the Twilight Tower, so does San Angelo stand on the edge of its twilight as the Golden City. For Foxbat has arrived. The Master of Crime is upon them. And he shall gather together his Masters of ……Crime?”
No, that won’t work. Maybe he’ll figure that out later.

Sometime ago, Foxbat started a new master plan to create a super-villain team under his leadership. His plan was to set up a scavenger hunt and whoever was successful would be part of his team. Unfortunately only 3 supers tried to get the coveted pink diamonds in San Angelo. Maybe he should have used a bigger personals ad? Anyway, Sampson, Bulldozer and Icicle tried, but failed to get the diamonds and Icicle got arrested. Despite that setback, Foxbat believes the trio is perfect for his team because they tried. No not tried, they recognized their destinies to be a part of his team and responded to his summons. Yeah, that’s it.

He paid Icicle’s bond and got her out of jail. A little more money spread around….at the San Angelo Times to get the other 2 to meet him. Foxbat met with each of the super criminals alone and got them each to agree to work with him and whoever else he could get. He promised riches and power. But he’d be the boss. While Icicle, Bulldozer and Sampson all knew Foxbat was crazy, they new his kind of crazy sometimes worked. And more importantly, the money the crazy guy himself had backing him was going to be pretty good by itself.

On a date that won’t be remembered for this, Foxbat’s latest master plan moved into it’s next phase when the newly formed criminal group met for the first time at 2:20pm, Monday, May 20th, 1985. And promptly fell into argument and Bulldozer and Sampson started fighting……………

Monday, May 20th, 1985

In the new normal for the Golden City Guardian’s, life is quiet. Super criminal activity is down as is non-super crime. Pittsburgh Steel is working hard at moving Dash Steel forward in the market and building up the business. Gravik is still working on the I-7 bridge reconstruction, and Ohm is practicing with his powers so he is not a danger to others. Paragon is away from the GCG Headquarters more often than not, citing needs of business and other commitments.

In the early afternoon, Ohm’s senses pick up on calls for the San Angelo Paranormal Alert Response Team to be dispatched to a scene in La Vista. PART is called when supers are involved! Ohm heads into the headquarters to let Pittsburgh Steel know.

Pittsburgh Steel calls Lt. Chet Dawes, the SAPD liaison to the GCG to see if they should go the scene to help. Dawes tells him to go and help out. Ohm calls Gravik and the trio head towards La Vista. Pittsburgh Steel wanted to check with Dawes in case Lt. House, the head of PART, questions their arrival.

PART triumphant

The area has been cordoned off by the normal patrol officers. Lt. House has his men spreading out into positions around the subject while a negotiator tries to talk the subject into surrendering. The La Vista streets are empty as the police try to surround and contain a young man pacing in the street. Small houses line the 2-lane road.
From initial appearances, it looks to be just a normal guy having a bad day and the police trying to keep the situation from getting out of control. But upon closer a closer look, it becomes obvious why PART was called. The street where the young man is pacing is scarred, blackened and pock-marked; almost like from an explosion. Then it can be noticed his hands glisten in the sun, and as the “sweat” drips off of them, they land with a small burst on the ground. He is exuding an explosive liquid.

2 patrol officers stop the Guardians before they reach the interior lines where House is at. One of them goes to let House know that the Guardians had arrived.

Lt. House is not pleased to see the GCG. He tells them not to interfere, “We’ve got this. Stay put and don’t touch anything.”

The Guardian’s spread out a little near the line of cars blocking the street where the super is at.

The negotiator comes up to House and says that he’s not making any progress – the guy won’t talk, at least not to him. He’s talking a lot but doesn’t know to who. He seems to be getting more agitated and the sweat bombs are becoming more frequent. House tells the negotiator to give him another chance to surrender on his mark. The negotiator says that it doesn’t have to end with a shoot out. “It won’t”, House replies. As the negotiator walks away House brings up his radio and checks with his teams to see what positions his teams have been able to secure. After finding out where everybody is at, House makes his tactical decision – “Hover, Jameson, Billups load with shock, Stockton, Manning, ready Nets, Sin-gin, you’re on the narco, Vaski, Pearson you’ve got C&C”.

As House looks over the scene, he steps up to the negotiator and tells him to try again. The officer raises the bullhorn and tells the man to surrender so no one gets hurt, to lay down and let them help him. It seems like this finally gets through to the man, but the wrong way. He raises his arm and a get of flame shots out toward the squad car. It doesn’t quite get there. But House yells "NOW!’ into his radio. 3 loud shots ring out, and a shower of sparks surround the young man, at his chest, his feet and one off to the side on the ground. As he bends over and teeters, 2 “WHOOMPS” come out and weighted nets wrap the man up and cause him to fall over. While he’s still disorientated, another officer in PART gear moves up quickly from a side yard and fires a small handgun at the man on the ground. There is no noise from it. The man stops moving.

“Collar and cuffs NOW!” yells House. 2 more PART officers run forward and work at getting a Gaines collar on the man as well as handcuffs.

House turns to the GCG. “New equipment thanks to Hunter-Price Arms – shock shells fired from a 12-gauge to stun ’em, weighted nets to wrap ’em up, and a narco-dart strong enough to bring down an elephant. You guys can go home and let the professionals handle this from now on.” A smug smile appears on House’s face.

Pittsburgh Steel can’t take House’s attitude anymore and the 2 get into an argument. Pittsburgh Steel telling House he needs to treat them with more respect, and House telling PS that the GCG are not police officers, they’re civilians and subject o him. It ends with House calling calling PS ‘iron Butt’ and PS calling House an ‘a@@hole’. PS finished off with a ‘Bring it’ and walks away.

Just then an emergency calls in over the radios (Ohm and Pittsburgh Steel can pick up the call directly, Gravik hears it on House’s radio). There are 2 supers fighting in the Irish Bar neighborhood. Bulldozer is one of them, Sampson is suspected to be the other. “Are you sure about the identities?” House asks. The response comes back "One is described as a white male over 6’ muscular, bald, shirtless and with the word Bulldozer on his arm. The other is in a red and white outfit with long blond hair. "

House looks mad, hard to tell though. He gets back on his radio “Dispatch, roll with Bulldog 2 on Irish Bar. We are still scene.” He mumbles some, pauses and then yells into his team radio – “Vaski, Pearson! Get him wrapped up and to booking in Transport 1. Hover and Stockton, work with the patrol officers to work the area. Everyone else, Clear weapons and head to Transport 2. I want to roll in 5 minutes. Move it! We’ve got people depending on us”

The officers begin doing the tasks House has ordered. It is obvious that House wants to get more officers to the Brawl on Irish Bar.

Gravik knows that PART keeps 2 teams on call at all times, usually in San Angelo and South San Angelo. They should be able to get to the scene before the Bulldog 2, and definitely before House and the short-handed bulldog 1 team.

They head out. On the way, Pittsburgh Steel works through the channels to talk with the leader of Bulldog 2, Corporal Howser, to see if they want assistance. Howser says they should be OK, but would appreciate the Guardian’s to be nearby in case any of the supers try to escape. Howser seems much more agreeable than House.

Enter the Foxbat!

The GCG all think it’s a good idea to take a secondary role on this one and only help out if asked. They get to the scene first, but don’t see any sign of the criminals. While waiting, Gravik takes stock of the buildings in the area to see if any are in danger of falling if they are damaged. Pittsburgh Steel mentions his concerns about PART’s response to the La vista super. It seemed to him that the super was treated like a criminal to be taken down without any regard to how he became that way. Ohm sees no other people around, except the increasing number of faces at the windows of a factory at the end of the street.

Just then, Bulldozer comes flying through a wall of the building on the other side of the street. He lands in the middle of the street, followed quickly by Sampson landing next to Bulldozer. The 2 supers soon gain their feet and begin wrestling. The GCG begin to think that standing by may not be the best idea with all of the witnesses from the factory. Just as they begin to move, Bulldozer pulls off an amazing hip throw on Sampson, tossing him down the street, into the intersection. And right into the engine block of the lead transport van of Bulldog 2, disabling the vehicle.

Contacting Howser, the Guardians tell him that they’ll handle Bulldozer if PART wants Sampson, since he;s right in front of them. He agrees and the Guardians begin moving into positions. Bulldozer doesn’t see them, but sees the PART van and jumps towards them, with a gleeful shout of ’COOOPPPPPSSSS!!"

Sampson responds by grabbing the front of the van, lifting it up and slamming it down onto Bulldozer. Bulldozer goes through the roof of the van cargo area and is now inside the van with PART troopers. One cheeky PART officers let’s the Guardian;s know that they have Bulldozer contained. Not really though.

Bulldozer leaves the van by tearing through the side and Sampson charges Pittsburgh Steel. He misses him though somehow. Gravik gets into the street and Ohm hovers above everybody. Pittsburgh Steel takes on Bulldozer, Ohm keeps missing Sampson, and Icicle makes her presence known by entangling Gravik in an ice block. the fight continues slowly, with PS flash firing Bulldozer several times the keep the brute blinded and basically out of the fight. Icicle entangles and freezes Gravik more and Sampson keeps missing his moves throughs while Ohm keeps missing his blasts.

Eventually the PART team is able to get out the van and the 2nd transport and enter the fight. They fire upon the blinded Bulldozer. Gravik gets free of the ice blocks long enough to hit Icicle with ‘Weight of the world’, causing the freeze queen to lose all of her endurance and collapse. Pittsburgh Steel is able to slam Sampson into Bulldozer and Bulldozer des the same, using Sampson as a weapon and throws him into a PART officer. It’s enough for Sampson and he retreats.

Just then, Foxbat appears on the top of the parking ramp, tell s the Guardian’s to leave his team alone and opens fire on Ohm. Ohm and Foxbat trade barbs that hit more than their shots. Things keep going downhill and Foxbat decides to retreat and hits Ohm with a smoke screen to blind him. Unfortunately, Ohm can track and target Foxbat stiil because of Foxbat’s earpiece. Ohm moves in close enough to hit Foxbat a few times and takes down the Master Criminal.

Pittsburgh Steel finishes of Bulldozer, then makes sure Icicle does not get back up again. PART officers put collar and cuffs on Icicle and Bulldozer, and handcuff Foxbat and take his gear.

Several officers are injured. Just before anything else can be done, House and Bulldog 1 show up. House gets out and starts towards the Guardians and Howser. Before he gets there, Ohm drops down in front of him and gets in his face about his attitude and how well the Guardian’s just did. House tells Ohm that dropped charges can always be refiled and he’ll find something on Ohm if he needs to. Howser comes over to the 2 and Ohm leaves. The Guardians were willing to leave, but Howser has asked that they escort the second PART van from Bulldog 2 with the prisoners, while the rest of the team gets their injuries treated. The Guardians agree and House leaves the conversation visibly unhappy.



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