Welcome to San Angelo, California! Home of the Golden City Guardians!

There are people with powers and abilities beyond belief. They can do amazing things. Or they can do horrible things. Unfortunately, most choose to latter path. It is a time when crime is rising, from the back alley to the boardroom. It is a time when the nations of the world are at odds with each other, and fight proxy wars in the poorest of countries where none can stop them. It is a time that greed and quest for power is taking over. It is a time for a small few to stand against the darkness; to stand up for the common man; to make a difference the world and make it a better place. It is a time for HEROES!

The Golden City Guardians have taken up that mantle. Having fought the good fight on their own, they have joined together to make San Angelo a safer, better place.

Golden City Guardians is a superhero campaign using the Hero System 5th Edition. It is based in the fictional city of San Angelo, California.

The book ‘San Angelo, City of Heroes’ by Gold Rush Games is the major campaign supplement used for the game.

The Golden City Guardians are the first super group to form in San Angelo. It is made up of 3 members, Pittsburgh Steel, Master Joyu and Gravik.

The world of San Angelo is similar to most super worlds, but it has some differences.
There are no known aliens; they are a thing of myths, conjecture and conspiracies. Magic falls into the same category. Some people believe in it, but for the majority of the world, it is a thing of fantasy and children’s tales.

Supers have only been around for a short time. the first recognized super appeared in 1952, even though that person had their powers before that time.

There are not huge government agencies specifically devoted to handling supers or villainous agencies. There aren’t huge villainous agencies. No SHILED-HYDRA, no UNTIL-VIPER.

The majority of supers have very limited powers that do not lend themselves to actively fighting crime and so forth. Most attempt to earn a living and stay unnoticed. Those that do have the abilities to enter combat, many are still at risk to a thug with a .357.

There are no known supers that can withstand the military might of a first world country. No Doctor Doom or Doctor Destroyer waging war on the US single-handedly. The military would win. There are however despots, warlords and the like that use their personal powers to take control of small, under-devoloped countries where there isn’t the power to stop them.

There is only a relatively small number of costumed, active supers. Usually about 1000 are active at any given time. Most have a criminal nature.

After reading a lot of message boards concerning super technology, I made a decision to attempt to have the technology advances make sense. I know, super technology does not make sense. Every government agent has a blaster; super teams have teleport tubes; there are space ships capable of traveling across the universe; powered armor packs more firepower into a little finger than a main battle tank; there are weird power sources that could power a city and yet contained in a little backpack (or a ring) for one person to use; and the normal folks get have cars that run on gas and land line telephones. I decided the disparity needed to be addressed, as did the so called ‘super sciences’.

Technology is about 10 to 15 years ahead of its implementation from our world. The campaign starts in 1985, so most technology reflects 1995 to 2000 capabilities for most of the world. I have also looked at some odd experiments and theories that never panned out and made them plausible, and functional. I have taken A LOT from Nkola Tesla. The advances are there, but are occurring slowly.

Most supers have natural powers, not technology-based ones. The majority of them had their powers develop well after birth, and usually during or right after some kind of stressful or traumatic event. There are a handful of supers with natural powers that were born that way. The underlying catalyst of why some people become supers is not known, and more than a few groups are interested in finding out what that is.

Golden City Guardians

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