The Comics

There are several publishers of differnt types of comics.

All-American Comics:

This company has been in existance for a very long time and had a wide variety of comic themes until issue #88 with the first appearance of a super. That issue sold out quickly and readers clamored for more. All-American Comics put more and more if their resources into new super characters and adventures. Their titles revloving around more “pulp” adeventures, horror, romance, westerns and the like all fell to the wayside as they committed to this new subject.

Over time, the various titles, characters and adventures evolved into 1 central comic-verse. This comic-verse was full of incredible powers, aliens, magic, secret societies and a huge number of supers. All-American comics is the largest publisher of supers comics.

Over the past few years, All-American has lost some of its shine by engaging in some of the same actions as Black Sheep. A few new writers have used real supers in their stories and turned them upside down. A few lawsuits have been filed, but like Black Sheep, they’ve won them as well.

Valliant Press:

This company has been around almost as long as All-american, having been started by former employees and artists no longer used by All-american. For most of the company’s life, they matched what All-american was doing for subject matter. When the supers theme became profitable, Valliant Press went a different direction and set up titles loosely based on real-life supers and the world everyone was living in. Their choice was not anywhere near as profitable as All-American was, until Valliant signed an agreement with the Super crime-fighter Liberty Belle to use her likeness and actual adventures in their issues. They got permission to do “filler” stories that did not actually happen as well, but few of their readers really cared about that. This new marketing tool proved extrememly profitable as the thirst for ANY information pertaining to supers was starting to take off.

Valliant Press is the 2nd largest comics publisher now.

Black Sheep Comics:

Just as the company name would indicate, this comic company has a wide variety of comic titles with themes the other 2 big shops leave alone. This company caters to more adult and dark themed stories and characters. It has attracted a few writers from the the big 2 who have been struggling under the constraints of those companies content codes. The company has weathered more than its share of lawsuits after publishig characters that bear some resemblance to those from the big 2, especially when the Black Sheep character is far more ethically challenged than the supposed characters it was based on. So far, Black Sheep has won everyone of them.

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The Comics

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