Sebastian's Bad Month

Late April, 1985, early in the morning.
Sebastian is up early for his morning exercises and meditation. As he circles the inside of the GCG compound, he notices the manila envelope rolled up and stuck in the chain link fence at the main gate. He pulls it out and unrolls it. It has ‘Master Juyo’ written on the front in block letter, in black marker. Inside are several photographs of Ophelia Garza, working in her shop, working in the garden with her daughter, at the local market. She is obviously unaware of the photographer. Surveillance photos taken by someone. The last photo is of a handgun on a passenger car seat. On the bottom of the photo someone taped words from a newspaper – “Leave or she dies”.

Someone knows, knows that Sebastian is Master Juyo and that he helped out, and has ties to, Ophelia Garza and her daughter. It’s been a while since he fought the 5-5 gang and took them down and freed the Garza’s North Mission neighborhood from them. Who could it be?

He couldn’t let the Garza’s remain in danger. He’d have to find out, but it would have to be quiet. And he’d have to make it look like he left for them to have a chance of being safe. Besides, who on the GCG would he get to help with a quiet investigation? Pittsburgh Steel is as conspicuous as a Mack truck, Gravik’s has his own identity issues thanks to his accent, that people could put together, and Paragon seemed to be going through a personal crisis. No, he’d have to leave them to do this on his own.

It was a plausible enough reason, since it was one everyone knew he had already struggled with. He told the team he didn’t think the costumed path was for him, took up his hoodie and headed out. And into the streets of the homeless and downtrodden to try and find out who wanted him gone.

May 23rd, late evening
It had taken longer than he thought it would, but he figured it out. It was a gang. He should have known it was that simple. The Varrio Mission Boys had taken over the area the 5-5 had held. The VMB were one of the largest gangs in North Mission and they got a little bit bigger thanks to Sebastian. They were led by a guy who called himself Azteca, and was apparently a pretty good hand-to-hand fighter. Sebastian was able to get some info on where Azteca might usually be found. An old garment factory was a place Azteca and the VMB held gatherings and parties. There was going to he a party that night. Sebastian made his way there and snuck in easily with the loud latin music drowning out almost all noises. Naturally, it turned out to be a trap. And a good one.
Reinforced steel doors closed off the exits, the catwalks were great spots for the VMBs to shoot at Sebastian – and then throw nets? Dozens of them came flying down and Sebastian couldn’t dodge them all. He got caught. the VMBs charged in and beat him. In a haze he saw a man looking down at him. He was older with long grey hair, white guy, green fatigue jacket, jeans and combat boots.
“See Azteca. I told you I had a way of getting him. Just like me and my boys got that pajama wearing Dragon back in Nam.” A hisipanic man stepped up next. “Gracias, Tector. You’ve kept your word. I’ll keep mine. You’ve got permission to cross Varrio territory, once every month. No more than that.”
The man called Tector leaves. Azteca turns to Sebastian. I’m going to have you beaten and killed. I’m going to have that punta Garza woman killed, and I’m going to have her daughter as the VMB girlfriend.

Several of the VMBs grab the edges of the nets holding Sebastian and begin dragging him across the floor, while the others hit him. they make sure he’s secure and toss him in a van. They drive for awhile, then park in an alley. They pull out Sebastian and start the beating again.


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Sebastian's Bad Month

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