Ohm's Introduction

A few days after being cleared for work after being in a coma for a month for the plant accident…..

You and Harmond are friends, working together at Western G&E. You had you incident at the main plant and after you came out of coma and cleared for work, you got reassigned. Harmond volunteered to go with you. The patrol teams are generally not the best employees. One evening, just after dark, you get a pager call to respond to a warning signal at Substation #4. You figure Harmond will get the same page and head out. When you get to the substation, there is a truck there, but it’s not Harmond’s. You go into the control block and find Orin Mathews, another one of many disgruntled employees, planting dynamite about the substation. He sees you and pulls a gun. A big gun. He says that the company has to pay, You know about his wife dying of cancer and the rumors that the company insurance canceled their policy and now he’s deep in debt trying to afford her care. You try to talk to him, but he gets more agitated and shoots you. The bullet tears through your lower spine. You crawl out of the control block and suddenly your hands, arms start to crackle with electricity. Ohm is born and Grady is lost, for now. Confused, scared and not in control of your powers, some damage is done to the substations. Then the Golden City Guardians show up.

There will be a fight, If they don’t start one, you can raise a hand as if asking for help and one of your energy blasts goes off. That should do it. You’ll want to defend yourself as you try to figure out what’s happened

Some ways into the fight, Grady will regain control and remember Mathews i the control room with the dynamite. A good chance to get there and stop him. Maybe by convincing him, and not blasting him?

After the fight and stopping Mathews:
Ohm will be arrested for destruction of property. Convince him to go peacefully.
A video tape of his breakout and the fight will be released.
Western G&E want charges filed against both and try to tie them together, thanks to anonymous tips that say Grady is working with Mathews.

While Ohm is in jail, Fillegrew visits him:
He wanted him dead, didn’t work. This is close but not good enough. He needs to fiugre out how to do that.
He wil be looking after Mrs. Grady. HAs all along, explains hatred and rivalry. Leaves.

Charges dropped when Mathews says Grady not working with him.

Ohm's Introduction

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