February 1st, 1985
Evening News cast on KSVX

Brenda Darling here at Orion Labs. A press conference was held early this afternoon to give us information about yesterday’s events, and explain why the facility has been in lockdown until late this morning. According to Orion Lab officials, the California Highway Patrol delivered a large container of unknown origin to the Labs main facility yester morning. The super criminal Sunburst attacked the Labs and attempted to leave with the container. The Golden City Guardians happened to be at Orion Labs for additional interviews about the attack on the I-7 bridge and the robots involved. The Guardians stopped Sunburst from leaving with the container, which turned out to have the super criminal Nuke, and known associate of Sunburst, inside it. After he was freed, he attacked the Guardians as well.

The 2 criminals have caused extensive damage in the past. And while they did escape the Golden City Guardians, the damage they caused was minimal. Orion Labs went into lock down to allow a hazmat team to work on cleaning up the radioactive contamination caused by Nuke to the grounds of the facility. Nuke’s body releases damaging radioactivity into the immediate area around him, but seldom has this caused the area to remain contaminated for a lengthy period. The hazmat team was working as a precaution.

The Golden City Guardians were taken to Orion Labs’ medical building for treatment due to the exposure of Nuke’s radioactive field.

During the period while the Guardians were being decontaminated, 2 helicopters arrived, apparently from Forgan Air Force Base. The unnamed officer in charge delivered papers to Orion Labs ordering them to turn over the container. Officials at the Labs complied and the container that had held Nuke was airlifted away.

KSVX have contacted officials at Forgan, but have not received any information concerning the helicopters, the container, or if the military had Nuke in custody.

The Golden City Guardians were released from Orion Labs’ medical care late last night after being interviewed by the CHP.

An official from the California Highway Patrol also spoke at the press conference, but was unable to shed any light on the origin of the container. They did state that prior to bringing the container to Orion Labs, they had contacted military officials to check with them if the container belonged to the military. At that time, there were told it did not. Without an obvious owner, and unknown contents, the CHP felt it was best that the container be evaluated in a controlled environment and Orion Labs was the closest facility. They have used the labs to help identify other objects of unknown origin in the past.

No further information has been provided to the press at this time.

– Decontamination and treatment for radiation poisoning returned 8 active points of Body.
– Orion Labs gave Gravik a disk with the results of their tests covering his effect on the Eddington Generator.

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