News of the World, Jan 23rd – 25th, 1985

San Angelo Clarion, Jan 23rd, 1985, Jeff Carlson editorial –
President-elect Ronald Reagan was sworn into office for his second term on the 21st. It’s only taken 2 days for him to cause another stir with what his Chief of Staff is calling “The Presidents unique sense of humor”. An anonymous source attending the inaugural ball, but most likely a bartender, said they overheard President Reagan talking with Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger about China and Russia and the possibility that the Socialist Russians and Chinese Communists would “team-up” against the Western Capitalist countries. President Reagan jokingly called the Soviet Socialist party of Russia as “chicken-blank communists who don’t have the guts to go all in”. This comes on the heels of the Presidents now famous “open mike” gaff in December when he said “Let the bombing of China begin” before one of his radio addresses.
With increasing tension between China and Russia and the tensions within the Russian Block itself, now is not the time for our President to be running the risk of antagonizing a potential ally or adversary of the future. Particularly one with a nuclear arsenal.
KABL Evening News Jan 28th.

Good Evening San Angelo, This is Tom Longstreet and here’s your news for January 28th.
The US Supreme Court has ruled in the case of Journing vs State of Massachusettes Board of Education, otherwise known as the “Little Boy Blue” case.
We’ll go to Derrick Hover in Washington for a full report.

Thanks Tom, The Court has had this case for deliberation for some time now and a quick history may be needed for some of our viewers.
After an apparently normal pregnancy for James and Margaret Journing, their son Robert was born July 17th, 1975, with blue skin. At that time, no other paranormal abilities or features were seen on the child. Despite his unusual color, the Journings had no difficulty in getting Robert placed in a daycare. When it was finally time for Robert to be enrolled in kindergarten, the North Adams Community School Board in Massachusetts blocked his enrollment. The Board cited a report from the day care that Robert had sharpened fingernails and had destroyed property at the daycare during several tantrums. The Board said that Robert posed a danger to other students and would not be admitted. The board offered the Journings the option of home school as well as a voucher to enroll him in a private school. The Journing’s appealed the ruling and eventually sued the School board. The case has moved through the state and federal courts on appeals from both sides all the way to the Supreme Court last December. The Journing’s have argued that their son is not a danger and has been discriminated against due to his skin color.

Most legal analysts predicted that the court would rule in favor of the Journings. In a surprise ruling, the Justices on a 6-3 vote, sided with the State of Massachusetts. They stated the board had given the Journings options for Robert’s education and that the fact Robert did have fingernails that were perpetually sharp, he could pose a danger to the other students. The Justices opinion went on to say that the School Board needed to act in the best interest of all the children in the school district and that by allowing for vouchers and even a school supplied tutor, the school board was not basing it denial of enrollment based on the child’s color or status as a paranormal, but due to the potential risk the child’s abilities presented. The Justices did emphasize the need for the school district to have offered other options for education to allow them the denial of enrollment.

Tom, there are several other cases similar to this in other states and this would effectively end them in favor of those Boards of Educations. The ACLU and several other Civil Rights and burgeoning Paranormal Rights Groups have all put out statements about the dangerous precedent that the court has set and that they have in fact legalized discrimination of paranormals.

Thanks Derrick. KABL contacted the Superintendents of the school districts in the San Angelo area. All of the reported that there are no students at this time being blocked from enrolling due to paranormal abilities or the dangers they present. None would comment on the possibility of actions, stating that it would be a matter of the school board, educators and the parents.

Supers Weekly – January 25th
In International news, one of the most surprising election results occurred in the Cook Islands. That island chains’ race for Prime Minister was won by a write-in campaign for not only a candidate not on the ballot, he’s not even a citizen of the country. The super known as Caesar Imperious, and current president of Vanuatu, gained the majority of votes. It took 2 weeks of verification of the all the votes until it was certified that the write-ins were legal and intentional. The Cook Islands do not have any clause in their constitution or laws that prevents a non-resident from becoming their prime minister.

In a press release by Caesar Imperious, he states “I am honored by the people of the Cook Islands to trust in me, a relative stranger, with this most sacred task. I humbly accept the appointment of Prime Minister of the Cook Islands and look forward to working with the Parliment to bring this fine nation into economic and political independence. These brave people have seen fit that this is the time to fully end the influence left over from a colonial age that has no place in a modern world.”

The Cook Islands have long been dependent upon other nations, particularly Great Britain and New Guinea. Caesar Imperious of course took over the island nation of Vanuatu and was elected it’s president. Caesar Imperious, whose full powers are unknown but suspected to be tied to an extremely advanced set of personal armor, has improved that country’s economy and living conditions.


San Angelo Tmes, Jan 25th, Madeleine Sainte-Marie
“Good-bye Corona?”
Beaten, bloodied and held captive for weeks, Corona was rescued during a raid on a drug house in La Vista. After a few days in the hospital she was allowed to return to her life. But her life will never be the same. A missing persons report for local lawyer Callie Dalton; her reappearance at the same time as Corona’s return; the matching injuries; all led to the revelation that Callie Dalton is Corona. In talking with this reporter, Callie said she could no longer live the 2 different lives and do justice to both of them. With the injuries still healing, she’s not sure what her next move is. The law firm of Davis and Davis released her from her job after she contacted them. There may be repercussions of her crime-fighting from the American Bar Association. And she is still hesitant to put back on the signature outfit. The terror she endured is still fresh and who knows if it will ever subside to a point where she can act as Corona again.

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