News of the World May-July

May 17th,- SAPD Police Report:
Hemotopia, a company that handles physicals for numerous companies in San Angelo and elsewhere in California, as well as some municipalities, reported a break-in and vandalism at it’s San Angelo processing facility. The records room and medical samples were damaged, as was furniture and walls. the company is confident nothing was stolen, and no personal information was compromised.

May 23rd, 1985:
A horribly disfigured person was found along the river bank near the zoo. The extent of the persons injuries made it impossible to identify them, but the clothes they were wearing suggested on of San Angelo’s homeless met some terrible end.

July 3rd – The ‘Dingo’ Raines Show
…. “Blimey Scotty, what a cock-up last week, right? Hey, am I still allowed to say cock-up on the air?
Anyway, we’re back with one of the blokes at the center of last weeks, let’s say festivities – Professor Marko Worth. Thanks for coming on the show prof.”
“Thank you Dingo, it is a pleasure to have a chance to introduce myself to your listeners, and to the good folks of San Angelo. "
“Now Professor, you’re on the show basically because my bosses say so. What’s up?”
“Well Dingo, I have been given an opportunity to continue my good work right here in San Angelo. I have been granted a sabbatical from my normal duties as a college professor, to pursue this work. And KNDI has been kind enough to give me a 1 hour show in the mid-mornings to talk with San Angelos about this world, the things happening in it, the direction we’re headed and some of my ideas about that. It will be a wonderful opportunity. "

July 3rd –
Back to the Future opens with the highest gross for the 4th of July holiday weekend. The effects are fantastic, and the accuracy of 1955 is so spot on, some people wonder if a super was involved to actually send a camera crew back in time.

July 8th KABL news-

…And with the opening bell, Eddington Industries continues it’s free fall in the market as various reports of the type of event that occurred at its facility in Maine continue to come in, and sometimes contradict each other. Major concerns about the mental state of Raymond Eddington, the legality of the research and the location of the facility are causing investors to quickly move away from the storied tech giant. With it’s falling value, other companies have been seen as positioning themselves to take advantage of the situation. Chief among those is Eclipse Industries, which has been making odd moves in its finances that may indicate a hostile takeover attempt.

News of the World May-July

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