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Welcome to The Golden City Guardians campaign.

This is a superhero campaign using the Hero System 5th Edition. The campaign is based in San Angelo, California. The book, San Angelo, City of Hero’s by Gold Rush Games is the main campaign city and the building block of the campaign.

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Time Line
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Adventures and other happenings

Tales of San Angelo-1

Tales of San Angelo-2

Tales of San Angelo-3

Tales of San Angelo-4

News of the World January 23-25, 1985

Golden City guardians-1

News of the World February 1,1985

Golden City Guardians-2

Golden City Guardians-3 part 1

Sebastian’s Bad Month

Golden City Guardians-3 part 2

Golden City Guardians 4

Golden City Guardians 5

Golden City Guardians 6

Golden City Guardians 6 post-script

News of the World May-July

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