Known Supers


Corona – flying fire-based female super. She’s been active since late 1982 and is very much a hero, setting innocents before her own safety. She operates alone, but has assisted other heroes and the Police on many occasions. Her activity level would indicate she spends considerable amount of time as Corona. she has recently retired due to injuries and trauma suffered at the hands of the Wolf Pack gang.

Kami – Lightning-based male super. He’s been active since 1983. He seems to concentrate on the University commons area. His activity is very sporadic.

Paragon – highly skilled martial artist at peak of human ability. He started May 24th, 1984. He has a lot of skills, money, equipment, fan base and annoying habit of being perfect. He is very committed to his role as a hero.

Dynamo – flying lightning-based female super.

Coyote – Native American super with shape shifting powers. Former Southern Justice member and friend of Twister’s .

Twister (retired) – Wind based powers. Retired after being injured in a fight. He has opened a chain of restaraunts with a supers memorabilia based theme.

The Protector (retired) – The very first costumed super to appear in public. He had a very short but colorful career. He retired and went into hiding with his family after his easily discovered identity was used by criminals to hurt his family.

Alloy (deceased) – An immensely strong super with a metal body, Alloy was a crime-fighter and all around do-gooder in San Angelo. he had a very short career, but influenced or helped many people. His own augmentation killed him as he died of some sort of blood disorder related to his metalic body.

Criminals and Others

Chrome – biochemist who used the blood of a heroic super, Alloy, to give herself super powers. She turned into living metal and is super strong. She is as cold on the inside as she is on the outside. The only thing she cares about is proving her theories about supers’ biochemistry and will do whatever it takes to do that.

Silver Fist – typical brick with a metal body. Former drug addict that was injected with a solution made from Chrome’s blood that changed his body into a silver metal. His body has recently begun to discolor.

Nuke – radioactive brick. Works for Sunburst.

Sunburst – Solar energy projector. Extremely powerful and power mad. One of the closest things to a World dictator wanna-be.

Icicle – New criminal with ice powers. Very vain young lady with a big chip on her shoulders.

Sampson – Typical brick with long blond hair. He thinks highly of his looks.

Bulldozer – chauvinistic brick with no tactical sense. Hit it, then hit it again. Bald with his name tatooed down his arm.

Vibrator – Criminal with a power pack and projection wand that uses vibrations to cause damage and teleport. Power pack blew up during a fight and he disappeared. He has a whiny voice.

Azteca – Gang leader of the Vario Mission Boys. He is martial artist with enhanced speed and dexterity.

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Known Supers

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