Golden City Guardians Double Issue 7 and 8

The Team experiences a shared nightmare with a young boy being terrorized by Thing Under The Bed. They fight the toys in the boy’s room controlled by the Thing and then drive the Thing away by exposing it to light.

They then find the boy actually exists and work with Orion Labs and the Horizon Institute to investigate the possibility of the boy having some kind of mental powers, or maybe the Thing being real. No definitive answer by either organization, but the boy is now fine.

Pittsburgh Steel attends a memorial for the Rust Belt Brothers and discovers that their armor has been stolen, and it appears that the US Navy might have been involved!
Jeremy and some friends identify a few new armored supers who might be using the stolen tech.

Master Juyo and Gravik talk with the expert on H. P. Lovecraft and find out about an east coast town that his fans congregate to each year.

Experience: 1 point

Spending points:
You can improve a skill by +1
You can make an existing Familiarity an 11-
You can buy a familiarity with a new skill

Caps are still in force.

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Golden City Guardians Double Issue 7 and 8

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