Golden City Guardians 6 post-script

After the portal is closed, the Guardians spend time making sure the townspeople are safe, finding and freeing those taken over during the fight and working with authorities to get medical help and keep the area secure. They find Ohm severely injured and that he has reverted to human form. He is taken to a hospital.
They find Dr. Eddington has been taken over by a creature from beyond and has been under its control for about a year.
They find files with the alien language somehow typed into them on Eddington’s computer. And they also discover that the description of the creatures fit that of a fictional horror created by H.P Lovecraft.
The team takes the slow drive home and visits a lot of Pittsburgh Steel’s “stomping” grounds.

Experience for Golden City Guardians 5 through 6_post script
Extended Adventure 2
Good role-playing 2

Total points 4

Spending points:
You can improve a skill by +1
You can make an existing Familiarity an 11-
You can buy a familiarity with a new skill

Caps are still in force.

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Golden City Guardians 6 post-script

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