Golden City Guardians 5

The Golden City Guardians are asked by Mayor Henandez and Chief O’Shea to help with crowd-control for a march and rally being put on by Professor Marko Worth and his following. Worth is a hate-monger, literally. His message is entirely about the power of hate. The team walks beside the marchers of Worth’s followers who call themselves the Worthy, some KKK members and some neo-nazi skinheads, There are protesters along the route. The Deacon shows up to try and stop the march and is confronted by The White Knight, disguised as a KKK member. They fight, but Pittsburgh Steel is able to break it up and get the march going again. He also makes the White Knight look really bad.

At the rally, everyone except Master Juyo begins to get overly angry at things in their past, or long hidden prejudices and fears. The crowd of protestors around the rally also get really angry, as do the neo-nazis and KKK members. Someone in the crowd pulls a gun and tries to shoot Worth, but Master Juyo leaps in front of the bullet, and then disarms the shooter. A riot breaks out. Gravik does crowd control and keeps copss, protesters and the haters safe from each other, Paragon and Master Juyo stop specific rioters and Pittsburgh Steel once again makes the White Knight look reall bad, and takes him down. Prof Worth and the Deacon have a talk during all of this and seem to come to an agreement on something.

The team investigates Worth and contacts the Horizon Institute that says Worth may be a mind manipulator. Pittsburgh Steel and Master Juyo also give the institute some DNA for their studies and research.. Master Juyo also discloses his very unique background.

The team then heads to Colorado Springs and Eddington Industries so Gravik can be taken to a secret location to meet Dr. Eddington. The whole, minus Paragon, flies to Minnatonka, Maine where Eddington Industries have a working town and facility using wireless energy. However the wireless energy cause Pittsburgh Steel not ot have complete control of his armor, and Ohm got so sick, he puked electricity into he sky and tore a hole in it. Creatures from beyond began to launch themselves through the hole, into this world and at the team.

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Golden City Guardians 5

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