Golden City Guardians 4

Golden City Guardians #4

The team gets contacted by Valiant Press to OK a Golden City Guardians comic book. They can get good info on the company.

Paragon apologizes for his behavior.

Jeremy has info about Herman Killabrew, but can’t get to it legally. He goes to the team for advice/direction and help.

Blowtorch sets a series of fires trying to break his personal best. All of the city’s fire crews are out on call when the team sees a burring building in Old San Angelo.
5 story building, 4 floors of apartments.
There are a variety of victims in the building, plus a couple of drug dealers to keep things interesting for someone.

Blowtorch will attack cord outside or any super outside.

Experience for Golden City Guardians #4:
Basic Adventure 1
Good Role-playing 1 (saved civilians, good dialogue & quips, worked together)

Total 2

Spending points:
You can improve a skill by +1
You can make an existing Familiarity an 11-
You can buy a familiarity with a new skill

Special Bonus!!!!
1 point to go to Wealth

Caps are still in force.

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Golden City Guardians 4

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