Golden City Guardians

Golden City Guardians #2

February 2nd through May 13th, 1985

After the fight at Orion Labs and getting decontaminated, Gravik is admitted to Farady Medical Clinic to recover from the rest of the radiation poisoning and damage he took from Nuke.

Pittsburgh Steel does another check on Silver Fist. The metal man is still in custody while at Faraday, but will soon be transferred to Canefield State Penitentiary. Silver Fist is still depressed due to his condition, that seems to still be changing. The dark streaks that were moving across his silvery skin have completely covered him and his stone has taken on a more dark grey granite look and feel. In his own words “As Jerome, I was a loser junkie. As Silver Fist I was a loser drug pusher and muscle. Now what am I?”

Pittsburgh Steel tries to reassure him that he is a man of worth and has potential to do great things and that he can have a different life.

After Gravik is released from the hospital, he contacts the local Eddington Industries offices and arranges to meet with Dr. Sanjay Rajesh to discuss Orion Labs’ findings. Dr. Rajesh reviews the material, but decides Gravik needs to see higher ups at the home office in Colorado Springs. At those offices, built next to the remains of Telsa’s Wardenclyffe tower, Gravik meets and works with Dr. Boris Manninov to verify the materials. After more than 2 days, and Manninov noticing Gravik’s power decline after being denied access to a generator, Director of Regional Operations Janice Jagesky clears Gravik as a non-threat to the operations of the generators. She says that the owners of the generators in San Angelo will be notified of their findings.

While Gravik is in Colorado, Pittsburgh Steel (Hank Dawson) returns to Pittsburgh to catch up on company business for Dash Steel. He always wants to base with Jeremy. A representative from NASA, Harper Gavin, meets with Hank to discuss the possibilities of NASA purchasing and using Dash Steel in their work to give a new generation of satellites and refitting Skylab with the heat resistant steel. Hank agrees and Dash Steel continues to grow.
As Pittsburgh Steel, he meets with Jeremy to catch up on happenings there. Jeremy has come across a photo of a flyer from NYC. It apparently was put up by the insane man calling himself Foxbat and he want minions to join him in San Angelo where his next master plan to take over the world will start. Pittsburgh Steel agrees to look into and plans to turn the information over to the SAPD.

As time passes quickly, work on the GCG headquarters progresses and the team tries to become a cohesive unit. It doesn’t go well. Master Juyo decides that the path of the costumed adventurer is not form him. He decides to turn in the mask and robes and take up his hoodie again and go back to wandering the streets of San Angelo. He’s not sure if his path will take him away from the city.

The SAPD don’t have any indication that Foxbat is in the city. There has been a drop in super activity. Bulldozer and Sampson have made a couple of small robberies together, but nothing big and they’ve escaped before PART could get there. Icicle was released on bond, and has disappeared. They don’t think she’s in town anymore. Nothing has been seen of the ….Vibrator.

Both Gravik and Pittsburgh Steel notice unusual behavior by Paragon. He seems very tense and agitated. He is short-tempered and seems off physically – he’s missed some easy acrobatic moves while on patrol and dealing with the normal street criminals. Gravik approaches him but gets told “I’m fine. There’s nothing wrong” and Paragon ends the discussion by leaving.

Not long after, one evening at the headquarters, while Pittsburgh Steel awaits for a better chance to talk with Paragon, the lights of the headquarters go out. Both Gravik and Pittsburgh Steel are at the headquarters and go outside. All of West San Angelo is dark. A major power failure. To the north of the headquarters, near the river, the 2 heroes see a glow. Then lightning shoots up into the sky. Or perhaps Foxbat has started his master plan? Literally jumping into action, the pair head up. Pittsburgh Steel is fairly confident the glow comes from an area where a power substation sits along the river.

Unkown to the heroes:
One evening, just after dark, Grady McGregor gets a pager call to respond to a warning signal at Substation #4. He figures his repair partner Harmond Filligrew will get the same page and heads out. When he gets to the substation, there is a truck there, but it’s not Harmond’s. Grady goes into the control block and find Orin Mathews, another one of many disgruntled employees, planting dynamite about the substation. Orin pulls a gun on Grady. A big gun. Orin says that the company has to pay. Grady knows Orin’s wife is dying of cancer and there are rumors that the company insurance canceled their policy and now he’s deep in debt trying to afford her care. Grady tries to talk to him, but he gets more agitated and shoots Grady. The bullet tears through Grady’s lower spine. Crawling out of the control block, Grady’s hands and arms start to crackle with electricity. In a burst of electricity, Ohm is born and Grady is lost, for now. Confused, scared and not in control of his powers, some damage is done to the substation. Then the Golden City Guardians show up

The 2 heroes reach substation #4 of the Western Gas & Electric. They jump over the wall and see a large ball of energy rolling on the ground under some of the wires with electricity arcing off of it. As they get closer, the see that it is actually a man. Suddenly, Ohm sits up and shouts “Stay away!” and fires a powerful electrical blast at Pittsburgh Steel, striking the armored hero. Gravik attempts to trap the electrical being in a gravity field. Ohm’s body diffuses and floats out of the trap. Pittsburgh Steel fires a heat blasts that goes through Ohm. Ohm recombines and has electrical tendril shoot out and strike at both heroes. The fight continues and the large transformer gets damaged, as does several high power lines and the superstructure holding them up. Pittsburgh Steel gets close to Ohm while he is floating low off the ground. With a mighty downward strike, he drives Ohm into the ground where he lays stunned. Deciding it’s a good idea to get the electricity shooting being away from the substation quickly, Pittsburgh Steel picks up Ohm while Gravik makes his way across the control blockhouse to see if he can start shutting things down.

As he almost clears the area of the transformer, it explodes! It stuns Pittsburgh Steel, and does some damage to Gravik. The Ohm is returned to full health and fully conscious, and begins to get his memories back. But not quite. Pittsburgh Steel pops up and fires a heat blast at Ohm, who fires an electrical blast back at the same time. The blast don’t do much to either of them, except clear the rest of the cobwebs from Grady’s memory. He remembers that Orin is in the control center getting ready to blow it up. Ohm flies to the doorway, shaking off another blast from Pittsburgh Steel. Inside, he finds Orin with a deadman switch in one hand, and the gun in the other.

Grady begins talking with Orin. Gravik comes in and tries to help. Pittsburgh Steel rips the doorway open and adds his voice to talking Orin out of blowing up the substation. Orin finally gives up, but it may be too late. Looking at the consoles, Grady sees that the main plant has lost communication with the substation which means that it can’t be shut down remotely. Worse, there is a backfeed surge building that will send a power surge from the substation to the main plant, doing terrible damage there. Ohm can’t touch the control console but Gravik can. Pittsburgh Steel helps Gravik with the commands and processes for shutting down the substation. Ohm goes desolid and enters the large circuit breaker for the power lines leading back to the main plant. In there, he attempts to absorb the backfeed surge. Tense moments go by until finally the shutdown is complete. Ohm falls out of the machines, and returns to his human form.

The cops arrive. Pittsburgh Steel turns Orin over to them. Gravik finds Grady, bloodied and paralyzed. Suddenly, Grady’s body turns back into electricity and he returns to consciousness. His first question is if they stopped the power surge. After a discussion, Ohm turns himself over to the SAPD to be held for questioning. The police find out that Gaine’s collars don’t work on Ohm.

It takes some time to sort things out. Grady’s wife visits him in jail and is heartbroken over the transformation of her husband. She can’t accept the change, and leaves him. The Western G&E company press charges against both Grady and Orin. With video tape of Ohm’s breakout, they file injunctions to freeze Grady’s assets.
Working through Callie Dalton (Corona) to talk with the power companies lawyers, the power company decides it would be better to drop the criminal charges against Grady. They insist on still having Orin charged and still want to pursue civil claims against them. .
While Grady is still in jail, his buddy and work partner Harmond Filligrew visits him. In a weird scene, Harmond admits that he planned on Grady being killed in Orin’s explosion, so that Harmond could get Grady’s wife. In his rants, Harmond says he’s tried since high school to get Grady’s wife to fall for him. He’s even taken out other men to keep her. Then Grady comes along and marries her. He’s been planning on killing Grady for some time and has now failed twice. And now has to come up with a way to kill Ohm. Harmond says that no trace of himself will ever be found. Not being able to take any more, Ohm readies an energy blast. Harmond anticipates it and does nothing? When Ohm blasts him, the electricity doesn’t affect Harmond. Ohm tries again to no effect. Harmond unleashes an ego blast and stuns Ohm. He then leaves. Ohm uses his powers to contact Pittsburgh Steel to go check on Grady’s wife and tells him about Harmond.
When Pittsburgh Steel gets to Madelynn (Grady’s wife), she doesn’t know any Harmond from her past, only the one her husband works with. Pittsburgh Steel tells her she may be in danger. She decides to take the kids to her mother’s in Albuquerque.

The team finds that there is no one at the power company that remembers a “Harmond Filligrew”, and there are no records of him working there. Pittsburgh Steel tries to search the company computer records with their permission. He find irregularities, but no Harmond. He asks Jeremy to try. Jeremy discovers that there are personnel, payroll and other records missing and tampered with by an expert. Before he can discover anything else, his own system is attacked and crashed by a virus.

With the charges dropped, Ohm is released. But has no home to return to. The GCG take him in seeing him as a potential hero.

Gravik is called to work on the rebuilding of the I7 bridge. Given his powers, he’d be good for that. While getting up to the highest tower, he finds one of the native American steel workers. The old man talks cryptically for a while with Gravik, to no avail. Gravik just doesn’t get what the old man is really saying. Frustrated, the old Indian says trouble is coming to San Angelo in the fall. With that he jumps from the bridge and turns into a bird and flies away.

Base adventure = 1 point
good & inventive roleplaying = 1 point

Total 2 points
Spending points:

You can improve a skill by +1
You can make an existing Familiarity an 11-
You can buy a familiarity with a new skill

Caps are still in force.

News of the World #2

News of the World update for February 1st, 1985

Posted notes of important or not so important happenings.

Golden City Guardians #1A
Orion Labs


Pittsburgh Steel and Gravik make contact with people at Orion Labs who are more than happy to help them. The robotics team have a bugbot head and are excited about the bugbot body that Pittsburgh Steel has. The physics team will help Gravik identify his effect on the Eddington Generators. Master Juyo decides to come along as well. Paragon has some work to do about the new base. The trio make it to the Arroyo Verde without incident and are directed to the appropriate labs by a pretty lax security guard.
At the Robotics Barn, Dr. Franklin Colt himself is waiting for Pittsburgh Steel and the get to work on figuring the robot out. They find that the power cell may very well be a plasma cell. Such a thing is still experimental to most labs. Gravik goes to the Physics lab where they find out that when he charges himself from the generator, he actually causes the generator to spike in power. This would be an impossible occurrence in nature and probably what the Eddington investigation team is trying to figure out.
Master Juyo is going to get a tour of the main lab complex. On the way there. he sees a state police car, a flatbed truck with something big under a tarp and several techs at a nearby building. He tries to investigate on his own, but his security guard escort stops him. So he can drive Master Juyo to the building. There they find a large black box with a rounded lid under the tarp. Juyo investigates it but can’t seem to see what it’s about. He’s not able to open the box and can hear a humming sound coming from inside. Just then, a booming voice from above yells out for the group to turn over the box. It is Sunburst, one of the more powerful supers in the world, a megalomaniac and criminal know for wanton destruction. He wants the box back since it apparently contains his friend Nuke, who is another powerful super.
Master Juyo stands on top of the box while the security guard and techs take cover, and sound the alarm. Sunburst fires a super-heated blast at Master Juyo, but misses and hits the flatbed. He blasts again knocking Juyo off the box. He hefts the box, but it’s weight prevents him from skyrocketing away. Reacting to the alarm, Hank runs full out to get to his armor. Gravik runs full out to get out of the physics lab. Juyo takes a risk and tries to knock the box from Sunburst’s precarious hold, but misses. Gravik arrives on the scene while Hank gets in the armor and heads out.
Gravik is able to knock the box from Sunburst’s hands. It falls hard and cracks open. A large green skinned man rolls out at Juyo’s feet. Master Juyo checks on the new arrival to find him unconcious, and apparently radioactive. He’s killing the grass around him and Master Juyo is feeling a little sick. Sunburst attacks everyone and Nuke regains conciousness. Pittsburgh Steel arrives to lend a hand. A lot of fighting occurs. Pittsburgh Steel is able to throw Sunburst off of his game plan by taunting him and keeping him in a smoke cloud, occasionally hitting the powerful super. Master Juyo and Gravik battle Nuke, both taking horrible damage from the radiation flooding the air around Nuke. Nuke himself tries to pummel his foes. Both sides find it difficult to hit one another. Sunburst and Nuke resort to explosion attacks to get the heroes to drop.
Pittsburgh Steel is nearly able to knock Sunburst out, but the smoke cloud prevents the rest of the Guardian’s from helping out Plus, they’re kind of busy trying to keep Nuke away from Sunburst to prevent both criminals from getting away. Master Juyo shows a tremendous amount of resilience as he is dropped several times, but gets back up again to join the fight. Gravik absorbs radiation levels that would kill a lesser man in his attempts to KO the green-skinned Nuke.
Finally, Sunburst lands several successful and powerful blasts on the Golden City Guardians and is able to get to Nuke. He grabs his compatriot and flies off. Despite the apparrent loss of the battle, the Golden City Guardians were able to stop Sunburst from doing any damage to the Orion Labs facilities and kept the employees safe from harm. On top of that, they went toe to toe with 2 of the most powerful and ruthless supers in the nation. Not only did they hold their own, they nearly defeated Sunburst.

Experience points for Golden City Guardians #1

Base adventure = 1 point
Fought superior foes = 1 point
good & inventive roleplaying = 1 point
Adventure was difficult =1 point (handling a back-to-back fights where they did not have a clear cut victory, but kept going anyway)

Total 4 points

Spending points:

You can improve a skill by +1
You can make an existing Familiarity an 11-
You can buy a familiarity with a new skill

Caps are still in force.

Golden City Guardians #1
Headquarters Hunting

After meeting with Chief O’Shea, Gravik, Sebastian, Pittsburgh Steel and Paragon agree to become a super team called The Golden City Guardians. One of the first orders of business is to find a headquarters. Paragon begins to gather each team members’ requirements and starts pouring over the real estate sections. After a few days he turns up some possible locations. On a Sunny afternoon of January 30th, the team heads out to check out the locations. They decide to go out of costume to be less conspicuous.

Headquarters Hunting in San Angelo:
The 1st location is in the North Mission neighborhood, just off of the Golden City Expressway bridge. An abandoned towing company location, the place turns out to be best used a blank slate and have everything built new. There are concerns about the safety of the headquarters and privacy. The area is home to the Vario Mission Boys, one of the gangs that Sebastian has tangled with in the past.

The 2nd location is a closed fraternal lodge in Piper Glen near the river. On the way there, along one of the business streets of Piper Glen, the team runs into some trouble. A security guard comes flying through the glass doors of a jewelry store, landing in the middle of th street. The team is caught unprepared to meet trouble. No one is is costume, and that means no armor for Pittsburgh Steel. A large, muscular and bald man steps out of the jewelry store with a bag in his hand. he ha Bulldozer tattooed on his arm. And yes, that is his name. Even though they are no in costume, the team starts to act. Master Juyo attempts to get out of the moving El Dorado and close with Bulldozer. He misjudges the speed of the car and takes a tumble. Gravik leaps form the backseat as well to a position on top of a city bus. Paragon slows the car to a stop.
Gravik traps Bulldozer with a gravity well, but the bruiser is able to break out. Master Juyo attempts to stop Bulldozer as well, but fails. Paragon gets out of the car to check on the injured security guard. Suddenly another super shows up by smashing into the front of the bus Gravik is standing on. The bus is moved a good 30 feet backwards. Gravik is able top maintain his perch on top of the bus. Sampson is here to get the diamonds and taunts Bulldozer. The battle breaks into a 3-way fight with Master Juyo keeping Bulldozer down with legsweeps, Sampson trying to get the diamonds from Bulldozer, Gravik attempting to stop both the bricks and finally sealing off the diamonds from both of them. Then another super criminal arrives. Icicle shows up to take the diamonds for herself. She’s able to grab the diamonds. Bulldozer still can’t get up and Sampson keeps kicking him in the head. Then yet another super show up. Pittsburgh Steel hears a humming sound and then a shimmering energy field as a man steps through a portal. He announces himself as the ……. Vibrator.
Bulldozer actually decides to leave since he feels there is no chance of getting the stolen goods now. Icicle tries to flee with the jewels, but Master Juyo is able to stop her. Pittsburgh Steel, even without his armor, tries to help. He wrestles Vibrator’s power wand away from him. He tries to break the connection between the wand and the power backpack. Gravik is able to trap Vibrator in a gravity well, bt he is able to teleport out. But he damages his vibration devices. Some more fighting and Sampson finally gives up and leaves. Vibrator’s backpack and vibration wand malfunction and he is teleported somewhere. The team leaves the unconcious Icicle for the cops and make a hasty exit.

The 3rd location in West Angelo turns out to be the abandoned warehouse that Pittsburgh Steel used as a base when he first came to San Angelo. It is decided that this is a great spot for a base.

The team returns to Piper Glen to check out the fraternal lodge and decide it would not fit their needs.

News Of The World #1

News Of The World update Jan 23-25, 1985

Posted notes of important or not so important happenings.

Tales Of San Angelo #4
Radley Manor

After the events of Last Issue, the heroes have a little down time to pursue some items of their own.
Pittsburgh Steel begins research on the headless bugbot delivered to the impound lot (See “The Bugbot Revealed” section below for more info). He also hears from Chi-Town’s lawyer. Chi-Town’s family won’t give up any of his stuff. Someone tried to buy things from them. V-8’s family did sell all of his stuff. He can’t locate Freight Train’s family. The buyer was a company called Propulsion Systems Limited. The lawyer cannot find any info on it.

Gravik continues to re-charge himself on Eddington Generators and trying to see how fast the investigators arrive (See below for more info).

Sebastian maintains his normal activity of following his instincts to find those in trouble.

January 17th
The new San Angelo Police Department Paraormal Liason Officer, Lt. Chet Dawes, contacts Pittsburgh Steel. Dawes tells him that the joint Gang Task Force is going to have a couple of officers check out the San Angelo address that Steel gave them. The 2 officers will be checking out the address on the 18th. Dawes wants to know if Pittsburgh Steel is still interested in going with the officers. Steel tells him yes and asks if Gravik and Sebastian can join them. Dawes says he has no problem with that.
Pittsburgh Steel also learns that Dawes had no idea that a headless bugbot had been delivered to him. Dawes thought only some scraps had been sent.

January 18th:
Late morning, the team meets up with the 2 officers from the Gang Task Force. They have a small moving van available to transport Pittsburgh Steel. The 2 vehicles head out to Radley Manor, an abandoned residence in Starmont Estates out in the suburbs of La Vista. The cops are going to investigate the grounds. Sebastian joins them. While they check out the grounds and outside of the manor, a group of kids discover Sebastian and Pittsburgh Steel in the van. The kids are very excited and mob Pittsburgh Steel. He is able to get most of the kids to leave in case there is danger. The older kids tell him about a “thing” and a “ghost” that is in the old manor. Pittsburgh Steel enters the grounds just as the cops and Sebastian are done looking around the house. As that group starts down the driveway, Pittsburgh Steel forcibly opens the grarage door leading to a basement. Inside he sees several motorcycles.

Suddenly there is an explosion of gunfire. A machinegun from the 2nd story opens up, shooting both cops. A biker leans out a 1st floor window and shoots Pittsburgh Steel with a shotgun. The team leaps into action. Gravik uses his power to lift one cop to safety outside the grounds. Pittsburgh Steel blocks the other cop from further attacks and carries him to safety. He then tells the other kids to run.

Sebastian leaps through the 1st floor window tackling the biker with the shotgun.
Gravik leaps to the manor and begins making his way to the machine gunner on the 2nd floor. Pittsburgh Steel converges on the open garage.

Gravik attacks the machine gun punk with “Weight of the world”, exhausting the punk to the point he can’t move. Sebastian breaks the shotgun and moves further into the manor, combating another biker in the foyer. Pittsburgh Steel sees 2 bikers getting on their bikes in the garage. He launches a smoke clunker into the garage and blinds them.

One biker tries to escape the smoke-filled garage and runs into the wall. Pittsburgh Steel lays in front of the doorway, blocking the other bikers’ escape. The thug on the Kawasaki revs the motorcycle and shoots through the garage opening. He runs right into Pittsburgh Steel, destroying the bike and launching himself down the driveway.

Gravik takes on a total of 4 bikers on the 2nd floor, tossing one out the upper window and forcing 2 others into submission with increased gravity. Sebastian takes on another biker in the dining room. He disarms him and then gets him to surrender.

While checking on the biker in the driveway, Pittsburgh Steel is hit from behind by a mighty move-through by Silver Fist. Fist is looking bad, with beads of metal sweat running down his face leaving trails of black beneath. Pittsburgh Steel flash fires Silver Fist, blinding the metal man.

Sebastian checks out a hole in the floor, made by Silver Fist coming out of the basement. He drops into the hole, landing in the midst of the drug lab below. And just in time to take down another biker who gave up trying to escape through the garage.

Silver Fist tries to run away from the fight. Pittsburgh Steel grabs him and talks him into surrendering to get help for his condition.

Keith Chaney, leader of the Wolf Pack and master-mind designer of the Black Wolf drug pops out of the shadows in basement and points his gun at some of the equipment on the table. He tells Sebastian to let him go, or he’ll shoot and blow everything up. Sebastian calls his bluff and charges him. Chaney fires once before Sebastian slams into him. Chaney is defeated.

Gravik’s last foe on the 2nd floor surrenders.

After the fight, the team finds the missing super Corona. She is held captive by the gang by a Gaine’s collar and has been used as a source of super blood to be used in the Black Wolf drug.

Pittsburgh Steel accompanies Silver Fist to Faraday hospital. Sebastian and Gravic make quiet exits from the scene after giving statements to the cops.

That night, Gravik returns to the Eddington Generator in the Irish Bar. He scans the rooftop but doesn’t see anything suspicious. As he recharges, little doors open up that were hidden on the backside of the parapet and show banks of lights. They come on illuminating Gravik. Several cameras flash and take pictures of him.

Gravik decides to relax with a few drinks at the Russian bar. His friend Alexei gives him a set of keys and an envelope telling Gravik that he needs to do some work to stop the head of the Organistzaya from being upset with him for giving the Arroyo Verde address to the cops. They don’t know that it went through Pittsburgh Steel first.

He finds the car and goes and picks up an oriental, possibly Mongolian, man at a town near the border. He takes him to Arroyo Verde where more mobsters put 3 more guys in the car and send Gravik to a new location. One of the guys looks really sick. The drop off in the California desert is a ranch house. Pietri Stanovich (head of the Organistzaya in San Angelo) pays Gravik for his work and thanks him. Gravik keeps the GPS device with address of the ranch and ditches the car in San Angelo. He is out of town most of the next day, Jan 19th.

January 19th, Pittsburgh Steel returns to Starmont Estates and meets with the kids there. One 6 year old, called Dexter, shows himself to be very smart and interested in the armor. Pittsburgh Steel gives the kids souvenirs of a rebar rod bent into a PS. He then returns to the Faraday clinic to stay with Silver Fist, who is going through withdrawals and perhaps further mutations.

For the next week, Gravik checks out the rooftops more closely and finds 4 more generators rigged with lights and cameras. He can find the setup easily now that he knows what to look for, and that it’s daylight.

Pittsburgh Steel does a little more work with the bugbot and visits Silver Fist.

Sebastian checks in on Hector and finds the teen doing well in rehab. One night on patrol, Sebastian is on the Parkway north of Piper Glen, near the bridge over the Del Oro river. He hears screaming coming from under the bridge, just over a hill. 2 figures come running over the hill. Before Sebastian can give chase to either of them, an ice covered creature comes over the hill, floating on a chunk of ice. Sebastian tries to speak with the creature, but it merely attacks. The 2 fight, during which, the creature begins to melt and lose power. The battle is over quickly with the creature defeated. Sebastian finds the scene of what appears to be a “summoning” circle. There is a terrified woman there, perhaps insane now and a dead body of a man. He’s been killed by huge gashes in his chest. The gashes are ice encrusted.
Sebastian calls the cops for help. The 2 people are identified. Sebastian leaves.

January 26th
The trio are invited to meet with the chief. They are led to a hastily built conference room and teleconferenced in with the chief and people from Orion Industries. Hey give a lot of info about the drug house and what was found there. The upshot is that the chief drug dealer, Channey, may have sold his method of creating the Black Wolf drug to others. The chief also brings up the idea of Sebastian, Gravik, Pitsburgh Steel forming a super-group to be consultants for the SAPD when they need help. The group is agreeable. Also there is Twister. He strongly suggests from his experience that having identifiable costumes is helpful when doing that kind of work. Paragon sas he’ll come up with an outfit. A perfect outfit. (See “Meeting with the Chief” section for more info).

The team decides to form a group. Paragon will try to find a location central in the city for their Headquarters. They decide on a name – The Golden City Guardians.

Tales Of San Angelo #3
The Rave

Thursday – Saturday, January 7-9th, 1985.
Pittsburgh Steel settles the rig into its new home in the old police impound yard. He is given a small vial with a piece of metal from a bugbot by someone from Chief O’Shea’s office. At the impound yard, he discovers a nearly intact bugbot under a tarp. The head is badly damaged, but the rest of the body is in good shape.

He also contacts the family lawyer for Chi-Town to see if the family would be willing to give him any specs or samples of Chi-Town’s armor to see if the bugbot has any similarities. The lawyer agrees to ask. As far as he knows, the bodies of the 3 other Rust Belt Brothers are still in Lake Michigan, their approximate location marked by a bouy grave marker.

Homicide detectives visit Gravik in his secret identity. They are investigating the death of the woman he knew as Tawny from New Year’s Eve. She was found in the river and was mixed up with the armored car heist.

Saturday, January 9th, 1985 – nighttime

Sebastian is patrolling the Riverfront when he hears screams for help, mixed with sobbing crying. He quickly locates a young woman dressed in party clothes coming toward. She sometimes fades out and sinks into the sidewalk. She manages to pull herself out and breaks down crying. She’s able to tell Sebastian that she was at a rave and this started happening. There’s trouble at the rave but the bouncers won’t let anyone leave.

Sebastian is able to locate the warehouse where the rave is at. He calls Gravic and Pittsburg Steel to let them know he needs help. Sebastian knocks out the 2 bouncers and gets in the rave. There he encounters a few other party goers showing super powers, as well as several drug dealers. There’s also a silver-metal man dancing on the bar.

He makes his way to the DJ on stage thinking the music is causing the powers to appear, and for the people to be attacking him. On his way there, he stops a few people with powers and drug dealers. Once at the DJ’s table, Sebastian stops the music, but people are still affected. A drug dealer behind the stage pulls out a Mac 10 and opens up on Sebastian, injuring him badly but also killing the DJ and a dancer on the stage.
Sebastian recovers and takes down the gunman and another supered partier.

Pittsburgh Steel and Gravic arrive. Pittsburgh Steel opens up the vehicle doorway and starts to direct people out of harms way. He also stops a drug dealer and a supered up partier.

Gravic makes his way along the catwalk trying to spot Sebastian. He gives up that idea and drops down to open up a hole in the wall so people can get out. He stops a drug dealer and people that attack him. He also takes down a supered partier that had blocked a doorway with some kind of sticky goop. He ends up tangling with Silver Fist, the metal man Sebastian saw. Silver Fist tries several times to tackle or bowl over Gravik, but keeps missing.

Pittsburgh Steel ends up knocking out Silver Fist after SF continues to fight.

In the aftermath, it’s found that the supered up partiers all took the same drug in a baggie with a black wolf’s head on it. The gunman was giving those out. Sebastian tracks down a kid at the rave that was from the neighborhood he recently helped in the North Mission. He finds Hector and extracts a promise from the kid that he’ll get help. On Sebastian’s way away from the neighbor, he is ambushed by 3 gang-bangers in a car. 2 of them shoot at him while the 3rd stays behind the wheel. Sebastian takes out one of the thugs and goes after the one in the car while the other escapes. He captures the driver. They were part of the old gang he broke up, the 5-4s. They now bear the tatoo of the Vario Mission Boys, an up and coming gang.

Gravik talk to the boys in the bar. They get back to him with 2 addresses; one for the Wolf Pack gang, and the other to stay away from. He gives the addresses to Pittsburgh Steel who turns them over to the cops. Pittsburgh also offers his services to the cops for when they go after the gang. The police are still straightening out who’s in charge – drug task force, gang task force, organized crimes, PART, ad nauseum.

The heroes get word that Silver Fist was able to escape after his Gaine’s collar failed and he got his movement back.

Pittsburgh Steel does a little investigation about the failed Collar and a Dr. at the Faraday Clinic says that it’s possible that Silver Fist’s metal body may have been the problem. The person that would know best is Dr. Victoria Chase. Unfortunately, Dr. Chase is now known as Chrome, after she took blood from the deceased hero Alloy and injected herself with it trying to prove her theory that everyone has the capacity for powers carried within their blood. They just need another catalyst. Chrome has not been seen in the area for a while and was last seen in Florida.

Tales Of San Angelo #2 - part 2
Rush Hour part 2

Dr. Aldus Morgan’s tripod walker explodes out of a panel van. Its elongating legs take the mad genius up 30 feet in a command capsule. Around the capsule turn 5 metal pods that contain unknown weaponry. A clear dome allows Morgan a good view of the bridge, and his opponent. Yes, Morgan only sees Pittsburgh Steel as Gravik is still on top of the South tower and Sebastian is further north on the bridge, his prescence hidden by buses and cars.
Morgan opens fire with a heavy machine gun pod and the battle is joined once again. In a flurry of activity, Pittsburgh Steel closes with the walker and attempts to damage the canopy by leaping and striking it. He is able to chip away some pieces of it. Gravik notes that Morgan does not seem to be using any of the controls in the walker. He tries to collapse the canopy under its own gravity, but cannot quite get enough of a hold on the machine. Sebastian closes as well and strikes at the legs of the tripod. All the while, Morgan alternates weapons as he tries to hit the heroes. With little damage inflicted by either side, Morgan fires upon the diesel trailer and blows it up. The massive explosion destroys 2 bugbots, several cars little else. Pittsburgh Steel is able to determine that the walker is controlled by an AI and identifies the probable locations of the machines ‘eyes’.
During the melee, Sgt Trahn informs Pittsburgh Steel that Paragon has finished evacuating the north end of the bridge, and he can see people in a tour bus to the south. Gravik leaps to get the people out of the bus. , Sebastian takes off to the South to help the stranded motorists as well. Pittsburgh Steel grabs one of the walker’s legs, lifts the metal monster off the ground and throws it into the river below. With the immediate threat dealt with, Pittsburgh Steel heads south to help with the motorists.
It turns out the tour bus belongs to the rock band U2. The heroes are able to free up a car for the band members and their driver to escape in just as Morgan returns to the area. Two other civilians helped by Sebastian also get into the car and make their escape.
Morgan opens fire again. This time he’s able to do some damage as the concussion grenades knock Sebastian around some. He has terrible luck against everyone else. The heroes charge in. Pittsburgh Steel launches a clinker to obscure the area. He and Gravik begin to pummel the walker. The most damage done by anyone is Pittsburgh Steel grabbing the walker’s leg and throwing it to the ground. While it does some damage to the walker itself, more pain and injury is inflicted on Dr. Morgan. He’s not strapped in the command chair and gets thrown about the capsule.
Knocked unconscious after being thrown to the ground, the tripod’s AI (Ethel?), decides it’s time to go and beings the prep the escape pod. A clear bubble is wrapped around the command chair with the unconscious body of Dr. Morgan safely inside it, and loud clicking sounds can be heard as the canopy is unlocked from the rest of the walker. As the rocket for the escape pod begins to warm up, Gravik creates a gravity attraction between the canopy and the walker, sealing the canopy again. The AI tries to control the flight of the escape pod to push the canopy off, but it does not have enough power to break the gravitational hold.
While the standoff begins, Gravik and Sebastian notice that the bugbots are not moving. Well, actually they are standing still while they vibrate a little. And a glow is starting to shine from the inside of them. They decide they are getting ready to self-destruct.
A hasty discussion ensues about the situation. Pittsburgh Steel picks up the tripod. The gravitational weld will hold without Gravik’s control. He jumps into the river and sinks to the bottom while holding onto the tripod. Gravik and Sebastian escape the bridge to the south. After just a couple of minutes, the bugbots on the bridge explode with tremendous force. 80 of them explode and destroy most of the vehicles near them. Chucks for the bridges platform are torn up and a few more suspension cables are broken. But the bridge holds.
PART (Paranormal Activity Response Team) arrives in their helicopter just after the bridge explodes. Lt. Jerry House is very unhappy with the activity of the heroes and the damage done to the bridge. He all but scolds them for butting into police matters. As he does this, Pittsburgh Steel arrives with the tripod walker. House uses an EMP gun to disable the electronics and shuts down the machine, and Ethel. Morgan is removed from the escape pod and taken by helicopter to the hospital. The heroes accompany House back to SAPD headquarters for statements. While there, House is excused from the room by Chief of Police Jack O’Shea. He sincerely thanks the group for their efforts and is glad they were there. He works to smooth over any issues created by House’s attitude.
O’Shea suggests to Sebastian that he may want to adopt a super-suit that covers his face and some kind of codename. Not just for his own safety, but for those that know him. Sebastian seems unworried and unresponsive to the idea with the reply of “A hoodie will do”. He also updates the group on Paragon, who with some firefighters was attempting to get some of the bugbots off the bridge and was injured when they self-destructed. They were taken to the hospital, but Paragon was transferred to his private residence for treatment. O’Shea cannot (or will not) offer the group sanctioned status. Not really news since there aren’t any police sanctioned supers in San Angelo.
O’Shea also updates them on developments of from the armored car hi-jacking. There was a paranormal involved. An individual of great strength that tore the armored car’s door off its hinges to allow the rest of the robbers access to the vehicle. The super disappeared into the sewers. Also, they identified the person who was the inside person at the bank that had the info on when the money exchange was going to happen. Unfortunately, Karen Lithcum won’t be much help as she was fished out of the San Angelo River. He shows the team 2 photos. One postmotrum and the other a glossy glamour shot. Gravik recognizes the woman as ‘Tawny’.
O’Shea asks Pittsburgh Steel to stay in San Angelo a while if he could. There is an upswing in paranormal activity and except for Paragon, the too few other crime-fighting supers have not been seen for a while. Pittsburgh Steel agrees as long as he can leave for home should they need him back east. O’shea agrees.

Tales Of San Angelo #2
Rush Hour

Sitting in Pittsburgh Steel’s semi waiting for whatever is to come next. The semi is parked near the I-7.

The traffic report comes in. There’s a traffic jam on the I-7 bridge. Large silver spiders are crawling out of the San Angelo River and attacking cars on the highway!

The team jumps into action. Sebastian runs incredibly fast. Gravik manipulates the gravity around him to allow huge leaps. Pittsburgh Steel’s powered armor makes prodigious leaps as well. Paragon is carried on Pittsburgh Steel’s back. They quickly reach the suspension bridge. A traffic jam heading out of the City completely blocks the south bound lanes. The North bound lanes from South San Angelo are emptier, but have several accidents in them. There are numerous people getting out of their cars from the south bound lane and using the other side of the highway to escape the chaos up ahead.
As the group nears the 2nd tower of the bridge, they see huge spider like robots tearing vehicles apart, ripping off pieces of the bridge and cutting the cables. There are lots of smaller robots running around; small bi-pedal ones that carry items torn off of cars to other groups of the big robots. The little ones have speakers built into them and the rantings of a madman can be heard.

The battle is joined. Gravik, Pittsburgh Steel & Sebastian all move faster than Paragon and take the fight to the bugbots first. Sebastian finds he needs to hit particular spots and do all out strikes to damage the bugbots. Gravik finds out that the weight of the ‘bots is too much for him to throw them. Pittsburgh Steel finds he can lift and throw them a little, but he figures out that the little helper bots work great as missiles to throw at the larger bugbots.
A mini-van is nearly falling off the bridge. Inside a young boy looks out the back window as his mother screams helplessly in the drivers’ seat. Pittsburgh Steel lifts the mini-van away from the edge of the bridge while Sebastian battles the bugbot that was attacking the can.
A group of Bugbots bring to life another bugbot built entirely from vehicle and bridge parts! They can make more of themselves!
Gravik leaps to the top of the South tower and begins to entangle the bugbots up there that are cutting at the support bands for the suspension cables.
Paragon helps the mother and child escape the van after they don’t respond too well to the robotic looking Pittsburgh Steel.
Pittsburgh Steel and Sebastian continue to attack the bugbots. Gravik uses his gravity powers to lift the cops to safety on top of the South Tower.
Paragon takes the mother and child to safety towards the north end of the bridge.
Pittsburgh Steel tries to stop a bugbot cutting away at a diesel gas tanker.

SUDDENLY!!! A van near the partially destroyed cop car is torn apart from the inside, as a huge sphere rises on three cylindrical legs which lengthen to take the command sphere up 30 feet. A booming voice announces that Dr. Aldus Morgan will not be defeated!

Tales Of San Angelo #1
A Bad Day For A Bank Heist

Pittsburgh Steel: is drawn out of retirement by a challenge issued in the personals section of a newspaper by a mysterious individual identified as ‘AM’. He is further prodded on by an instant message chat. He travels to San Angelo to stop whatever attack is planned for January 6th.
He makes contact with a local hero, Paragon. Paragon has a public ID and has been operating for only 6 months but is fairly well respected in the city. Paragon agrees to help stop the attack and to try to get additional help.
Pittsburgh Steel also makes contact with Magnetica, a former team mate of the Two-Gun Kid. She is very ill after a clash with a super criminal named Blight. She can’t help.
He follows up his investigation into the ‘AM’ signature on the threats by talking with a detective in the SAPD about Dr. Anton Megalo. Megalo is wanted for doing unauthorized surgeries and mutilations of patients at the San Angelo University Hospital. The detective has several cases of other mutilations and atrocities committed against the homeless people in San Angelo that he attributes to Megalo’s experiments. His theory is that Megalo is experimenting with cybernetics. There seems to be no correlation between Megalo and an ‘AM’ who would call out Pittsburgh Steel.
On Saturday the 2nd, Pittsburgh Steel makes his presence known to the city by helping to stop an armored car heist.

Sebastian: Finishes up helping a neighborhood in the North Mission area by taking down a gang called the 5-5 Gang. On New Years Eve he helps people in the Armory and Strip avoid trouble. On New Years Day eve, he finds the homeless woman Louise in the St. Anne’s shelter. He agrees to keep her company, to take her to St. Kiernan’s the next morning and to find her missing husband, Frank. Louise tells him about the ‘Death Van’, whose driver kidnaps people and mutilates them. On the morning of January 2nd, Sebastian walks Louise to St. Kiernan’s. At the doors of St. Kiernan’s, a hi-jacked armored car and posse vehicles come down the street.

Gravik: Spends a quiet New Year’s Eve with a couple of old friends in a local Little Kiev bar known mostly to just the Russian mob. The bar is crashed by a group of young girls who went to the place on a dare from a local girl. One of the bar hoppers, Tawny, hits on Viktor and gives him her number.
The next day Viktor calls Tawny and agrees to meet at a small bar in University Commons. While listening to Tawny prattle on about nothing in typical Valley speak, the drinks hit Viktor hard and he needs to go home. Tawny gives him a ride. He blacks out before he gets home.
On the morning of the 2nd, Mrs. Libacheck asks Viktor to help her son Vanjik. He finds Vanjik at the Mission San Angeles. The heist is under way.

The Armored Car Heist – January 2nd, 1985
Golden City Credit Union is trading in its old $20’s for new. In the pre-dawn hours, several armored cars tour their branches to swap the money. Loaded with essentially untraceable money, they are a tempting target for those who know what’s going on. Just past dawn, they pull up to the entrance of the GCCU at 10th Avenue & G Street. As the guards get out of the back, they are assaulted by passer-bys, knocking them out with tasers. One passer-by moves to the driver’s door and rips it off. Next comes the guard flying across the street. A large pick-up pulls up and on of the attackers gets in. A small moving van pulls up behind the armored car as another attacker gets into the armored cars driver’s seat. The 3-car caravan pulls away while the attacker who took off the door moves down the center of the street, lifts up a manhole cover and drops out of sight.

The caravan heads east down the street and turns onto Kirby Avenue and heads north. The emergency response comes fast and a cruiser pulls in behind the moving van and orders them to pull over. The top of the van starts to lift open like a box lid, and suddenly the top and part of the sides of the van clang down, the heavy metal plates protecting the wheels, and exposing the 2 M-60 gun stands on a platform. The gunner of the M-60 at the back of the van opens up on the cruiser, disabling it in just a few bursts. The cops are OK, and radio for help. The 3 trucks take off down the road, hitting every light and turn onto Curry street and head west towards the Curry Street bridge.

Chasing down the hi-jacked armored car and its caravan, Gravik uses his gravity powers to toss one of the gunners on the battle van off the top of the van.

Closing on the caravan from the front, Pittsburgh Steel jumps in front of the lead pick-up. The driver can’t swerve out of the way and slams into him. The driver is wearing his seat belt and is knocked unconscious by the collision. The passenger in the pick-up isn’t wearing his and goes flying through the windshield.

Sebastian keeps Louise safe until the doors of St. Kiernan’s open up and Father James pulls her into safety.

Gravik tries to stop the battle van, but can’t quite get it stopped.

Pittsburgh Steel jumps in front of the hi-jacked armored car and stops it. Sebastian notices the driver side door has been removed.

The battle van swerves and crashes into a bystander’s car. The 2nd gunner on top falls off the van. Sebastian does a flying kick through the windshield of the battle van and knocks out the driver.

Gravik increases the gravity around the 2nd gunner and immobilizes him.

Sebastian clotheslines the 1st gunner tossed from the battle van after he gets up and tries to hi-jack another car.

The driver of the hi-jacked armored car surrenders. Pittsburgh Steel attempts to help the guy who flew through the windshield. Paragon shows up to help. Gravik tries to stabilize the injured thug.

Pittsburgh Steel rips up the road where the injured man is at, and places it on the back of the pick up. While Paragon tries to keep the man stable, Gravik steers the pick-up as Pittsburgh Steel pushes it to the University Hospital just up the street. Sebastian tries to keep the armored car driver at the scene.

‘On the Street’ reported Tobi Cantrell shows up and tries to interview Sebastian. He won’t give any info. While he’s distracted, the armored car driver makes a break for it, but Sebastian reveal his fast footwork and gets in front of him. Cantrell and her cameraman have that on tape.

The Hospital group and cops arrive. Paragon takes over talking to Tobi while Gravik, Sebastian and Pittsburgh Steel talk.

All agree to help Sebastian find Frank. They talk about the ‘Death Van’ and if Vanjik’s Yugo can be found. They give those ideas up, concentrate on Frank and eventually find him in a collapsed building on the Riverfront. Frank is taken to a hospital, reunited with Louise. The 3 San Angelinos agree to help Pittsburgh Steel with his task.

Pittsburgh Steel calls off his meeting with Twister now that he feels like he isn’t alone in the task.

The 4 meet again and make plans on how to proceed on the 6th.


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