Golden City Guardians

Golden City Guardians Giant Size #10 & #11

The team debates what to do after the phone call with the mystery supplier of Paragon’s serum. They do have the name of the inventor of the serum; Dr. George Wesson. He worked for Diamond Vaccines in Las Vegas when he created the serum on his own time. From Paragon they find that Wesson lost control of the serum when Diamond was bought by a company called Hyperglobal Consolidated. They continued ton honor the contracts with Paragon (as Robin Fleming). But then recently have withheld or delayed delivery. Wesson also died about 4 years ago, but Paragon has the info for his widow. She lives in Seattle.
They contact Marjorie and after she sneakily verifies that they are actually are calling on behalf of Robin, she admits she has some of the serum. Paragon uses the Speedy Delivery Service run by a super who flies really fast to go to Seattle and get the stuff.
Larry the Delivery Guy returns shortly with the vial of serum, plus a notebook filled with Dr. Wesson’s notes. Majorie told him she never trusted companies, soulless things who make people soulless themselves.
Consano looks at the book and after just a few minutes says he can recreate the serum, but it will take a little time, and he needs some specialized equipment and components that will cost quite a bit. Paragon says not a problem.

With Paragon seemingly taken care of, Pittsburgh Steel reminds the team of the stolen armor and the supers Jeremy identified as possible owners of stolen tech. After much discussion over the pros and cons of contacting each of them (especially the super criminals in foreign countries), the team decides to go to Hudson City, New Jersey to talk with Cavalier.
After getting to Hudson City, they use the TV crews to get the word out that they want to talk with Cavalier, and then head to a locale where he usually is active to wait for him.
At the bar, with a group of TV reporters following them, Pittsburgh Steel steps out of his armor and shows the world his Crucible Armor.
Cavalier flies in soon after. Pittsburgh Steel comes out to talk, Master Juyo goes over to camera crew to chat up reporter, Gravik stays on the other sidewalk. Pittsburgh Steel tells Cavalier about the stolen armor and asks him where he got his. Cavalier refuses to say. Things get heated as Pittsburgh Steel presses his point and Cavalier takes offense as he feels he’s being calleded a thief. He starts yelling at Pittsburgh Steel about how no one comes into his town and calls him a thief. Pittsburgh Steel announces his secret identity as Hank Dawson, his background and how he made his armor. He challenges Cavalier to do the same. Cavalier responds with a plasma blast to the under armored Steel, knocking him back into the bar.
Pittsburgh Steel returns and the insults continue, but Pittsburgh gets back into his shell. Before things go further, the sometimes allies of Cavalier show up. Lotus drops in behind Pittsburgh Steel and mightily punches him. He’s knocked further than he has ever been moved before. Savant steps from the crowd and mentally blasts Gravik. Before things get out of hand, Savant calls for a truce and the 6 supers talk about what’s happening. Cavalier remains quiet as Savant defends his right not to expose his identity or history, much like Most of the supers right there. He agrees that the killings of the Rust Brothers and theft of their armor requires investigation, but he can attest that Cavalier wasn’t part of it. Afterwards, Master Juyo attempts to impress Lotus by his knowledge of martial arts and Asian history, and is shot down when she lets him know that she is NOT a martial artist and was born in the states. She remains behind to talk with the Guardians, nothing drastic happens then.

The team pops into Pittsburgh so Steel can say hi to his people, then book travel back to San Angelo. But they divert the flight to Reno to check out Hyperglobal Consolidated, as they are listed there. Jeremy found that Hyperglobal Consolidated is listed as a subsidiary of 10 different companies across the states. There must be something fishy happening there.
The team tries to infiltrate the social scene of Hyperglobal Consolidated. Gravik does learn that there is a large number of very guards there that are on some kind of drug while at a bar called the Snake Pit. Pittsburgh Steel learns the name of a couple of managers and an executive from some researchers hanging out a a place called the High Life Lounge.
Master Juyo has tremendous success sneaking into their facility outside of Reno. He finds that it is heavily guarded inside, with a large secured lab underground. He is able to grab a binder of documents from a lab where 2 men were receiving intravenous liquids.
The binder holds records of the 2 men and their reactions to certain changes in the meds. Finally deciding that they cannot determine what is actually happening at Hyperglobal Consolidated, and if it’s legal or not, the team returns home to San Angelo. And find that Consano has had to leave town, citing a problem with his past.

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