The Protector



The Protector wore a stylized red, whitr and blue outfit. He is very muscular, broad-sholdered and tall, 6’ 3". He did not wear a mask. He had close-cropped black hair and chiseled feagures. Almost an ideal all-american hero.


Harold Harrison was born in ,Kansas in . He grew up as the quintessential boy scout – good looking, strong, fast and with a deep conviction to do the right thing and help people. He was honest and upfront with everyone. Except for one secret. Early on, Harold found out he was stronger than any of the other boys. Much stronger. And he didn’t get hurt as easily.

Harold joined the marines as soon as he could and was soon in the thick of the fighting in the Pacific. There he found out just how tough he was to hurt. More than a few times, his uniform showed signs where shrapnel or bullets had gone through, but he didn’t have any wounds. He didn’t become reckless because of this – no walking up in front of enemy fire or anything dramatic like that. He just did more and than everyone around him and risked his life more often. Usually to help save his buddies. He earned a lot of medals.

After the war, Harold settled down, got married and started a family. One well-documented afternoon changed his life forever, and that of his family.

The Protector

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