Stephen Morgan


Stephen Morgan appears like a man in his mid to late 20’s. He is bald and it is not clear if he shaves his head or is naturally so. He is normal build and height and actually pretty nondescript.


Stephen Morgan is Dr. Aldus Morgan’s son. His father was sent to prison not long after he was born, and went on the run soon after that. As such he grew up without his father. He and his mother moved often, usually after people around them found out who his father was and started treating them poorly. Rarely did they find people who accepted them and did not tie them to Aldus and blame them for his crimes. He is very intelligent and done well in school despite the moving around. But due to his circumstances, he was never able to afford college. He has worked in a lot of different industries and is currently a lab tech at a chemical manufacturing facility in Vibro Bay.

Stephen Morgan

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