Master Joyu

martial artist


Sebastian was an outcast from birth. Left on the steps of an orphanage at the turn of the 19th
century in London, it was unknown who his parents were. The people at the orphanage simply
named him Sebastian.

Sebastian became a child of the streets of London, eventually running away from the orphanage
to simply forage and survival in the big city. As Sebastian grew up, he began to realize that
there was something different about himself from all other people.

As Sebastian grew into his teenage years, his association with the various crime affiliates
of London turned sour. He was severely beaten up and left for dead just a couple of times,
however both times he recovered very quickly. He realized he needed to “stay dead” in these
particulate peoples eyes, so he always removed himself from these areas.

He began to investigate where he came from and who were his parents. He was able to
uncover fairly easily some of the story from the police, his mother having been arrested
and hung (after giving birth to a baby boy) for brutally killing her husband. However,
after over 5 years his investigation ended up in Transylvania, in the midst of a blood cult.

Blood cults go back thousands of years, and originated in Asia. They think drinking the blood
of the living will give them immortal life. Really not very practical, and certainly a disgusting prospect, the blood cults during this time, and for the previous several centuries, had been hunted by church and civil authorities. However one particular cult did have an extensive record of actual living vampires. The documents discussed how they lived, how they came to be, their battle with another mystical creature the werewolves. It also discussed how they were dying out, along with their werewolf enemies.

The last of the documents discussed how the very last individual vampire and werewolf became
romantically involved, and even bore a child. They used the last of their energies to escape
this land of Transylvania to some other land. It was rumored the werewolf male willingly gave
his life energy to the vampire female so she could give birth to the child. It lastly mentioned a prophecy were the child would grow strong, destroy whatever was causing the death of all of the vampires and werewolves, allowing an eternal reign over the humans.

This last part shocked Sebastian, for he at this point put all of the pieces together. He was this prophecy. The members of the cult did as well. and were wanting him to stay so they could
educate and train him for the completion of the prophecy. He refused, the cult tried to force him to stay. He managed to quietly escape, and fled the area.

Sebastian now had to come to terms of all of this. The werewolf and vampire blood that ran
through his veins started giving him qualities not found in normal humans. The fact he could
recover from sever wounds was not the only thing, he was a little tougher, and could move very
quickly. He traveled further east to ancient lands. He ended up in a Shaolin Temple, whose
monks accepted him, and helped guide him in a path that would allow him peace.

Forty years past. Sebastian grew strong, and studied the art of Kung Fu to a very deep level. It
also became apparent, he was not growing old, being well over 60 years old. The monks at the
temple knew his time had been fulfilled there, and encouraged him to leave. He took his vow of
poverty, and left the temple with the traditional branding of the dragons on his forearms. With
his healing ability however, the brands soon faded.

For over 100 years, Sebastian wondered the world, from Asia, to Africa, and eventually to
America, simply helping those who managed to cross his path who needed help. Never seeking
fame or glory, the people he helps simply forget his name, and his image becomes a blur.
People only remember that some stranger helped them.

Today he is found on the streets of San Angelo, where he is more and more helping normal
people from the likes of super powered individuals.

Master Joyu

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