gravity manipulator


Victor Stanislav was born in December 12, 1955 in Russia. His mother died of illness when he was an infant and he was raised by his father. As a teenager Victor used to have a hobby of cave exploring. While exploring the caves with some friends a rock slide caused the party to fall deep into the cave. The others were killed but Victor survived with a broken arm. He gathers what equipment is not broken from the fall and tries to find a way out. He is stuck down there for months, surviving by rationing his flashlight batteries and food rations. Tired and weak he is eventually rescued by another group of explorers.

Victor dreamed of living in America but because of his poor background he had to stay in Russia and work the steel mill with his father. After a tragic accident killed his father he decided this is his moment to make his dream come true. At the age of 18, with help from the Russian mob, the Organizatsiya, Victor made it to the city of San Angelos in America in the summer of 1973. To repay his debt to Organizatsiya, Victor worked as a hired man, mainly driving trucks and cars for the mob and doing several odd jobs on the legitimate branch of the mob not knowing about the darker underside of the organization. After 5 years of service, Pietri Stanovich declared his debt paid and Victor started his new life.

Though his connections and friends he made working for Pietri, Victor was able to get a job working steel construction. It’s hard work and doesn’t pay well. Victor lives in a 1 room apartment in the low-income area of Cathedral Square. He makes friends with the neighbors in his building and local shops.

On April 18, 1984, while taking a break on a rooftop, Victor and his co-workers hear a hum coming from the nearby Eddington Gravimetric power plant. The surge blows out cables and lights throughout the building. A shockwave emanates from the unit, hitting Victor full on and scattering the other workers. Victor is knocked unconscious for a few hours but he and the others end up unhurt.

Victor stills enjoying his hobby of exploring caves in his free time. Shortly after the rooftop incident he noticed that maneuvering through the caves was much easier. While exploring one day he found himself actually walking along the rood of the cave. Over time he found that he could redirect the pull of gravity on himself and other items. To keep his new powers secret he would practice in the cave, walking on walls, lifting rocks, and pulling stalactites from the ceiling.

Victor’s new found powers also helped him in real life. At work he found moving across the steel beams a breeze since he could walk on the sides and bottom as well as straight up the columns. He could also maneuver heavy beams in place for welding by making them light a feather. He was moved to the top of the building where only the Native Americans were brave enough to handle the heights and high winds. One windy day one of the works loses his balance and falls. Victor, not wanting to expose his powers, does so anyway to save his friend. Now knowing about his powers, the Native Americans vow to keep it a secret as he saved one of their own. Even so, word leaks out about Victors powers and makes its way to Stanovich. Without family either her or back in Russia, Stanovich has no leverage against Gravic to force him to work for him and decides to just let his men continue their friendship with him until he can find something to use against him.

Victor also uses his powers to help his friends and fellow immigrants in the neighborhood. He helps move furniture, walks up walls to fix windows, and even lifts a little girl up into a tree to catch her kitty. The crime in Cathedral Square is bad and after one of his neighbors is attacked and severely injured, Victor decides to uses his powers to help fight local crime. To protect his identity he makes a costume using parts of various uniforms he gathered from his various jobs including a mask made from welding goggles. He also creates a new name – Gravic.

Gravic starts by stopping a few pick pockets on the street and the occasional shoplifter. One night, while patrolling the streets, Gravic notices a couple guys roughing up the elderly owner of the neighborhood dry cleaners. He overhears that the thugs are speaking in Russian and shaking him down for “protection” money. What Gravic doesn’t know is that these men work for Stanovich and the Organizatsiya. Sneaking up by walking above them on the wall, Victor steps in. Before the thugs can pulls their guns, Gravic slams them both flat to the ground, increasing gravity so much they can’t stand or even lift their guns. The police come and take them away as Gravic slips into the shadows. The shop keeper tells everyone that a super saved him and is there to protect the neighborhood.


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