Dr. Aldus Morgan


Dr. Aldus Morgan was a brilliant engineer and mechanic when he was younger. He worked on cutting edge and exprimental equipment for manufacturing and construction. With the 2nd world war, he moved into a position to develop technologies to help the allies win. He felt making a mobile, armored soldier would be the key to victory. His drive, ambition and a series of failures pushed him to the edge of sanity. He was able to create much of the technology himself, but could never generate enough sustainable power to keep his battle suit in action for very long. He finally suceeded using the Eddington fuel cell to power his battlesuit, but by that time, the army was no longer interested in his designs.

Pushed beyond reason, Morgan loaded up his battle suit and attacked downtown Manhattan, where he was stopped by the man to become Protector. Jailed and forgotten, Morgan lapsed into total insanity and his wife and son went into hiding.

He was broken out of prison by people still unkown and disappeared into the criminal underworld. Occasionally, a crook or super would turn up with a piece of equipment never seen before, or based off Morgan’s designs. This let evryone know Morgan was still out there, and still working on his machines of war.

Morgan reappeared in 1985 with an assault on the I-7 brideg over the Del Oro river in San Angelo, California. He operated a very advanced walking battle platform and commanded very advanced robot bugs. He was stopped by the group of heroes that were to form the Golden City Guardians. Morgan was put in jail after a brief stint at the Faraday Medical Clinic.

Dr. Aldus Morgan

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