metal supervillain scientist


Chrome is a very tall woman with long hair. She is very distinctive in that her skin is a bright silver metallic color, and her hair is platinum (white). She has long fingernails that are very sharp. Even with her odd skin color, Chrome is an attractive woman. She usually dresses in a blue leotard and thigh high boots. Sometimes she has a mask and sometimes not.


Dr. Kimberly Chase was part of the team that tried to save Alloy from the mysterious disease that was killing him. She saw an opportunity to prove her theories that the blood of a super held the material needed to cause a mutation in another person. She stole Alloy’s blood, created a serum, and injected herself with it. She was transformed into a metallic being just like Alloy. She thought she had proved her theories and would be applauded. She was instead charged with illegal medical experiments, theft and several other crimes. She escaped the San Angelo police and went into hiding. She continues her experiments, stealing money and equipment as needed. She insists she will be vindicated once she proves her theories.


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