Bulldozer is a large, heavily muscled man with a tattoo of the word “Bulldozer” down his arm. He likes to go shirtless whenever possible to show his superiority over other men so he can attract chicks. He thinks women are inferior to men in everything and should throw themselves at throw most powerful of men. Of which he is of course.


Bulldozer has a long criminal past. An aggressive, chauvinitic brute to begin with, he gained his powers when the bulldozer he was operating struck a buried steel barrel. The unkown contents gushed out of the cannister, spraying him and altering his strength and toughness. Now with his new strength, he tries to take whatever he wants. He has done a lot of jail time, but because he doesn’t think very large, he hasn’t stolen anything from anyone or anywhere that would put him away for a long time.
He hates women and thinks men are natuarlly superior. He has been rudely surprised by a few women supers who bested him in a stand-up fight.


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