Golden City Guardians

Golden City Guardians 7 & 8

Pittsburgh Steel works in his lab. He hears a young child yelling for help. He begins to leave the lab, not in his armor, to investigate. As he moves through the doorway, his armor forms around him, and he finds himself in a long hallway, similar to a hotel hallway, Despite the fact that his armor does not do that kind of thing, and his lab is not connected to this kind of hallway, he moves down the hall to where the child’s cries for help comes from. He opens the door…….

Master Juyo is in his dojo, practicing, He beings to hear a child cry for help. He leaves his dojo and begins to walk down a hallway filled with rice paper doors. Despite the fact that his dojo does not connect to this kind of hallway, he moves toward the door he hears the child’s cries from. He slides open the door..,

Gravik is drinking with his good comrades. It is a good night. But then he hears the yell for help from a child. No one else seems to notice. Despite the fact that no one else hears the child, he doesn’t bring it to their attention and instead he gets up and heads down the hallway to the storeroom. He goes in and sees the racks of cases of beer, bottles, and other items, An emergency exit is across from him and he here’s the cries from behind it. He opens the door…..

Each of the heroes come into an oversized bedroom. Gravity is on the sill of an open window near the center of a wall. Master Juyo is on the edge of an open toy box at the far end of the room. And Pittsburgh Steel steps from a closet almost opposite Gravik, but at floor level. At the other end of the room from the toy box is a huge bed, some 30 feet long and 20 feet wide. Sobs from a child can be be heard from the beneath the blankets on the bed. “Please help me. Don’t let him get me!”

Master Juyo and Pittsburgh Steel can see glowing red eyes and a sharp-toothed grin under the bed.

The heroes enter the room and are immediately attacked by toys! Robotic looking toys converge on all the heroes, including 1 really big blue and red one. The child screams “No Optimus! Don’t do that! Those are good guys!”

A fight ensues with The Golden City Guardians taking on the Auto-bots AND Decepticons when they spring from hiding. Master Juyo is able to get on the bed and is swarmed by toys. Pittsburgh Steel fires a smoke clinker to help him out, but it’s batted away by GI Joe with a tennis racket! Gravik is busy putting up walls and capturing toys.
Master Juyo grabs a young boy of about 10 and jumps off the bed. The Thing Under the Bed starts to scream “ He’ off the bed! He’s off the bed! Get him!”

The toys try to reach Master Juyo, but he’s too fast, and he gets help. Gravik takes down Bumblebee and a couple of Decepticons while Pittsburgh Steel takes on Optimus Prime, who nearly clobbers PS!
As the toys are reduced in numbers and Master Juyo evades the rest, Pittsburgh Steel goes to the end of the bed and lifts it, exposing a creature half man and half spider sitting in a depression under the bed! It screams as the light shines on it and retreats to a dark corner of the depression. Steel throws the bed completely away fro the hole. The creature screams again and actually squeezes itself into a hole in the floor.

All of the GCGers wake up, drenched in sweat. They in their own beds. It was just a dream, wasn’t it?

The next morning, the Guardians realize that they all had the same dream and that it couldn’t be a coincidence. Pittsburgh Steel realizes the boy in the bed reminds him of one of the kids he met at the Starmont Estates when the team took out the Wolf Pack. They head there and find Dexter, the very brainy kid in the wheel chair who’s very interested in the workings of Pittsburgh Steel’s armor. Dexter tells them about Danny Masterson, whose been really sick lately and can’t play. They go there and find Mrs.Masterson. Danny has been sick, sleeping horribly and getting weaker. No one can figure out what’s wrong with him. Gravik and Master Juyo are allowed to go upstairs to the boys room while Pittsburgh Steel looks in from the window.
The room is laid out the same as it was in the dream. Danny is laying in his bed, looking very pale and tired. But he lights up and smiles when he sees heroes. He says that they drove his nightmare away. The heroes talk with him and find he has been haunted by the nightmare for several weeks now. Looking under the bed, Master Juyo does not see anything, but there is a stale odor. They get Danny out of the bed and move it. At the corner of the head of the bed, there is a dark spot in the carpet. At the same spot where the creature crawled to in the dream. Master Juyo lifts the edge of the carpet and they see a dark spot on the wood.
While they still aren’t sure if there really is a nightmare creature or if the boy has some sort of power, they suggest to the mom that they not stay there that night. She can’t leave, as she has a younger daughter as well. Pittsburgh Steel suggests a friends sleepover at the GCG headquarters with Danny and his neighborhood friends. She agrees to this. Surprisingly, so do the other parents and the heroes transport Danny, Dexter and several more boys to the headquarters. Gravik also contacts the Horizon Institute and talks with them about possible powers that might include pulling people into dreams, or maybe nightmare creatures. The contact at the Institute says that it is possible that some mental power might permit a person to bring another person into their dream. They haven’t recorded that particular power yet. But there is the definite possibility of it. They don’t have anything to add about a creature from a nightmare. Pittsburgh Steel contacts Dr. Colt at Orion Labs and tells him of their situation. Colt says he has just the team that would like to investigate this. They have a department that is trying to prove the existence of other dimensions or realities, and this might be something they could look into. He agrees to send a research team to the house to investigate the room.
At the GCG Headquarters, Dexter inundates Pittsburgh Steel with questions about his armor, especially his power source. PS realizes that Dexter really knows what he’s talking about, and might even be working on something of his own. PS shows Dexter his armor schematics. The rest of the boys have a blast.
The investigation team from Orion Labs get to Danny’s house and set up equipment. They find odd electromagnetic signatures in his bedroom, concentrated at the head of the bed. There are some other readings that they find interesting. In the overnight, nothing unusual happens to Danny and he gets his first night of good sleep in weeks. The investigation team doesn’t experience anything odd either. Later, the team Dr. Colt talk to the Guardians about what they found. With the readings they have and the fact that the boy did not experience any nightmares, the team is fairly certain that some sort of extra-dimensional being created a portal and was influencing the boys dream, and possibly even entering our dimension. They want to keep working on things, but they don’t have enough to prove their theory.

After Danny returns home, the team splits into 2 paths of activity. Gravik and Master Juyo go to the book signing of the author that is considered the leading authority on H. P. Lovecraft. When they meet Dr. Stanton Burgess, he’s willing to talk with them and looks at the statue of the flying creature from Maine. He says that the statue is a remarkable representation of what a small C’Thuulu might look like given Lovecraft’s writing, but he is obviously skeptical of the duo at the suggestion that this was really a living creature. He blatantly states that Lovecraft was a nervous wreck prone to breakdowns and fevers. He does not actually believe Lovecraft discovered and documented any other-worldly creatures. However, many people do. And in fact he tells them of a festival held in Maine at a town called Dunwich that celebrates and perpetuates Lovecraft’s writings and creatures. The festival is in August.

Pittsburgh Steel travels to Michigan to commemorate a memorial for the Rust Brothers.
A memorial stand with a plaque commemorating the Rust Brother’s final act is set at the base of the Cooper Harbor Lighthouse. The ceremony is attended by the Mayor of Detroit and the Lt Governor of Michigan representing V8; A variety of football players to represent for Freight Train from Buffalo and the Assistant Mayor of Chicago representing Chi-Town.
There are several speeches about the Rust Brothers’, what they meant to the community and the senseless loss of their lives. A wreath is laid on the plaque by Pittsburgh Steel as the ceremony ends. Afterwards, Pittsburgh Steel is taken by the Coast Guard Cutter USS Scarbourough. Lt Commander James Finch tells Pittsburgh Steel the full story from the Government’s side of the Rust Brother’s final resting place. It has been publicly acknowledged that a buoy marker floats above the crash site and they do sonar readings to verify the location of the armor/bodies. They say that they have advanced sonar and precise topographical maps that determine the locations. Finch says the buoy is real, and it has a signal that warns anyone from approaching it. It is a crime to tamper with the buoy or to dive in the area. The real secret is how they verify the locations. When the attack happened, the Scarbourough was the first cutter on scene. Not long after, a Navy dive team arrived with an advanced remote submersible robot. That Team operated the robot and watched the video screen themselves to identify the bodies. The robot then tagged the armor with a signal marker that was on a frequency reserved for the navy. They operated the video and robot from their own inflatable boat they brought with them. Since that night, every month the Scarborough takes on the same dive team and equipment, goes to the buoy and the dive team operates their equipment to verify the location.

They reach the buoy and Pittsburgh Steel descends in cold depths, down 900 feet to the bottom. He then works his way to the location, with the help of a spotlight rigged up by the Coast Guard. He sees the outline of Freight Train’s armor. When he reaches it, he finds that it is just a large sheet of metal wieghed down to keep it in place, with the tracking device attached to the sheet of metal, There is no body. He moves on and finds Chi-Town and V-8 the same way. Nothing but a bogus sheet of metal cutout to look like the silouette of each armor. He does find the Flying Bathtub wreckage. He ascends and tells Finch what he’s found and wants answers to how this could have happened if they are looking.
Finch admits to Steel that no one on the cutter has ever seen the video feed from the submersible. Only the Navy team ever saw the feed or operated the submersible. In fact, the dive team resigned from the Navy about a year ago, and has been employed by a private underwater salvage company that contracts heavily with the navy. They still have the submersible, or a version of it. That same team still comes on board and must have a navy contract to do the work. But then, Finch nor anyone other than the dive team saw anything that went on below the surface that night, or anytime after.
The Rust Brother’s armors have been stolen! And somehow this dive team must be involved!
Finch promises to do what he can to find out about the dive team, and their company from the Service side. He may not have luck since they have left the service, but he’ll try. Freight train saved his brother in Buffalo and he owes the Brother’s at least that much.

Pittsburgh Steel heads home, contacting Jeremy to find out info about the dive team members and the company they work for – Fitzham Salvage.

Jeremy had already reached out to the presidents of the fan clubs of the other Brothers. Kenny, Kyle and Stan started looking into power armored supers whose armor might be similar to or even based on the stolen armors. They turned up 3 possibilities of supers who in the last 2 years might fit that.

A Russian super who has actually been around awhile, but his armor changed drastically 10 months ago. They’v translated his name as the Iron Duke. He is a criminal. His headpiece is nearly identical to Freight Train’s, and his waist now rotates 360 degrees like V-8’s.

Mechanaut is a large frame armor similar to both Freight Train and Pittsburgh Steel, but closer to the former. He has many weapons pods that none of the Brothers did. He works for a warlord in the Sudan. He’s been around for almost 2 years..

Cavalier is a crime fighter who showed up about 4 months ago on the East Coast. His armor is has some resemblance to Chi-Town, but is missing the signature fans in the wings, and the gauntlets are very different.



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