Golden City Guardians

Golden City Guardians #6 Post-script

After things had settled down and most crisis had been taken care of, the Guardians realized that Ohm had never returned from the Generator Building. Heading there quickly they find the technicians outside, slightly injured, but more in a state of shock. Smoke was coming out of one side of the building. They said Ohm had gone into the stack wall and suddenly everything started to spark and explode. They were able to get themselves outside, but barely. And then Ohm fell out of the wall on the outside. And he was human again. They did their best to get the still bleeding gunshot wound wrapped up. Pittsburgh Steel recognizes the person on the ground as the same man that fell out of the walls at the substation. Ohm was human again, and had not reverted back to electricity yet. He was taken to a nearby hospital for surgery. The last word that the Guardians had on him was that they got the bullet out, but he was in a coma.

The Guardians start investigating and accumulating information. The locals say that once in a while, there have been streaks of lightning across the sky before, and sometimes and odd circular glow after the strikes.
All of the researchers and some of the workers at the facility tell them that Dr. Eddington had been acting weird for about a year.
This makes the team think that there have been other portals opened up, and other little creatures getting through to take over someone. Someone like Eddington.

Pittsburgh Steel leaves his armor to be able to investigate the Eddington facility, especially Dr. Eddington’s office. . With some masterful computer work, he is able to get into Eddington’s computer. Up until a year ago, many of the notes, files and emails were normal – scientific notes, personal emails business notes, some very advanced theories and experiment suggestions. And then it suddenly turns to gibberish. Soon after that, files starting showing up with characters that Pittsburgh Steel could even figure out how the computer made it. The other files and emails slowly reached a level of ‘normalcy’ . However, there was a distinct pattern of the odd language showing up that corresponded to time Gravik was messing with a generator. And once Ohm showed up, there was even more of them.

Pittsburgh Steel made copies of the weird language files , hoping someone might be able to decrypt them. He also contacted Jeremy about the creatures, to start doing some research on them. Jeremy laughs and asks why is he describing Cthulhu – a fictional creature created by H.P Lovecraft. Steel asks Jeremy to find the leading authority on Lovecraft and his works.

The FBI shows up and take Eddington and any other person who had been taken over by a creature into ‘observational custody’ to make sure that they are OK. With the help of several witnesses, Pittsburgh Steel thinks he has them beveling that Eddington is still inhabited and potential dangerous.

The team finally leaves Minatonka, Maine. And head to Pittsburgh so Steel can look in on the business, make some appearances and pump up the city’s confidence. They then go on an old-home week tour of Buffalo, Detroit and Chicago. Pittsburgh Steel is able to reconnect with the families of his lost friends. Gravik and Master Juyo enjoy the long trip home, but probably not as much as Steel.

The Golden City Guardians finally return to San Angelo on July 13th.



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