Golden City Guardians

Golden City Guardians #6

The small black-winged horrors descend quickly from the portal. They break into small groups of 3 to 4 and move towards either the Guardians, or some of the town’s folk who came out to see the heroes. Pittsburgh Steel was running up the street after all. Some of the people ran, some stood in horror, the Guardians took the fight to them. Dr. Britton tried to help Ohm recover from vomiting lightning. Thay are all black, with bat wings, and tentacles hanging from the bottom of the face.

Gravik sets up a gravity force wall to protect a couple, and Master Juyo leaps up and balances on the 1-inch thin barrier to get closer to the group of creatures descending on them. Pittsburgh Steel leaps to engage a group going after other people. The fight ensues with the creatures descending but remaining in flight to attack the heroes and people. Gravik finds his powers are slightly off and struggles catching any of the creatures in a gravity well. Pittsburgh Steel has slightly better luck using his toxic cloud clinkers to send a group of creatures into coughing fits. Ohm recovers himself and tries to protect Dr. Britton. She tells him to fly to the nearest generator and get the operators to shut it down. He takes of, almost as fast as a lightning bolt. Master Juyo has success keeping the creatures focused on him, instead of going after the normals.

Gravik starts to have success and Pittsburgh Steel continues to jump and gas different groups of creatures, trying to keep them away from the people. One he wasn’t able to stop and it got on an older man’s back. It rears back and drapes its tentacles across the man’s head, and then fades and sinks into the man’s body. Not sure what to do, Pittsburgh Steel drops a clinker ln the man and the group of creatures around him. The man collapses, and a few seconds later, the black creature falls ‘out’ of the man’s body. He clinkers the whole group again causing them to collapse as well. He then turns his attention to a group that is flying up the street.

Master Juyo is nearly done taking out his group and begins to run down another group of them, with the last ones of the group he was fighting chasing him. Gravik uses his gravity powers to encircle another group chasing people, stopping their progress, and is finally able to bring down 2 others with gravity entangles.

Dr. Britton is surrounded and attacked, with one of the things being able to attach its tentacles to her. But it is flung back from her and the others attacking her back off. They come back and surround her. She jumps back in the jeep to hide.

Ohm reaches the Generator Building. Inside the 2 techs agree that they need to shut down the generator, but say it will take a full half-hour. Ohm spreads himself thin and enters the walls with a stack of capacitors in it. He causes a feed-back burst and fries the whole stack. The surge of energy goes flowing from the building, to the portal where it splinters and strike at everyone on the Gravik’s gravity shields draw even more power to him and he is lifted in the air, encircled by electricity. He drops his shields and is able to escape.

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy – I want my own table and chair. There is a brief pause in the game as Gravik gets our future gamer set up next to us, and he promptly confiscates a couple minis, dice and legos to build his own layout like we’re using. It won’t be much longer before he joins us officially :)

Something BIG is near the opening of the portal and nearly scares Dr. Britton to death. Gravik does a gravity wave trying to strike either the creature he can barely make out, of the portal. He gets the portal and it begins to close, but there is an energy feedback and he is nearly rendered unconscious.

Pittsburgh Steel is able to shut down another group, and save a Boy Scout that got taken over. He comes back just as the creature in the portal reaches through and forms a new… thing that it drops to the ground below. As it falls, it turns into a large spider-like creature. It land and Pittsburgh Steel immediately pounds on it.

The portal finally closes completely and the creatures left behind scream in their weird language. Those still conscious crouch and turn to stone. The unconscious ones turn to stone, but crumble apart. The spider thing explodes in a shower of goo.

Master Juyo returns, but Pittsburgh is able to tell he has been taken over. It takes a little bit, but he gets Master Juyo knocked out and tags the creature after it falls out. With Dr. Britton’s help, Pittsburgh Steel and Gravik get all of the townspeople up to the facility, and work with the Sheriff to see if anyone is missing. They are worried that someone got taken over they didn’t see. They discover 2 people are missing. They search and eventually find them, and have to get them freed of control. It is also found that Dr. Eddington was missing. He never came out of the facility. Master Juyo runs through the facility and finds a gibbering Eddington.

By now, state police and medical personnel have arrived and are helping out. They figure out that Eddington does have a creature in him, but it does not leave him when he is knocked unconscious. Nearly so, but it keeps control of him. And stays inside.



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