Golden City Guardians

Golden City Guardians #4

Golden City Guardians #4

May 30
Soon after breaking up the Varrio Mission Boys hangout and getting the majority of the gang arrested, including their leader Azteca, the Guardians are contacted by representatives of Valiant Press Comics, who would like to meet with them. A quick check turns up basic info on the 2nd oldest comics company in the US and their basic approach to super comics. It is also found that they did a Southern Justice comic that included Twister. Pittsburgh Steel contacts the retired hero to get his take on the company and their dealings. With a positive report from Ethan (Twister), Pittsburgh Steel checks one more view on the comics from Jeremy. The computer/Pittsburgh Steel expert confirms most of what Ethan said. He did tell them that there are of course some people that have a loose grasp on reality and think that comics are real as are all the stories in them.
The team takes the meeting with Frank Kirby (artist) and Matt Hardy (lawyer) to discuss the prospect of a Golden City Guardians comic book. After a lengthy discussion, all of the team members sign on to the deal. A GCG company is set up by Paragon to have the royalties paid into so the team doesn’t have to give up their real identities. Everyone except Paragon agrre to have both their likeness and name used in the comic. Paragon already has his name tied to several events and entities that he feels would prevent him from having it used in the comic.

Afterwards, Paragon apologizes for his recent less than perfect behavior. He says that he ran into a few business troubles that took a toll in him and he did not respond well to the added pressure. He has all the deals straightened out and he is back on solid ground.

In addition to Paragon’s incredible admission of not being perfect, Jeremy needs some of the teams time. He has located backup tapes at the energy company that might contain info on Killabrew; the man responsible for Ohm being Ohm. The only problem is theybare personell records and the company isn’t going to give him access. He says he has a way in, but it’s not entirely legal. A rousing duscussion of right vs wrong and ends justifiying the means ensues. Pittsburgh Steel stands firm on not allowing Jeremy to break the law. The rest of the team accepts the situation as it is for now, though Ohm is still not happy with the outcome.

June 3
Early evening, the team is busy with nornal activites; Master Juyo is practicing in his dojo area, Pittsburgh Steel is in the Forge working out imrovements, Ohm is still working out his powers and their capabilities and Gravik is debating with himself about when to go the bar with his old comrades.
Pittsburgh Steel and Ohm both finally realize that they have been hearing several fire dispatch calls throughout the city. In fact, there are at least 6 active fires being battled and with the latest dispatch comes word that there are no more trucks available throughout the city. Everyine is out on a call. The team starts to gear up to go help when they notice the signs of a building on fire just across the river, in Old San Angelo.
The team heads to the fire and finds a 5 story building on fire. There is retail space on the first floor, while the top floor are apartments. It is an old building that has undergone some revitalization remodeling. There is a crowd of residents on the street and the sidewalk across from their home. They tell the team about who might still be in the building. Pittsburgh Steel goes to the fire hydrant across the street, opens it up and uses his huge gauntlets to direct the jet stream to the fire coming from a corner if the building. Gravik walks up the building to get in from a window, while Master Juyo runs in the apartment entrance. Ohm also goes in to help look for those trapped.
While battling the fire and rescuing people, word comes from other fire fighters that the sprinkler systems in the ither buildings were turned off. Ohm desolidifiesnand heads to the smoke filled basement to see ofnhe can get the system turned back on. Master Juyo finds an apartment that hwas been turned into a drug lab, and 2 of the drug dealers are still there, collecting cash and drugs. He quickly knocks them out and takes then out side. Gravik rescues a set of twins and takes them out as well. And plans on taking them out later…
Ohm finds a gas canister in the basement rigged with some sort of receiver attached to it. A bomb! Without realizingnit, his forcefield had already disrupted the circuts in the receiver and disabled it. He finds the sprinkler controls, but isn’t strong enough to turn the valve. Just as he and Pittsburgh Steel plan on switching spots, there’s a suprise attack on Pittsburgh Steel! The pyromaniac Blowtorch steps out from an alleyway and tells Steel to stop interfering in his fire. A gout of firenfrom his flamethrower does little to Pittsburgh Steel. A short fight ensues between Pittsburgh Steel, Ohm and Blowtorch. Blowtorch tries ti set off his bomb in the building, but it was disabled. However, explosions from the other fires can be heard – not all of the devices were found. Pittsburgh Steel doesn’t hold back in his next hit, and Blowtorch is taken down hard. His gas tank explodes and he is engulfed in his own fires. Pittsburgh Steel puts out the fire, and Blowtorch is barely alive and horribly burned. Steel goes and turns on the sprinkler system.
After this fire is partly under control, the team spreads out into the city to help with the other fires. 3 firefighters were killed and 12 others injured in Blowtorch’s explosions. Pittsburgh Steel wrestles with the fact he held back when the fight started, allowing Blowtorch the opportunity to detonate the other devices.



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