Golden City Guardians

Golden City Guardians #3B

Where's Sebastian

The team escorts the PART van to the San Angelo County Jail downtown. Despite the concerns that Sampson might try to break free his teammates, the trip is uneventful. There, Icicle and Bulldozer are loaded onto gurneys and taken into the jail for booking. Since they have Gaines’ collars on, they can’t move. Not so for Foxbat. As he is lead into jail in handcuffs, he yells back at the Guardians. “You’ve not heard the last of the Foxbat! I will be free again and you will rue the day you crossed wits with the Foxbat and the Masters of Crime!”

Pittsburgh Steel, Ohm and Gravik look at each other. Together they say “And some are just loony”.

Corporal Howser thanks the team for helping them out, and for escorting them to the jail. As the team prepares to leave, a police transport van exits from the garage of the jail. Howser asks if the Guardians should be at the courthouse since the van has Dr. Aldus Morgan in it, and the judge is ruling on if he’s competent to stand trial today. That’s news!

The Guardians are still concerned that Sampson might try something, and that something might happen at the courthouse. Since he moves the slowest, Pittsburgh Steel follows the van to the courthouse while Ohm and Gravik keep an eye on the jail. They think this will allow either group to hold on until the other part of them arrives if anything happens.

Pittsburgh Steelnheads to the Oro County Courthouse, only to find a large group of reporters and bystanders on the steps of the courthouse. The reporters are clustered around a bald man of unknown age. It turns out to be Morgan’s son, Stephen.
Stephen Morgan is making a statement, speaking about how he hopes the judge will see that his father is mentally ill and needs help. That Dr Morgan does need to be held accountable for his actions, but hopefully there is a way that he can get help and make amends without jail time. Morgan sees Pittsburgh Steel and says that he thanks the Golden City Guardians for capturing his father and treating him humanely during his capture. And for giving his father the possibility of getting the help he needs.
Morgan starts to talk about his father’s condition when a small man in a suit next to him whispers to him. Stephen Morgan stops and says he can’t say anymore since that would violate a gag order. And that the court session is about to start. Morgan and the family lawyer head in followed by some of the reporters.

Other reporters seek out Pittsburgh Steel to ask him his views about Dr Morgan, his mental state and how he should be punished. Pittsburgh Steel deflects the controversial questions by stating it’s in the hands of the courts and he couldn’t comment on Morgan’s mental state. Tobi Cantrell does a few follow up questions, including asking Pittsburgh Steel if he has any thoughts about the rumor that an electronic device was found attached to Dr Morgan’s brain. ??? Pittsburgh responded simply that he doesn’t comment on rumors, since they are …. rumors,

Graik and Ohm decide that nothing is going to happen at the jail and join Pittsburgh steel at the courthouse. Pittsburgh Steel is worried that someone may try to free Dr. Morgan, if this rumor about an electronic device on his brain is true. If it was there, someone may have been controlling him, and ay try to get him back!

About 1/2 hour after the court session starts, Stephen Morgan returns to the steps of the courthouse. “Of course we are pleased that my father was declared unfit for trial. We would have preferred a different facility, but hopefully he can get the help he needs at the Jasper Mental Institution”.

The Guardians think the transport would be a perfect time for someone to grab Morgan. But only Ohm would be able to keep up with the transport. Ohm waits for the transport to leave so he can follow it from high above. The reast of the team returns to headquarters. Soon after, 4 transport vans leave the courthouse, each going a different direction. Ohm picksnone to follow but it’s route takes it back to the courthouse. Ohm goes as fast as he can to the Jasper asylumn, and arrives just as a black sedan pulls upnat the front of the facility. Dr. Morgan is escorted in by 2 plain clothes officers and followed by his son, Stephen. Ohm goes back to the CGC headqurters.

May 23rd, 1985

Pittsburgh Steel begins work on Ohm’s idea about a small radio transmitter that could be attached to someone, so that Ohm could use his signal tracking ability to follow or find them.

Gravik leaves the base to head to the hangout with his comrades. On the way, he sees a group of 4 men getting ready to shoot another person in an alleyway. The guy with the gun is heard saying in a hispanic accent " Azteca said to kill him in the Russian area, and maybe Gravik will think they did it." Just before he shoots, Gravik jumps down into the alley and a furious fight ensues. The victim gets free and joins in taking down the gang members. After the 4 are down – one thrown on the roof, 2 in gravity entangles and one knocked out trying to drive away – the victim turns to Gravik and…. it’s Sebastian.

Sebastian tells Gravik to call the cops for these 4 and he’s going to leave. Gravik says “OK”.
After a few seconds of reconsideration, Gravik calls the cops and joins Sebastian as he heads to the North Mission neighborhood. On the way, Sebastian let’s Gravik in on what’s happened. See Sebastian’s Bad Month.

Rescuing Ophelia
Gravik and Sebastian move quickly to Ophelia Garza’s house, where the Vario Mission Boys are supposed to be going to or already at, and getting ready ready to kill her. The 2 get to the house and Sebastian rushes in. He quickly dispatches 3 VMBs while Gravik TK’s another out into the yard. Sebastian takes down the 4th one inside, rushes out and takes out the 5th VMB. Going back in, Sebastian and Gravik help up Ophelia and make sure there aren’t any other VMBs in the house. There aren’t. Ophelia tells Sebastian that the other VMBs have taken her daughter, Maria, back to the VMB hangout. It’s the old factory that Sebastian was at earlier.
The 2 head towards the factory and call Pittsburgh Steel and Ohm to meet them there.

Vario Mission Boys and Azteca
Surprisingly, Pittsburgh Steel and Ohm beat the other 2 to the factory. They take out a few perimeter baddies at them main door and PS utilized toxic clinkers to knock out rooftop shooters. Ohm enters the facility first and is shot up pretty bad and exits the facility at some point to rest. He discovers that his energy body isn’t as protective as he thought against bullets!
Gravik and Sebastian enter from a back door and have to fight their way in. Once inside,
PS continues to lay down crowd control clinkers as Gravic and Master Juyo fight Azteca, the leader of the VMBs. Azteca focuses on Sebastian.
Ohm eventually returns and he and PS take out the remaining VMBs.
Azteca proves to be a match for a weakened Sebastian and knocks him out.
PS stays in communication with Ohm, who heads up into the factory to finds\ the hostage and her captors and takes them all out with a burst or two.
Pittsburgh Steel is able to get Azteca to close with him and knocks the gang leader into the floor, and then Gravid hits him while he’s down – teamwork in action!

The cops are a called again and the Guardian’s have made another dent in the gang landscape of San Angelo



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