Golden City Guardians

Golden City Guardians #2

February 2nd through May 13th, 1985

After the fight at Orion Labs and getting decontaminated, Gravik is admitted to Farady Medical Clinic to recover from the rest of the radiation poisoning and damage he took from Nuke.

Pittsburgh Steel does another check on Silver Fist. The metal man is still in custody while at Faraday, but will soon be transferred to Canefield State Penitentiary. Silver Fist is still depressed due to his condition, that seems to still be changing. The dark streaks that were moving across his silvery skin have completely covered him and his stone has taken on a more dark grey granite look and feel. In his own words “As Jerome, I was a loser junkie. As Silver Fist I was a loser drug pusher and muscle. Now what am I?”

Pittsburgh Steel tries to reassure him that he is a man of worth and has potential to do great things and that he can have a different life.

After Gravik is released from the hospital, he contacts the local Eddington Industries offices and arranges to meet with Dr. Sanjay Rajesh to discuss Orion Labs’ findings. Dr. Rajesh reviews the material, but decides Gravik needs to see higher ups at the home office in Colorado Springs. At those offices, built next to the remains of Telsa’s Wardenclyffe tower, Gravik meets and works with Dr. Boris Manninov to verify the materials. After more than 2 days, and Manninov noticing Gravik’s power decline after being denied access to a generator, Director of Regional Operations Janice Jagesky clears Gravik as a non-threat to the operations of the generators. She says that the owners of the generators in San Angelo will be notified of their findings.

While Gravik is in Colorado, Pittsburgh Steel (Hank Dawson) returns to Pittsburgh to catch up on company business for Dash Steel. He always wants to base with Jeremy. A representative from NASA, Harper Gavin, meets with Hank to discuss the possibilities of NASA purchasing and using Dash Steel in their work to give a new generation of satellites and refitting Skylab with the heat resistant steel. Hank agrees and Dash Steel continues to grow.
As Pittsburgh Steel, he meets with Jeremy to catch up on happenings there. Jeremy has come across a photo of a flyer from NYC. It apparently was put up by the insane man calling himself Foxbat and he want minions to join him in San Angelo where his next master plan to take over the world will start. Pittsburgh Steel agrees to look into and plans to turn the information over to the SAPD.

As time passes quickly, work on the GCG headquarters progresses and the team tries to become a cohesive unit. It doesn’t go well. Master Juyo decides that the path of the costumed adventurer is not form him. He decides to turn in the mask and robes and take up his hoodie again and go back to wandering the streets of San Angelo. He’s not sure if his path will take him away from the city.

The SAPD don’t have any indication that Foxbat is in the city. There has been a drop in super activity. Bulldozer and Sampson have made a couple of small robberies together, but nothing big and they’ve escaped before PART could get there. Icicle was released on bond, and has disappeared. They don’t think she’s in town anymore. Nothing has been seen of the ….Vibrator.

Both Gravik and Pittsburgh Steel notice unusual behavior by Paragon. He seems very tense and agitated. He is short-tempered and seems off physically – he’s missed some easy acrobatic moves while on patrol and dealing with the normal street criminals. Gravik approaches him but gets told “I’m fine. There’s nothing wrong” and Paragon ends the discussion by leaving.

Not long after, one evening at the headquarters, while Pittsburgh Steel awaits for a better chance to talk with Paragon, the lights of the headquarters go out. Both Gravik and Pittsburgh Steel are at the headquarters and go outside. All of West San Angelo is dark. A major power failure. To the north of the headquarters, near the river, the 2 heroes see a glow. Then lightning shoots up into the sky. Or perhaps Foxbat has started his master plan? Literally jumping into action, the pair head up. Pittsburgh Steel is fairly confident the glow comes from an area where a power substation sits along the river.

Unkown to the heroes:
One evening, just after dark, Grady McGregor gets a pager call to respond to a warning signal at Substation #4. He figures his repair partner Harmond Filligrew will get the same page and heads out. When he gets to the substation, there is a truck there, but it’s not Harmond’s. Grady goes into the control block and find Orin Mathews, another one of many disgruntled employees, planting dynamite about the substation. Orin pulls a gun on Grady. A big gun. Orin says that the company has to pay. Grady knows Orin’s wife is dying of cancer and there are rumors that the company insurance canceled their policy and now he’s deep in debt trying to afford her care. Grady tries to talk to him, but he gets more agitated and shoots Grady. The bullet tears through Grady’s lower spine. Crawling out of the control block, Grady’s hands and arms start to crackle with electricity. In a burst of electricity, Ohm is born and Grady is lost, for now. Confused, scared and not in control of his powers, some damage is done to the substation. Then the Golden City Guardians show up

The 2 heroes reach substation #4 of the Western Gas & Electric. They jump over the wall and see a large ball of energy rolling on the ground under some of the wires with electricity arcing off of it. As they get closer, the see that it is actually a man. Suddenly, Ohm sits up and shouts “Stay away!” and fires a powerful electrical blast at Pittsburgh Steel, striking the armored hero. Gravik attempts to trap the electrical being in a gravity field. Ohm’s body diffuses and floats out of the trap. Pittsburgh Steel fires a heat blasts that goes through Ohm. Ohm recombines and has electrical tendril shoot out and strike at both heroes. The fight continues and the large transformer gets damaged, as does several high power lines and the superstructure holding them up. Pittsburgh Steel gets close to Ohm while he is floating low off the ground. With a mighty downward strike, he drives Ohm into the ground where he lays stunned. Deciding it’s a good idea to get the electricity shooting being away from the substation quickly, Pittsburgh Steel picks up Ohm while Gravik makes his way across the control blockhouse to see if he can start shutting things down.

As he almost clears the area of the transformer, it explodes! It stuns Pittsburgh Steel, and does some damage to Gravik. The Ohm is returned to full health and fully conscious, and begins to get his memories back. But not quite. Pittsburgh Steel pops up and fires a heat blast at Ohm, who fires an electrical blast back at the same time. The blast don’t do much to either of them, except clear the rest of the cobwebs from Grady’s memory. He remembers that Orin is in the control center getting ready to blow it up. Ohm flies to the doorway, shaking off another blast from Pittsburgh Steel. Inside, he finds Orin with a deadman switch in one hand, and the gun in the other.

Grady begins talking with Orin. Gravik comes in and tries to help. Pittsburgh Steel rips the doorway open and adds his voice to talking Orin out of blowing up the substation. Orin finally gives up, but it may be too late. Looking at the consoles, Grady sees that the main plant has lost communication with the substation which means that it can’t be shut down remotely. Worse, there is a backfeed surge building that will send a power surge from the substation to the main plant, doing terrible damage there. Ohm can’t touch the control console but Gravik can. Pittsburgh Steel helps Gravik with the commands and processes for shutting down the substation. Ohm goes desolid and enters the large circuit breaker for the power lines leading back to the main plant. In there, he attempts to absorb the backfeed surge. Tense moments go by until finally the shutdown is complete. Ohm falls out of the machines, and returns to his human form.

The cops arrive. Pittsburgh Steel turns Orin over to them. Gravik finds Grady, bloodied and paralyzed. Suddenly, Grady’s body turns back into electricity and he returns to consciousness. His first question is if they stopped the power surge. After a discussion, Ohm turns himself over to the SAPD to be held for questioning. The police find out that Gaine’s collars don’t work on Ohm.

It takes some time to sort things out. Grady’s wife visits him in jail and is heartbroken over the transformation of her husband. She can’t accept the change, and leaves him. The Western G&E company press charges against both Grady and Orin. With video tape of Ohm’s breakout, they file injunctions to freeze Grady’s assets.
Working through Callie Dalton (Corona) to talk with the power companies lawyers, the power company decides it would be better to drop the criminal charges against Grady. They insist on still having Orin charged and still want to pursue civil claims against them. .
While Grady is still in jail, his buddy and work partner Harmond Filligrew visits him. In a weird scene, Harmond admits that he planned on Grady being killed in Orin’s explosion, so that Harmond could get Grady’s wife. In his rants, Harmond says he’s tried since high school to get Grady’s wife to fall for him. He’s even taken out other men to keep her. Then Grady comes along and marries her. He’s been planning on killing Grady for some time and has now failed twice. And now has to come up with a way to kill Ohm. Harmond says that no trace of himself will ever be found. Not being able to take any more, Ohm readies an energy blast. Harmond anticipates it and does nothing? When Ohm blasts him, the electricity doesn’t affect Harmond. Ohm tries again to no effect. Harmond unleashes an ego blast and stuns Ohm. He then leaves. Ohm uses his powers to contact Pittsburgh Steel to go check on Grady’s wife and tells him about Harmond.
When Pittsburgh Steel gets to Madelynn (Grady’s wife), she doesn’t know any Harmond from her past, only the one her husband works with. Pittsburgh Steel tells her she may be in danger. She decides to take the kids to her mother’s in Albuquerque.

The team finds that there is no one at the power company that remembers a “Harmond Filligrew”, and there are no records of him working there. Pittsburgh Steel tries to search the company computer records with their permission. He find irregularities, but no Harmond. He asks Jeremy to try. Jeremy discovers that there are personnel, payroll and other records missing and tampered with by an expert. Before he can discover anything else, his own system is attacked and crashed by a virus.

With the charges dropped, Ohm is released. But has no home to return to. The GCG take him in seeing him as a potential hero.

Gravik is called to work on the rebuilding of the I7 bridge. Given his powers, he’d be good for that. While getting up to the highest tower, he finds one of the native American steel workers. The old man talks cryptically for a while with Gravik, to no avail. Gravik just doesn’t get what the old man is really saying. Frustrated, the old Indian says trouble is coming to San Angelo in the fall. With that he jumps from the bridge and turns into a bird and flies away.

Base adventure = 1 point
good & inventive roleplaying = 1 point

Total 2 points
Spending points:

You can improve a skill by +1
You can make an existing Familiarity an 11-
You can buy a familiarity with a new skill

Caps are still in force.



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