Golden City Guardians

Golden City Guardians #1A

Orion Labs


Pittsburgh Steel and Gravik make contact with people at Orion Labs who are more than happy to help them. The robotics team have a bugbot head and are excited about the bugbot body that Pittsburgh Steel has. The physics team will help Gravik identify his effect on the Eddington Generators. Master Juyo decides to come along as well. Paragon has some work to do about the new base. The trio make it to the Arroyo Verde without incident and are directed to the appropriate labs by a pretty lax security guard.
At the Robotics Barn, Dr. Franklin Colt himself is waiting for Pittsburgh Steel and the get to work on figuring the robot out. They find that the power cell may very well be a plasma cell. Such a thing is still experimental to most labs. Gravik goes to the Physics lab where they find out that when he charges himself from the generator, he actually causes the generator to spike in power. This would be an impossible occurrence in nature and probably what the Eddington investigation team is trying to figure out.
Master Juyo is going to get a tour of the main lab complex. On the way there. he sees a state police car, a flatbed truck with something big under a tarp and several techs at a nearby building. He tries to investigate on his own, but his security guard escort stops him. So he can drive Master Juyo to the building. There they find a large black box with a rounded lid under the tarp. Juyo investigates it but can’t seem to see what it’s about. He’s not able to open the box and can hear a humming sound coming from inside. Just then, a booming voice from above yells out for the group to turn over the box. It is Sunburst, one of the more powerful supers in the world, a megalomaniac and criminal know for wanton destruction. He wants the box back since it apparently contains his friend Nuke, who is another powerful super.
Master Juyo stands on top of the box while the security guard and techs take cover, and sound the alarm. Sunburst fires a super-heated blast at Master Juyo, but misses and hits the flatbed. He blasts again knocking Juyo off the box. He hefts the box, but it’s weight prevents him from skyrocketing away. Reacting to the alarm, Hank runs full out to get to his armor. Gravik runs full out to get out of the physics lab. Juyo takes a risk and tries to knock the box from Sunburst’s precarious hold, but misses. Gravik arrives on the scene while Hank gets in the armor and heads out.
Gravik is able to knock the box from Sunburst’s hands. It falls hard and cracks open. A large green skinned man rolls out at Juyo’s feet. Master Juyo checks on the new arrival to find him unconcious, and apparently radioactive. He’s killing the grass around him and Master Juyo is feeling a little sick. Sunburst attacks everyone and Nuke regains conciousness. Pittsburgh Steel arrives to lend a hand. A lot of fighting occurs. Pittsburgh Steel is able to throw Sunburst off of his game plan by taunting him and keeping him in a smoke cloud, occasionally hitting the powerful super. Master Juyo and Gravik battle Nuke, both taking horrible damage from the radiation flooding the air around Nuke. Nuke himself tries to pummel his foes. Both sides find it difficult to hit one another. Sunburst and Nuke resort to explosion attacks to get the heroes to drop.
Pittsburgh Steel is nearly able to knock Sunburst out, but the smoke cloud prevents the rest of the Guardian’s from helping out Plus, they’re kind of busy trying to keep Nuke away from Sunburst to prevent both criminals from getting away. Master Juyo shows a tremendous amount of resilience as he is dropped several times, but gets back up again to join the fight. Gravik absorbs radiation levels that would kill a lesser man in his attempts to KO the green-skinned Nuke.
Finally, Sunburst lands several successful and powerful blasts on the Golden City Guardians and is able to get to Nuke. He grabs his compatriot and flies off. Despite the apparrent loss of the battle, the Golden City Guardians were able to stop Sunburst from doing any damage to the Orion Labs facilities and kept the employees safe from harm. On top of that, they went toe to toe with 2 of the most powerful and ruthless supers in the nation. Not only did they hold their own, they nearly defeated Sunburst.

Experience points for Golden City Guardians #1

Base adventure = 1 point
Fought superior foes = 1 point
good & inventive roleplaying = 1 point
Adventure was difficult =1 point (handling a back-to-back fights where they did not have a clear cut victory, but kept going anyway)

Total 4 points

Spending points:

You can improve a skill by +1
You can make an existing Familiarity an 11-
You can buy a familiarity with a new skill

Caps are still in force.



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