Golden City Guardians

Golden City Guardians #1

Headquarters Hunting

After meeting with Chief O’Shea, Gravik, Sebastian, Pittsburgh Steel and Paragon agree to become a super team called The Golden City Guardians. One of the first orders of business is to find a headquarters. Paragon begins to gather each team members’ requirements and starts pouring over the real estate sections. After a few days he turns up some possible locations. On a Sunny afternoon of January 30th, the team heads out to check out the locations. They decide to go out of costume to be less conspicuous.

Headquarters Hunting in San Angelo:
The 1st location is in the North Mission neighborhood, just off of the Golden City Expressway bridge. An abandoned towing company location, the place turns out to be best used a blank slate and have everything built new. There are concerns about the safety of the headquarters and privacy. The area is home to the Vario Mission Boys, one of the gangs that Sebastian has tangled with in the past.

The 2nd location is a closed fraternal lodge in Piper Glen near the river. On the way there, along one of the business streets of Piper Glen, the team runs into some trouble. A security guard comes flying through the glass doors of a jewelry store, landing in the middle of th street. The team is caught unprepared to meet trouble. No one is is costume, and that means no armor for Pittsburgh Steel. A large, muscular and bald man steps out of the jewelry store with a bag in his hand. he ha Bulldozer tattooed on his arm. And yes, that is his name. Even though they are no in costume, the team starts to act. Master Juyo attempts to get out of the moving El Dorado and close with Bulldozer. He misjudges the speed of the car and takes a tumble. Gravik leaps form the backseat as well to a position on top of a city bus. Paragon slows the car to a stop.
Gravik traps Bulldozer with a gravity well, but the bruiser is able to break out. Master Juyo attempts to stop Bulldozer as well, but fails. Paragon gets out of the car to check on the injured security guard. Suddenly another super shows up by smashing into the front of the bus Gravik is standing on. The bus is moved a good 30 feet backwards. Gravik is able top maintain his perch on top of the bus. Sampson is here to get the diamonds and taunts Bulldozer. The battle breaks into a 3-way fight with Master Juyo keeping Bulldozer down with legsweeps, Sampson trying to get the diamonds from Bulldozer, Gravik attempting to stop both the bricks and finally sealing off the diamonds from both of them. Then another super criminal arrives. Icicle shows up to take the diamonds for herself. She’s able to grab the diamonds. Bulldozer still can’t get up and Sampson keeps kicking him in the head. Then yet another super show up. Pittsburgh Steel hears a humming sound and then a shimmering energy field as a man steps through a portal. He announces himself as the ……. Vibrator.
Bulldozer actually decides to leave since he feels there is no chance of getting the stolen goods now. Icicle tries to flee with the jewels, but Master Juyo is able to stop her. Pittsburgh Steel, even without his armor, tries to help. He wrestles Vibrator’s power wand away from him. He tries to break the connection between the wand and the power backpack. Gravik is able to trap Vibrator in a gravity well, bt he is able to teleport out. But he damages his vibration devices. Some more fighting and Sampson finally gives up and leaves. Vibrator’s backpack and vibration wand malfunction and he is teleported somewhere. The team leaves the unconcious Icicle for the cops and make a hasty exit.

The 3rd location in West Angelo turns out to be the abandoned warehouse that Pittsburgh Steel used as a base when he first came to San Angelo. It is decided that this is a great spot for a base.

The team returns to Piper Glen to check out the fraternal lodge and decide it would not fit their needs.



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