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Golden City Guardians Giant Size #10 & #11

The team debates what to do after the phone call with the mystery supplier of Paragon’s serum. They do have the name of the inventor of the serum; Dr. George Wesson. He worked for Diamond Vaccines in Las Vegas when he created the serum on his own time. From Paragon they find that Wesson lost control of the serum when Diamond was bought by a company called Hyperglobal Consolidated. They continued ton honor the contracts with Paragon (as Robin Fleming). But then recently have withheld or delayed delivery. Wesson also died about 4 years ago, but Paragon has the info for his widow. She lives in Seattle.
They contact Marjorie and after she sneakily verifies that they are actually are calling on behalf of Robin, she admits she has some of the serum. Paragon uses the Speedy Delivery Service run by a super who flies really fast to go to Seattle and get the stuff.
Larry the Delivery Guy returns shortly with the vial of serum, plus a notebook filled with Dr. Wesson’s notes. Majorie told him she never trusted companies, soulless things who make people soulless themselves.
Consano looks at the book and after just a few minutes says he can recreate the serum, but it will take a little time, and he needs some specialized equipment and components that will cost quite a bit. Paragon says not a problem.

With Paragon seemingly taken care of, Pittsburgh Steel reminds the team of the stolen armor and the supers Jeremy identified as possible owners of stolen tech. After much discussion over the pros and cons of contacting each of them (especially the super criminals in foreign countries), the team decides to go to Hudson City, New Jersey to talk with Cavalier.
After getting to Hudson City, they use the TV crews to get the word out that they want to talk with Cavalier, and then head to a locale where he usually is active to wait for him.
At the bar, with a group of TV reporters following them, Pittsburgh Steel steps out of his armor and shows the world his Crucible Armor.
Cavalier flies in soon after. Pittsburgh Steel comes out to talk, Master Juyo goes over to camera crew to chat up reporter, Gravik stays on the other sidewalk. Pittsburgh Steel tells Cavalier about the stolen armor and asks him where he got his. Cavalier refuses to say. Things get heated as Pittsburgh Steel presses his point and Cavalier takes offense as he feels he’s being calleded a thief. He starts yelling at Pittsburgh Steel about how no one comes into his town and calls him a thief. Pittsburgh Steel announces his secret identity as Hank Dawson, his background and how he made his armor. He challenges Cavalier to do the same. Cavalier responds with a plasma blast to the under armored Steel, knocking him back into the bar.
Pittsburgh Steel returns and the insults continue, but Pittsburgh gets back into his shell. Before things go further, the sometimes allies of Cavalier show up. Lotus drops in behind Pittsburgh Steel and mightily punches him. He’s knocked further than he has ever been moved before. Savant steps from the crowd and mentally blasts Gravik. Before things get out of hand, Savant calls for a truce and the 6 supers talk about what’s happening. Cavalier remains quiet as Savant defends his right not to expose his identity or history, much like Most of the supers right there. He agrees that the killings of the Rust Brothers and theft of their armor requires investigation, but he can attest that Cavalier wasn’t part of it. Afterwards, Master Juyo attempts to impress Lotus by his knowledge of martial arts and Asian history, and is shot down when she lets him know that she is NOT a martial artist and was born in the states. She remains behind to talk with the Guardians, nothing drastic happens then.

The team pops into Pittsburgh so Steel can say hi to his people, then book travel back to San Angelo. But they divert the flight to Reno to check out Hyperglobal Consolidated, as they are listed there. Jeremy found that Hyperglobal Consolidated is listed as a subsidiary of 10 different companies across the states. There must be something fishy happening there.
The team tries to infiltrate the social scene of Hyperglobal Consolidated. Gravik does learn that there is a large number of very guards there that are on some kind of drug while at a bar called the Snake Pit. Pittsburgh Steel learns the name of a couple of managers and an executive from some researchers hanging out a a place called the High Life Lounge.
Master Juyo has tremendous success sneaking into their facility outside of Reno. He finds that it is heavily guarded inside, with a large secured lab underground. He is able to grab a binder of documents from a lab where 2 men were receiving intravenous liquids.
The binder holds records of the 2 men and their reactions to certain changes in the meds. Finally deciding that they cannot determine what is actually happening at Hyperglobal Consolidated, and if it’s legal or not, the team returns home to San Angelo. And find that Consano has had to leave town, citing a problem with his past.

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Golden City Guardians #9

Golden City Guardians #9

2 weeks after talking to the Division of Paranormal Affairs, Dr. Randall Williams is finally visited by the head of the division. Lt. Chet Dawes comes to his clinic to talk about Randall’s offer to work with the police.
Dawes talked with Chief O’Shea, Detective Duncan and waited for a background check to come back clean before coming to Williams willing to talk about working together. With Randall’s background in medicine and research, they would like him to work with Det. Duncan on the Anton Megalo case. Dawes gives him a preferred visitor pass, that allows him access to Headquarters and files Duncan has on the case. Randall accepts the offer, goes to SAPD Headquarters and begins getting up to speed on the case.
Randall draws some conclusions based on what he sees in the gruesome photos, police reports and autopsy notes. He continues to look for the place the last experiment took place. By luck, he sees a patient whose father is with him. The father smells like the odor Randall hasn’t been able to identify. The smell is a mix of spices used by a noodle shop in Old Chinatown. The man gives Randall directions to the shop. Once free from work, Randall goes to Chinatown and finds the noodle shop, and down one alleyway, he finds the alley he has been looking, as well as the door the victim escaped from. Turning invisible, he enters and searches the room inside. It has been chemically cleaned, but some left over items proves it was the operating room. Randall finds a piece of a chemical jar with part of a name on it – ‘Cartox’.
Randall turns over all of the evidence to SAPD and remembers the only chemical he knows of that starts that way is Cartoxamine. Quick research turns up that it is a very cheap anesthetic used by vets. Working with the SAPD, they find the only supplier of Cartoxamine. Duncan is very wary about doing anything that might tip Megalo off that they have this lead. He’s been able to escape too many times by somehow knowing when the police were closing in.
A Stakeout is set up on the supplier and it takes a while, but finally cartoxamine is sold and the delivery driver is followed to a warehouse in West San Angelo. Dawes contacts the Golden City Guardians and Randall to come to Headquarters. They all meet and introductions are made. Randall introduces himself by name and then code name Consano. Chief O’Shea and Duncan are there. The police ask the heroes to investigate the warehouse. Since it is in West San Angelo, the SAPD has no jurisdiction and would need to coordinate with the County Sheriff to go there, and get a search warrant for the location. Both actions take times and opens up the possibility of Megalo from escaping. The heroes agree.
Arriving at the warehouse, Master Juyo and Randall get on the roof at the back of the building, while Pittsburgh Steel and Gravik take the front. Steel opens the main loading dock door and enters. A few steps in, and between several stacks of boxes, Pittsburgh Steel is actually lifted in the air by tentacles coming from the shadows at the ceiling, and thrown down to the ground. Unhurt of course, just a little unused to being knocked over. A humanoid figure drops from the ceiling onto the crates above Pittsburgh Steel. It is heavily clothed and has several long black tentacles coming from it.
Randall teleports from the ceiling into the warehouse, trusting his power to protect him. He arrives on the far side of the warehouse floor. Gravik comes in through the main door as well. Master Juyo waits for someone to try to escape out the back. The fight starts between the tentacle thing and the heroes. While he doesn’t move that fast, his tentacles seem to continuously block attacks or help push him put of the way of danger. He yells for the doc to run. As the fight on the warehouse floor begins, Master Juyo here’s voices beneath him and waits for action. And finally gives up waiting and runs the length of the building, drops off the roof and prepares to enter the warehouse. Inside, a steel girder comes flying through the drywall separating the warehouse from offices. Gravik tries to use the beam in battle.
Master Juyo makes a run for it and jumps through the hole in the wall. On the othr side he sees 2 people; one is a balding man in a lab coat, the other is the steel woman known as Chrome. Chrome announces she has the power and jumps into a hole in the floor. She’s trying to escape through the sewers! Master Juyo follows her and gets a metal fist in the ribs for his effort as Chrome waited for him. He’s knocked back down the sewer tunnel. Dr Megalo follows Master Juyo, but not as gracefully and injures himself dropping into the sewer.
On the warehouse floor, Gravik covers the tentacle person with a gravity well. Pittsburgh Steel barrels through the drywall to get into the office just as everyone escapes down the hole, quickly followed by Consano. Steel tries to get through the hole but gets stuck instead. In the sewer, Master Juyo is swarmed by rats as Megalo asks for help from ‘Zootopia’. Chrome leaps off the other direction. Megalo tries to crawl away but Consano teleports in front of him. The rats drop off Juyo and form into a large alligator. Juyo hits it a few times and it breaks apart int thousands of cockroc which disappear into the sewers.
After the fight, the team helps 5 victims found strapped to gurneys and begin questioning Megalo. Consano is able to get a little info out of him by guessing that Megalo has been trying to find out what is he source of super powers and how to give himself those powers. He says Chrome has a piece, but can’t have the full secret.
The team also discovers a makehift lab that Consano can rummage and find info related to the source of supers. Laeibechev bodies in the blood. The team calls the cops, turns Megalo and Smidge, the tentacled man, over to the cops and the homeless victims to the hospital.
Back at GCG Headquarters, Consano sets up a quick lab to do some tests himself, Pittsburgh Steel visits Stonewall, the super formally called Silverfist, in prison. Stonewall is trying to remain model prisoner, but is getting moved to another prison soon. He doesn’t know where. Master Juyo changes into his Sebastian clothes and goe back the the homeless population to see if he can get any other info. Gravik goes home and finds out his good friend Dimitri is in County hospital. He visits his friend, who is dying of radiation poisoning. The Russian mobster admits he looked inside the box he and Yuri took and found a canister with a bunch of wires. The but it inside the base of a statue in university commons. Gravik also visit Paragon at his estate and finds the Perfect Human sick, mean and depressed. His butler Cedric asks for help.
Consano is sure that the Leibechev bodies are a source of super powers and turns his findings over to Faraday clinic. Gravik asks him to heal Dimitri. Which he does. They then get the rest of the Guardians to do an intervention on Paragon. After a heated exchange, Paragon admits he got his abilities from a serum he takes monthly. The doctor now in charge of the serum has withheld it for 2 months and he is getting sicker. Paragon has tried to bargain with the doctor, but no amount of money he’s offered has got the mess to him. They get the SAPD involved and try to find the doctor. Their call gets routed to an unknown person who says Paragon isn’t worth it.

Golden City Guardians 7 & 8

Pittsburgh Steel works in his lab. He hears a young child yelling for help. He begins to leave the lab, not in his armor, to investigate. As he moves through the doorway, his armor forms around him, and he finds himself in a long hallway, similar to a hotel hallway, Despite the fact that his armor does not do that kind of thing, and his lab is not connected to this kind of hallway, he moves down the hall to where the child’s cries for help comes from. He opens the door…….

Master Juyo is in his dojo, practicing, He beings to hear a child cry for help. He leaves his dojo and begins to walk down a hallway filled with rice paper doors. Despite the fact that his dojo does not connect to this kind of hallway, he moves toward the door he hears the child’s cries from. He slides open the door..,

Gravik is drinking with his good comrades. It is a good night. But then he hears the yell for help from a child. No one else seems to notice. Despite the fact that no one else hears the child, he doesn’t bring it to their attention and instead he gets up and heads down the hallway to the storeroom. He goes in and sees the racks of cases of beer, bottles, and other items, An emergency exit is across from him and he here’s the cries from behind it. He opens the door…..

Each of the heroes come into an oversized bedroom. Gravity is on the sill of an open window near the center of a wall. Master Juyo is on the edge of an open toy box at the far end of the room. And Pittsburgh Steel steps from a closet almost opposite Gravik, but at floor level. At the other end of the room from the toy box is a huge bed, some 30 feet long and 20 feet wide. Sobs from a child can be be heard from the beneath the blankets on the bed. “Please help me. Don’t let him get me!”

Master Juyo and Pittsburgh Steel can see glowing red eyes and a sharp-toothed grin under the bed.

The heroes enter the room and are immediately attacked by toys! Robotic looking toys converge on all the heroes, including 1 really big blue and red one. The child screams “No Optimus! Don’t do that! Those are good guys!”

A fight ensues with The Golden City Guardians taking on the Auto-bots AND Decepticons when they spring from hiding. Master Juyo is able to get on the bed and is swarmed by toys. Pittsburgh Steel fires a smoke clinker to help him out, but it’s batted away by GI Joe with a tennis racket! Gravik is busy putting up walls and capturing toys.
Master Juyo grabs a young boy of about 10 and jumps off the bed. The Thing Under the Bed starts to scream “ He’ off the bed! He’s off the bed! Get him!”

The toys try to reach Master Juyo, but he’s too fast, and he gets help. Gravik takes down Bumblebee and a couple of Decepticons while Pittsburgh Steel takes on Optimus Prime, who nearly clobbers PS!
As the toys are reduced in numbers and Master Juyo evades the rest, Pittsburgh Steel goes to the end of the bed and lifts it, exposing a creature half man and half spider sitting in a depression under the bed! It screams as the light shines on it and retreats to a dark corner of the depression. Steel throws the bed completely away fro the hole. The creature screams again and actually squeezes itself into a hole in the floor.

All of the GCGers wake up, drenched in sweat. They in their own beds. It was just a dream, wasn’t it?

The next morning, the Guardians realize that they all had the same dream and that it couldn’t be a coincidence. Pittsburgh Steel realizes the boy in the bed reminds him of one of the kids he met at the Starmont Estates when the team took out the Wolf Pack. They head there and find Dexter, the very brainy kid in the wheel chair who’s very interested in the workings of Pittsburgh Steel’s armor. Dexter tells them about Danny Masterson, whose been really sick lately and can’t play. They go there and find Mrs.Masterson. Danny has been sick, sleeping horribly and getting weaker. No one can figure out what’s wrong with him. Gravik and Master Juyo are allowed to go upstairs to the boys room while Pittsburgh Steel looks in from the window.
The room is laid out the same as it was in the dream. Danny is laying in his bed, looking very pale and tired. But he lights up and smiles when he sees heroes. He says that they drove his nightmare away. The heroes talk with him and find he has been haunted by the nightmare for several weeks now. Looking under the bed, Master Juyo does not see anything, but there is a stale odor. They get Danny out of the bed and move it. At the corner of the head of the bed, there is a dark spot in the carpet. At the same spot where the creature crawled to in the dream. Master Juyo lifts the edge of the carpet and they see a dark spot on the wood.
While they still aren’t sure if there really is a nightmare creature or if the boy has some sort of power, they suggest to the mom that they not stay there that night. She can’t leave, as she has a younger daughter as well. Pittsburgh Steel suggests a friends sleepover at the GCG headquarters with Danny and his neighborhood friends. She agrees to this. Surprisingly, so do the other parents and the heroes transport Danny, Dexter and several more boys to the headquarters. Gravik also contacts the Horizon Institute and talks with them about possible powers that might include pulling people into dreams, or maybe nightmare creatures. The contact at the Institute says that it is possible that some mental power might permit a person to bring another person into their dream. They haven’t recorded that particular power yet. But there is the definite possibility of it. They don’t have anything to add about a creature from a nightmare. Pittsburgh Steel contacts Dr. Colt at Orion Labs and tells him of their situation. Colt says he has just the team that would like to investigate this. They have a department that is trying to prove the existence of other dimensions or realities, and this might be something they could look into. He agrees to send a research team to the house to investigate the room.
At the GCG Headquarters, Dexter inundates Pittsburgh Steel with questions about his armor, especially his power source. PS realizes that Dexter really knows what he’s talking about, and might even be working on something of his own. PS shows Dexter his armor schematics. The rest of the boys have a blast.
The investigation team from Orion Labs get to Danny’s house and set up equipment. They find odd electromagnetic signatures in his bedroom, concentrated at the head of the bed. There are some other readings that they find interesting. In the overnight, nothing unusual happens to Danny and he gets his first night of good sleep in weeks. The investigation team doesn’t experience anything odd either. Later, the team Dr. Colt talk to the Guardians about what they found. With the readings they have and the fact that the boy did not experience any nightmares, the team is fairly certain that some sort of extra-dimensional being created a portal and was influencing the boys dream, and possibly even entering our dimension. They want to keep working on things, but they don’t have enough to prove their theory.

After Danny returns home, the team splits into 2 paths of activity. Gravik and Master Juyo go to the book signing of the author that is considered the leading authority on H. P. Lovecraft. When they meet Dr. Stanton Burgess, he’s willing to talk with them and looks at the statue of the flying creature from Maine. He says that the statue is a remarkable representation of what a small C’Thuulu might look like given Lovecraft’s writing, but he is obviously skeptical of the duo at the suggestion that this was really a living creature. He blatantly states that Lovecraft was a nervous wreck prone to breakdowns and fevers. He does not actually believe Lovecraft discovered and documented any other-worldly creatures. However, many people do. And in fact he tells them of a festival held in Maine at a town called Dunwich that celebrates and perpetuates Lovecraft’s writings and creatures. The festival is in August.

Pittsburgh Steel travels to Michigan to commemorate a memorial for the Rust Brothers.
A memorial stand with a plaque commemorating the Rust Brother’s final act is set at the base of the Cooper Harbor Lighthouse. The ceremony is attended by the Mayor of Detroit and the Lt Governor of Michigan representing V8; A variety of football players to represent for Freight Train from Buffalo and the Assistant Mayor of Chicago representing Chi-Town.
There are several speeches about the Rust Brothers’, what they meant to the community and the senseless loss of their lives. A wreath is laid on the plaque by Pittsburgh Steel as the ceremony ends. Afterwards, Pittsburgh Steel is taken by the Coast Guard Cutter USS Scarbourough. Lt Commander James Finch tells Pittsburgh Steel the full story from the Government’s side of the Rust Brother’s final resting place. It has been publicly acknowledged that a buoy marker floats above the crash site and they do sonar readings to verify the location of the armor/bodies. They say that they have advanced sonar and precise topographical maps that determine the locations. Finch says the buoy is real, and it has a signal that warns anyone from approaching it. It is a crime to tamper with the buoy or to dive in the area. The real secret is how they verify the locations. When the attack happened, the Scarbourough was the first cutter on scene. Not long after, a Navy dive team arrived with an advanced remote submersible robot. That Team operated the robot and watched the video screen themselves to identify the bodies. The robot then tagged the armor with a signal marker that was on a frequency reserved for the navy. They operated the video and robot from their own inflatable boat they brought with them. Since that night, every month the Scarborough takes on the same dive team and equipment, goes to the buoy and the dive team operates their equipment to verify the location.

They reach the buoy and Pittsburgh Steel descends in cold depths, down 900 feet to the bottom. He then works his way to the location, with the help of a spotlight rigged up by the Coast Guard. He sees the outline of Freight Train’s armor. When he reaches it, he finds that it is just a large sheet of metal wieghed down to keep it in place, with the tracking device attached to the sheet of metal, There is no body. He moves on and finds Chi-Town and V-8 the same way. Nothing but a bogus sheet of metal cutout to look like the silouette of each armor. He does find the Flying Bathtub wreckage. He ascends and tells Finch what he’s found and wants answers to how this could have happened if they are looking.
Finch admits to Steel that no one on the cutter has ever seen the video feed from the submersible. Only the Navy team ever saw the feed or operated the submersible. In fact, the dive team resigned from the Navy about a year ago, and has been employed by a private underwater salvage company that contracts heavily with the navy. They still have the submersible, or a version of it. That same team still comes on board and must have a navy contract to do the work. But then, Finch nor anyone other than the dive team saw anything that went on below the surface that night, or anytime after.
The Rust Brother’s armors have been stolen! And somehow this dive team must be involved!
Finch promises to do what he can to find out about the dive team, and their company from the Service side. He may not have luck since they have left the service, but he’ll try. Freight train saved his brother in Buffalo and he owes the Brother’s at least that much.

Pittsburgh Steel heads home, contacting Jeremy to find out info about the dive team members and the company they work for – Fitzham Salvage.

Jeremy had already reached out to the presidents of the fan clubs of the other Brothers. Kenny, Kyle and Stan started looking into power armored supers whose armor might be similar to or even based on the stolen armors. They turned up 3 possibilities of supers who in the last 2 years might fit that.

A Russian super who has actually been around awhile, but his armor changed drastically 10 months ago. They’v translated his name as the Iron Duke. He is a criminal. His headpiece is nearly identical to Freight Train’s, and his waist now rotates 360 degrees like V-8’s.

Mechanaut is a large frame armor similar to both Freight Train and Pittsburgh Steel, but closer to the former. He has many weapons pods that none of the Brothers did. He works for a warlord in the Sudan. He’s been around for almost 2 years..

Cavalier is a crime fighter who showed up about 4 months ago on the East Coast. His armor is has some resemblance to Chi-Town, but is missing the signature fans in the wings, and the gauntlets are very different.

News of the World #3
May through July 1985

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News of the World May-July


Golden City Guardians #6 Post-script

After things had settled down and most crisis had been taken care of, the Guardians realized that Ohm had never returned from the Generator Building. Heading there quickly they find the technicians outside, slightly injured, but more in a state of shock. Smoke was coming out of one side of the building. They said Ohm had gone into the stack wall and suddenly everything started to spark and explode. They were able to get themselves outside, but barely. And then Ohm fell out of the wall on the outside. And he was human again. They did their best to get the still bleeding gunshot wound wrapped up. Pittsburgh Steel recognizes the person on the ground as the same man that fell out of the walls at the substation. Ohm was human again, and had not reverted back to electricity yet. He was taken to a nearby hospital for surgery. The last word that the Guardians had on him was that they got the bullet out, but he was in a coma.

The Guardians start investigating and accumulating information. The locals say that once in a while, there have been streaks of lightning across the sky before, and sometimes and odd circular glow after the strikes.
All of the researchers and some of the workers at the facility tell them that Dr. Eddington had been acting weird for about a year.
This makes the team think that there have been other portals opened up, and other little creatures getting through to take over someone. Someone like Eddington.

Pittsburgh Steel leaves his armor to be able to investigate the Eddington facility, especially Dr. Eddington’s office. . With some masterful computer work, he is able to get into Eddington’s computer. Up until a year ago, many of the notes, files and emails were normal – scientific notes, personal emails business notes, some very advanced theories and experiment suggestions. And then it suddenly turns to gibberish. Soon after that, files starting showing up with characters that Pittsburgh Steel could even figure out how the computer made it. The other files and emails slowly reached a level of ‘normalcy’ . However, there was a distinct pattern of the odd language showing up that corresponded to time Gravik was messing with a generator. And once Ohm showed up, there was even more of them.

Pittsburgh Steel made copies of the weird language files , hoping someone might be able to decrypt them. He also contacted Jeremy about the creatures, to start doing some research on them. Jeremy laughs and asks why is he describing Cthulhu – a fictional creature created by H.P Lovecraft. Steel asks Jeremy to find the leading authority on Lovecraft and his works.

The FBI shows up and take Eddington and any other person who had been taken over by a creature into ‘observational custody’ to make sure that they are OK. With the help of several witnesses, Pittsburgh Steel thinks he has them beveling that Eddington is still inhabited and potential dangerous.

The team finally leaves Minatonka, Maine. And head to Pittsburgh so Steel can look in on the business, make some appearances and pump up the city’s confidence. They then go on an old-home week tour of Buffalo, Detroit and Chicago. Pittsburgh Steel is able to reconnect with the families of his lost friends. Gravik and Master Juyo enjoy the long trip home, but probably not as much as Steel.

The Golden City Guardians finally return to San Angelo on July 13th.

Golden City Guardians #6

The small black-winged horrors descend quickly from the portal. They break into small groups of 3 to 4 and move towards either the Guardians, or some of the town’s folk who came out to see the heroes. Pittsburgh Steel was running up the street after all. Some of the people ran, some stood in horror, the Guardians took the fight to them. Dr. Britton tried to help Ohm recover from vomiting lightning. Thay are all black, with bat wings, and tentacles hanging from the bottom of the face.

Gravik sets up a gravity force wall to protect a couple, and Master Juyo leaps up and balances on the 1-inch thin barrier to get closer to the group of creatures descending on them. Pittsburgh Steel leaps to engage a group going after other people. The fight ensues with the creatures descending but remaining in flight to attack the heroes and people. Gravik finds his powers are slightly off and struggles catching any of the creatures in a gravity well. Pittsburgh Steel has slightly better luck using his toxic cloud clinkers to send a group of creatures into coughing fits. Ohm recovers himself and tries to protect Dr. Britton. She tells him to fly to the nearest generator and get the operators to shut it down. He takes of, almost as fast as a lightning bolt. Master Juyo has success keeping the creatures focused on him, instead of going after the normals.

Gravik starts to have success and Pittsburgh Steel continues to jump and gas different groups of creatures, trying to keep them away from the people. One he wasn’t able to stop and it got on an older man’s back. It rears back and drapes its tentacles across the man’s head, and then fades and sinks into the man’s body. Not sure what to do, Pittsburgh Steel drops a clinker ln the man and the group of creatures around him. The man collapses, and a few seconds later, the black creature falls ‘out’ of the man’s body. He clinkers the whole group again causing them to collapse as well. He then turns his attention to a group that is flying up the street.

Master Juyo is nearly done taking out his group and begins to run down another group of them, with the last ones of the group he was fighting chasing him. Gravik uses his gravity powers to encircle another group chasing people, stopping their progress, and is finally able to bring down 2 others with gravity entangles.

Dr. Britton is surrounded and attacked, with one of the things being able to attach its tentacles to her. But it is flung back from her and the others attacking her back off. They come back and surround her. She jumps back in the jeep to hide.

Ohm reaches the Generator Building. Inside the 2 techs agree that they need to shut down the generator, but say it will take a full half-hour. Ohm spreads himself thin and enters the walls with a stack of capacitors in it. He causes a feed-back burst and fries the whole stack. The surge of energy goes flowing from the building, to the portal where it splinters and strike at everyone on the Gravik’s gravity shields draw even more power to him and he is lifted in the air, encircled by electricity. He drops his shields and is able to escape.

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy – I want my own table and chair. There is a brief pause in the game as Gravik gets our future gamer set up next to us, and he promptly confiscates a couple minis, dice and legos to build his own layout like we’re using. It won’t be much longer before he joins us officially :)

Something BIG is near the opening of the portal and nearly scares Dr. Britton to death. Gravik does a gravity wave trying to strike either the creature he can barely make out, of the portal. He gets the portal and it begins to close, but there is an energy feedback and he is nearly rendered unconscious.

Pittsburgh Steel is able to shut down another group, and save a Boy Scout that got taken over. He comes back just as the creature in the portal reaches through and forms a new… thing that it drops to the ground below. As it falls, it turns into a large spider-like creature. It land and Pittsburgh Steel immediately pounds on it.

The portal finally closes completely and the creatures left behind scream in their weird language. Those still conscious crouch and turn to stone. The unconscious ones turn to stone, but crumble apart. The spider thing explodes in a shower of goo.

Master Juyo returns, but Pittsburgh is able to tell he has been taken over. It takes a little bit, but he gets Master Juyo knocked out and tags the creature after it falls out. With Dr. Britton’s help, Pittsburgh Steel and Gravik get all of the townspeople up to the facility, and work with the Sheriff to see if anyone is missing. They are worried that someone got taken over they didn’t see. They discover 2 people are missing. They search and eventually find them, and have to get them freed of control. It is also found that Dr. Eddington was missing. He never came out of the facility. Master Juyo runs through the facility and finds a gibbering Eddington.

By now, state police and medical personnel have arrived and are helping out. They figure out that Eddington does have a creature in him, but it does not leave him when he is knocked unconscious. Nearly so, but it keeps control of him. And stays inside.

Golden City Guardians #5
Hate comes to town

June, 1985:
The team continues to improve their compound. There is a discussion about having a “hot line” for people to contact them. Currently only the police have a direct line to the team through radio contact with Pittsburgh Steel, and Ohm. They don’t fully commit, but they start investigating the possibility of 1-800-GC-GUARD.
While the money from the comic book deals hasn’t come rolling in yet, Master Juyo considers what to do with his new found income given he took a vow of poverty. Guess there’s going to be some extra donations flowing into the coffers of some of the local shelters. Gravik upgrades his choice of vodka. Pittsburgh Steel looks at other possible investments, or maybe some additional armor upgrades.
Near the end of the month, the team is contacted by Lt. Dawes, their liaison with the SAPD. He says the Chief and Mayor Martinez would like to meet the team. Well, part of the team. He says that the matter is a sensitive one and the Mayor and Chief would feel better if Ohm wasn’t present. Pittsburgh Steel agrees to meet at the normal location on the roof of the police parking ramp the next day.
The team minus Ohm arrive at the parking ramp and the Chief and Mayor are already there. They notice that despite who they are meeting, there is only a couple of security people present. In fact it looks like the 2 arrived in the same car. Very unusual.
Between the 2 City Officials, they explain that there is going to be a rally on the 30th put on by a Professor Marko Worth. The problem is that Worth is pushing hate as his subject, and he draws a lot of racist and militant groups. And worse, a super called the White Knight, who is a KKK reject. The Mayor and Chief would like the team to be on hand for a sort march and the rally to help keep the peace. PART won’t be present even though the White Knight is expected to show and normally they would be used to handle a super. They feel the team could handle this threat faster and with less possible collateral damage than PART. There will also be counter-protesters along the route and at the park.
The team agrees to help and take the next week to research Worth and the White Knight. they find info that paints Worth as a good speaker, but essentially a hate monger and borderline racist. the White Knight seems to be a bruiser, but with a force field of fire that damages people and the ability to do a fire blast. They check out the route and the park to decide the best strategy. Gravik also uses his underworld contacts to see if anyone is planning anything criminal against the march and/or rally, or against Worth himself, but doesn’t turn up anything. The team decides to have Gravik, Paragon and Master Juyo to walk the route with the marchers, keeping between them and any counter protesters along the street. Pittsburgh Steel would position himself halfway along the route to be very visible to both the rally members and any counter protesters.

June 30th, the day of the Hate is Freedom Rally.
The team arrives at the steps of the UCSA administration building (the starting point of the march) to coordinate with the police. There counter-protesters at the college and along the route. Just before it’s time for the rally, Worth arrives in a white limo followed by 2 white vans. He has a group of followers calling themselves the Worthy that support him. Worth has a brief conversation with the Chief, Mayor and the team then gathers his people for the march. He is met with boos and shouts from the crowd. As they march begins, about a dozen fully robed and hooded KKK members get out of some cars and join the back of the Worthy. The crowd really gets angry.
The march begins with 2 little old ladies holding a long banner with HATE = FREEDOM on it. Worth walks right behind the banner followed by the rest of the Worthy, then the KKK. He uses a bullhorn to shout at the crowd about the power of hate and to come to the rally to hear him out. The march gets about 1/4 of the way to the park when about a dozen neo-nazis and skinheads come out from between a couple of buildings, push their way past the counter-protesters, jump the barricades and join the march. The crowd really gets loud and upset then.
As the march nears Pittsburgh Steel’s position, moving quickly out of a coffee shop and into the street are 2 large black men in white t-shirts and another, thinner lack man dressed all in black. They stand in the middle of the street. The smaller man yells at Worth that he is called Deacon, San Angelo is his town and has no place for Worth. Worth moves forward to talk with Deacon, but doesn’t make any headway. As the talk, one of the KKK members comes forward and moves towards Deacon. Pittsburgh Steel sees that the KKK is wearing very large combat boots, the same that the White Knight wears. As he nears Deacon, The White Knight throws off the traditional robes and is in his stylized outfit. He confronts Deacon and Worth moves back with the Worthy. The 2 men exchange words, White Knight turns on his flames and tackles Deacon. While the 2 are on the ground, Deacon lets loose with a blast of some kind of force and blows White Knight off him. white Knight gets up and one of Deacon’s men helps him up,
Then it gets really interesting as Pittsburgh Steel fires a smoke canister into the street, and follows up with a gas grenade. He hopes to break up the fight before it gets out of hand. And then he moves into the smoke as he is unaffected by it. The 2 combatants take a couple of shots at each other, but then back off. Pittsburgh Steel goads White Knight into taking a swing at him just as the smoke clears and the people only see White Knight trying to hit Pittsburgh Steel.
While he was playing peace-maker up front, the crowd and the marchers started yeelling more and more at each other. At the back of the march, a woman from the counter-protesters gets ready to throw something at one of the neo-nazis. Master Juyo sees her, but feels she doesn’t have a real weapon and doesn’t intervene. The ripe tomato hits one of the skinheads square in the face. another skin head tries to charge at the woman, but one of the SAPD officers steps in and clotheslines the skinhead, tells them to get on tneir own side of the barricade, then tells the tomato-thrower to either leave, or get arrested. Gravik moves forward to see if he needs to help at the front against the White Knight.
With the smoke cleared, Worth tells the White Knight to stand down and get back in line, even though he told Gravik and Pittsburgh Steel that he doesn’t have any control over the Knight. the march. Deacon tells his people that their going to the park. The rest of the march goes without incident and reaches the park. The Worthy, KKK and skinheads move into a barricaded section of the park, where Worth takes to a stage with a podium. The counter-protesters move to the other side of the barricades. the team notes that Deacon and his 2 men are nearby on a small hill. Pittsburgh Steel positions himself in-between Deacon’s position and the White Knight’s position, near the stage area. Master Juyo positions himself near the edge of the barricades at the front of the area. Paragon and Gravik tale similar positions near the back. The police are aslos stationed around the area. Worth begins his speech in earnest.
He is a very good speaker, very persuasive and is able to make what he says sound reasonable and even sensible. Even though it is entirely about hate, and using that hate to get what you want, and the power of hate. He somehow makes it sound….. ok. But at the same time, portions of the crowd get angrier and angrier; the skin heads do their shouts of “White Power” and nazi salutes; even Gravik, Paragon and Pittsburgh Steel can feel the anger well up in them. People, situations, governments and “those in power” – all things that each of the team has had to deal with and suddenly these things are really getting to them. They’re getting angry like the crowd, they are feeling…hate. Only Master Juyo remains calm and continues to scan the crowd. He tells himself, the ones in the rally won’t make the move, it will be one of the protesters,
And then he sees the man in light jacket moving along the back of the protesters, moving closer to the stage. He moves to be closer to where the man ends his walk. Pittsburgh Steel sees it too, and despite his feelings, warns the team that something might be coming. The man draws a pistol, raises it and fires at Worth. Master Juyo steps in and takes the bullet meant for Worth, and then disarms the shooter, but busting the shooters face with his fist. All heck breaks out. The KKK and skinheads charge the crowd, the Worthy surround the stage ready to protect Worth, the crowd readies to fight the ralliers, except for a few that go after the cops.
And then the White Knight turns on the counter protesters and sends a wide blast of blue fame into them, dropping a few, their clothes on fire. Pittsburgh Steel and Gravik move on the Knight, Master Juyo gets the shooters gun and the begins taking down the charging KKKs. Paragon and the cops near him intercept the skinheads charging near them. Pittsburgh Steel drops a gas grenade to break up a large group of counter protesters, skin heads and KKKs. White Knight takes down a cop with his fire. Gravik puts up a force wall to keep a cop safe from being pummeled by a half-dozen counter protesters,
White Knight and Pittsburgh Steel trade some shots, with Pittsburgh Steel dishing out more than the White Knight gives back, and continues to goad the Knight into attacking him and leaving the crowd and police alone. A couple of big hits and the White Knight goes down. The rest of the ralliers are either scattered, unconscious or being put under arrest. That’s when Gravik sees Worth and Deacon talking to each other, but can’t get to them due to a skinhead with a gun shooting at him. Master Juyo sees it and uses a burst of speed to get to the 2.
Worth tells Master Juyo that there’s nothing he needs to worry about, this is just 2 rational, intelligent men coming to an understanding. Deacon says “It ain’t nothing of your concern”. Deacon then turns and heads off with his men. Worth gathers the Worth and the police move in to arrest everyone else. A Gaines collar is on hand to lock up the White Knight. Statements are taken of everyone. Worth is invited to give his statement downtown.
Afterwards the team talks and compares notes and think that no matter how much sense Worth may have been making, the anger that they felt themselves and the reactions of the crowd didn’t match. And the questioned the shooters true motives. With Jeremy’s help, they get a video of Worth’s speech. None of them feel the anger rise up like they did at the park. And they see that the crowd seems to get angrier – both the rally people and the counter protesters – after Worth talks at them directly and looks at them. they even see when he talked and looked at each of the team and recognized that was when the anger started to build. Jeremy and Pittsburgh Steel use a new internet service called Yodel to search the internet for mental persuasion information and turn up a lot of information put out by a group called the Horizon Institute.
It turns out that the Horizon Institute is located near San Angelo. Pittsburgh Steel calls them to see if they could l come out and talk. The director of the Institute, Mr. Boyle, agrees and arranges a meeting. Pittsburgh Steel, Master Juyo and Gravik go to meet with the director, but Gravik decides to stay in the car, suddenly becoming worried about an organization that seems to be tracking and cataloging supers. Boyle meets the duo in the parking lot to allow for Pittsburgh Steels size. They discuss the changes in the crowds behavior at the rally at length. Boyle lets them now is own staff has reviewed the tape of the rally and no one seemed to get overly angry during it and there did not appear to be any effects happening on screen. He says that most people who are mentally manipulated recognize the fact afterward, and can usually identify who did the manipulation. He did say that it would be possible for a strong enough mentalist to make the person not realize that they have been manipulated. The former hero Mind Master was a powerful enough mentalist to such. In fact there is a thought that he is active as a vigilante mentally manipulating some criminals into surrendering and thinking that it was their own idea. With that in mind, it might be possible that Worth is strong enough to conceal his effects from his victims. Master Juyo also reveals his true background during the discussion as he was not affected by anything that Worth may have been doing, and if Boyle might find that useful. Nothing like someone saying that they are 1/2 vampire 1/2 werewolf to turn a few heads!
After that discussion, Bolye broaches the subject of the Institutes goals of cataloging supers and providing analysis of powers and such. Would the duo be willing to offer some DNA for their records and research? Pittsburgh Steel agrees, but tells Boyle that he knows they won’t find anything odd in his DNA. Boyle says Pittsburgh Steel might be surprised. Not only does Master Juyo offer up his DNA, but says he’s willing to work with the Institute with anything that might be related to his ….ethnicity??? Boyle thanks him and files the info.

The trio leave the Institute and Gravik decides to follow up on things brought up in discussion with the others, in particular what about Deacon. He turns to his trusted street sources and finds that Deacon is not a native San Angelean. Deacon came to town a couple of years ago and has been something of a community activist and rabble rouser.
The team also follows up with the SAPD about the shooters identity. Master Juyo and Pittsburgh Steel feel that it was his actions that truly sparked the riot. The SAPD has found that the man is originally from Georgia. They are checking to see if he has any ties to Worth and was actually an accomplice in creating a riot.

Soon after that, Gravik receives an odd call fro Dr. Boris Manniov, of the Colorado lab of Eddington Industries. Manninov had run the tests on Gravik when he was there, Manninov tells him that Dr. Eddington wants to meet Gravik, and has sent a pilot to get him. Why the pilot came to Colorado, he’s not sure. In fact Manninov is not sure of a lot of things happening at Eddington. He tells Gravik that Dr. Eddington hasn’t been seen in a year, apparently hidden away at some u disclosed Eddington facility, No one knows where he is, but Manninov says that people that get curious end up getting fired. He asks Gravik to come to Colorado and perhaps bring help. He says that the pilot is very strange acting and doesn’t know anything a out Gravik, or who might be with him. He lets gravik know that he can arrange for a plane large enough for more than just him if needed. The Guardians agree to go with Gravik to Colorado, except for Paragon, who remains to man the HQ.
At Colorado Springs, the pilot IS very strange and hesitant to let everyone on the plane. But when Ohm says he’s electricity based, the pilot appears to get lost in thought and then suddenly agrees. The flight is quite a long one. By watching the terrain as they fly east, Pittsburgh steel is able to identify landmarks and knows they are headed to the east coast, and then they turn north. Eventually landing at a small airstrip, the group is met by a woman driving a Jeep Cherokee. She is Dr. Helena Britton. She wasn’t prepared for the whole team, especially Pittsburgh Steel. PS says he can jog along side the Jeep. As the team makes their way, Dr. Britton tells them that they are in Minnatonka, Maine. This is a secure location of Eddington Industries that is not known to the general employees, let alone the public. She tells them that Eddington bought the whole town and surrounding area during the early 70’s for a large development site. Aas they near a very small town in the woods, with a large modern building at the top of a hill, Pittsburgh Steel’s armor begins to act up – his arm twitches and acts on it’s own and he stumbles. Dr. Britoon stops the Jeep to give PS a chance to recover. She says that he is being affected by the very reason the whole facility exists. Eddington has triangulated 3 of its largest generators around the town and facility, and it is producing wireless energy. The electronics used in the area need a special adapter to properly receive the wireless energy, and shielding so it doesn’t disrupt the functions. PS’s armor needs to be shielded, and is acting up because of electrical surges. The town and facility have been wireless for 3 years, and it’s Dr. Eddington’s dream come true for clean energy, available to everyone.

As she explains this, Ohm groans and opens up the Jeep door. He crumples to the ground with an “I’m gonna be sick”. /he looks up at the sky, opens his mouth and a gout of electricity pours out of him skyward. About 300ft up, the electrical bolt splinters and arcs into thousands of rays, which form 3 wide ribbons of energy and shoot across the sky, towards the places where Dr Britton pointed to for the generators. Suddenly there is a larger gout of energy from Ohm upwards, and instead of feeding more electricity to the ribbons, there is a large spark in the sky and a hole appears at the convergence of the 3 ribbons. A few moments pass and then small, black winged creatures begin to float/fly out of the hole toward earth.

Golden City Guardians #4

Golden City Guardians #4

May 30
Soon after breaking up the Varrio Mission Boys hangout and getting the majority of the gang arrested, including their leader Azteca, the Guardians are contacted by representatives of Valiant Press Comics, who would like to meet with them. A quick check turns up basic info on the 2nd oldest comics company in the US and their basic approach to super comics. It is also found that they did a Southern Justice comic that included Twister. Pittsburgh Steel contacts the retired hero to get his take on the company and their dealings. With a positive report from Ethan (Twister), Pittsburgh Steel checks one more view on the comics from Jeremy. The computer/Pittsburgh Steel expert confirms most of what Ethan said. He did tell them that there are of course some people that have a loose grasp on reality and think that comics are real as are all the stories in them.
The team takes the meeting with Frank Kirby (artist) and Matt Hardy (lawyer) to discuss the prospect of a Golden City Guardians comic book. After a lengthy discussion, all of the team members sign on to the deal. A GCG company is set up by Paragon to have the royalties paid into so the team doesn’t have to give up their real identities. Everyone except Paragon agrre to have both their likeness and name used in the comic. Paragon already has his name tied to several events and entities that he feels would prevent him from having it used in the comic.

Afterwards, Paragon apologizes for his recent less than perfect behavior. He says that he ran into a few business troubles that took a toll in him and he did not respond well to the added pressure. He has all the deals straightened out and he is back on solid ground.

In addition to Paragon’s incredible admission of not being perfect, Jeremy needs some of the teams time. He has located backup tapes at the energy company that might contain info on Killabrew; the man responsible for Ohm being Ohm. The only problem is theybare personell records and the company isn’t going to give him access. He says he has a way in, but it’s not entirely legal. A rousing duscussion of right vs wrong and ends justifiying the means ensues. Pittsburgh Steel stands firm on not allowing Jeremy to break the law. The rest of the team accepts the situation as it is for now, though Ohm is still not happy with the outcome.

June 3
Early evening, the team is busy with nornal activites; Master Juyo is practicing in his dojo area, Pittsburgh Steel is in the Forge working out imrovements, Ohm is still working out his powers and their capabilities and Gravik is debating with himself about when to go the bar with his old comrades.
Pittsburgh Steel and Ohm both finally realize that they have been hearing several fire dispatch calls throughout the city. In fact, there are at least 6 active fires being battled and with the latest dispatch comes word that there are no more trucks available throughout the city. Everyine is out on a call. The team starts to gear up to go help when they notice the signs of a building on fire just across the river, in Old San Angelo.
The team heads to the fire and finds a 5 story building on fire. There is retail space on the first floor, while the top floor are apartments. It is an old building that has undergone some revitalization remodeling. There is a crowd of residents on the street and the sidewalk across from their home. They tell the team about who might still be in the building. Pittsburgh Steel goes to the fire hydrant across the street, opens it up and uses his huge gauntlets to direct the jet stream to the fire coming from a corner if the building. Gravik walks up the building to get in from a window, while Master Juyo runs in the apartment entrance. Ohm also goes in to help look for those trapped.
While battling the fire and rescuing people, word comes from other fire fighters that the sprinkler systems in the ither buildings were turned off. Ohm desolidifiesnand heads to the smoke filled basement to see ofnhe can get the system turned back on. Master Juyo finds an apartment that hwas been turned into a drug lab, and 2 of the drug dealers are still there, collecting cash and drugs. He quickly knocks them out and takes then out side. Gravik rescues a set of twins and takes them out as well. And plans on taking them out later…
Ohm finds a gas canister in the basement rigged with some sort of receiver attached to it. A bomb! Without realizingnit, his forcefield had already disrupted the circuts in the receiver and disabled it. He finds the sprinkler controls, but isn’t strong enough to turn the valve. Just as he and Pittsburgh Steel plan on switching spots, there’s a suprise attack on Pittsburgh Steel! The pyromaniac Blowtorch steps out from an alleyway and tells Steel to stop interfering in his fire. A gout of firenfrom his flamethrower does little to Pittsburgh Steel. A short fight ensues between Pittsburgh Steel, Ohm and Blowtorch. Blowtorch tries ti set off his bomb in the building, but it was disabled. However, explosions from the other fires can be heard – not all of the devices were found. Pittsburgh Steel doesn’t hold back in his next hit, and Blowtorch is taken down hard. His gas tank explodes and he is engulfed in his own fires. Pittsburgh Steel puts out the fire, and Blowtorch is barely alive and horribly burned. Steel goes and turns on the sprinkler system.
After this fire is partly under control, the team spreads out into the city to help with the other fires. 3 firefighters were killed and 12 others injured in Blowtorch’s explosions. Pittsburgh Steel wrestles with the fact he held back when the fight started, allowing Blowtorch the opportunity to detonate the other devices.

Golden City Guardians #3B
Where's Sebastian

The team escorts the PART van to the San Angelo County Jail downtown. Despite the concerns that Sampson might try to break free his teammates, the trip is uneventful. There, Icicle and Bulldozer are loaded onto gurneys and taken into the jail for booking. Since they have Gaines’ collars on, they can’t move. Not so for Foxbat. As he is lead into jail in handcuffs, he yells back at the Guardians. “You’ve not heard the last of the Foxbat! I will be free again and you will rue the day you crossed wits with the Foxbat and the Masters of Crime!”

Pittsburgh Steel, Ohm and Gravik look at each other. Together they say “And some are just loony”.

Corporal Howser thanks the team for helping them out, and for escorting them to the jail. As the team prepares to leave, a police transport van exits from the garage of the jail. Howser asks if the Guardians should be at the courthouse since the van has Dr. Aldus Morgan in it, and the judge is ruling on if he’s competent to stand trial today. That’s news!

The Guardians are still concerned that Sampson might try something, and that something might happen at the courthouse. Since he moves the slowest, Pittsburgh Steel follows the van to the courthouse while Ohm and Gravik keep an eye on the jail. They think this will allow either group to hold on until the other part of them arrives if anything happens.

Pittsburgh Steelnheads to the Oro County Courthouse, only to find a large group of reporters and bystanders on the steps of the courthouse. The reporters are clustered around a bald man of unknown age. It turns out to be Morgan’s son, Stephen.
Stephen Morgan is making a statement, speaking about how he hopes the judge will see that his father is mentally ill and needs help. That Dr Morgan does need to be held accountable for his actions, but hopefully there is a way that he can get help and make amends without jail time. Morgan sees Pittsburgh Steel and says that he thanks the Golden City Guardians for capturing his father and treating him humanely during his capture. And for giving his father the possibility of getting the help he needs.
Morgan starts to talk about his father’s condition when a small man in a suit next to him whispers to him. Stephen Morgan stops and says he can’t say anymore since that would violate a gag order. And that the court session is about to start. Morgan and the family lawyer head in followed by some of the reporters.

Other reporters seek out Pittsburgh Steel to ask him his views about Dr Morgan, his mental state and how he should be punished. Pittsburgh Steel deflects the controversial questions by stating it’s in the hands of the courts and he couldn’t comment on Morgan’s mental state. Tobi Cantrell does a few follow up questions, including asking Pittsburgh Steel if he has any thoughts about the rumor that an electronic device was found attached to Dr Morgan’s brain. ??? Pittsburgh responded simply that he doesn’t comment on rumors, since they are …. rumors,

Graik and Ohm decide that nothing is going to happen at the jail and join Pittsburgh steel at the courthouse. Pittsburgh Steel is worried that someone may try to free Dr. Morgan, if this rumor about an electronic device on his brain is true. If it was there, someone may have been controlling him, and ay try to get him back!

About 1/2 hour after the court session starts, Stephen Morgan returns to the steps of the courthouse. “Of course we are pleased that my father was declared unfit for trial. We would have preferred a different facility, but hopefully he can get the help he needs at the Jasper Mental Institution”.

The Guardians think the transport would be a perfect time for someone to grab Morgan. But only Ohm would be able to keep up with the transport. Ohm waits for the transport to leave so he can follow it from high above. The reast of the team returns to headquarters. Soon after, 4 transport vans leave the courthouse, each going a different direction. Ohm picksnone to follow but it’s route takes it back to the courthouse. Ohm goes as fast as he can to the Jasper asylumn, and arrives just as a black sedan pulls upnat the front of the facility. Dr. Morgan is escorted in by 2 plain clothes officers and followed by his son, Stephen. Ohm goes back to the CGC headqurters.

May 23rd, 1985

Pittsburgh Steel begins work on Ohm’s idea about a small radio transmitter that could be attached to someone, so that Ohm could use his signal tracking ability to follow or find them.

Gravik leaves the base to head to the hangout with his comrades. On the way, he sees a group of 4 men getting ready to shoot another person in an alleyway. The guy with the gun is heard saying in a hispanic accent " Azteca said to kill him in the Russian area, and maybe Gravik will think they did it." Just before he shoots, Gravik jumps down into the alley and a furious fight ensues. The victim gets free and joins in taking down the gang members. After the 4 are down – one thrown on the roof, 2 in gravity entangles and one knocked out trying to drive away – the victim turns to Gravik and…. it’s Sebastian.

Sebastian tells Gravik to call the cops for these 4 and he’s going to leave. Gravik says “OK”.
After a few seconds of reconsideration, Gravik calls the cops and joins Sebastian as he heads to the North Mission neighborhood. On the way, Sebastian let’s Gravik in on what’s happened. See Sebastian’s Bad Month.

Rescuing Ophelia
Gravik and Sebastian move quickly to Ophelia Garza’s house, where the Vario Mission Boys are supposed to be going to or already at, and getting ready ready to kill her. The 2 get to the house and Sebastian rushes in. He quickly dispatches 3 VMBs while Gravik TK’s another out into the yard. Sebastian takes down the 4th one inside, rushes out and takes out the 5th VMB. Going back in, Sebastian and Gravik help up Ophelia and make sure there aren’t any other VMBs in the house. There aren’t. Ophelia tells Sebastian that the other VMBs have taken her daughter, Maria, back to the VMB hangout. It’s the old factory that Sebastian was at earlier.
The 2 head towards the factory and call Pittsburgh Steel and Ohm to meet them there.

Vario Mission Boys and Azteca
Surprisingly, Pittsburgh Steel and Ohm beat the other 2 to the factory. They take out a few perimeter baddies at them main door and PS utilized toxic clinkers to knock out rooftop shooters. Ohm enters the facility first and is shot up pretty bad and exits the facility at some point to rest. He discovers that his energy body isn’t as protective as he thought against bullets!
Gravik and Sebastian enter from a back door and have to fight their way in. Once inside,
PS continues to lay down crowd control clinkers as Gravic and Master Juyo fight Azteca, the leader of the VMBs. Azteca focuses on Sebastian.
Ohm eventually returns and he and PS take out the remaining VMBs.
Azteca proves to be a match for a weakened Sebastian and knocks him out.
PS stays in communication with Ohm, who heads up into the factory to finds\ the hostage and her captors and takes them all out with a burst or two.
Pittsburgh Steel is able to get Azteca to close with him and knocks the gang leader into the floor, and then Gravid hits him while he’s down – teamwork in action!

The cops are a called again and the Guardian’s have made another dent in the gang landscape of San Angelo


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